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on December 26, 2013
I really wanted a high quality system on a budget. Without a ton of money to spend, I spent months researching tower speakings. I tried to find something for $100 a speaker, but was willing to go up to $200 if necessary. I found really positive reviews for these BIC DV64's, and went for it.
I am not an audiophile, and you can not expect audiophile sound out of speakers this inexpensive. My friend who helps with my all of my electronics has a very nice HT setup with a 3d projector, 92" screen, and really nice Onix speakers. I don't have nearly the funds that he does, and his Onix speakers are clearly better than these. But I got these when Amazon had them for $116 a piece and jumped on it. Initially sounded bright, but after a few days of constant playing they really started to sound fantastic. I have since added the DV 62 center, and along with hand-me down Onix Tykes for the rears and a dayton 12" inch sub I really enjoy movies on a budget system. Music is also clear and enjoyable, but you will need a separate sub for rock (what I listen to) or hip-hop (better half listens to). When I turned the sub off it just didn't quite hit the lows as well as it should, but once again unbeatable for the price.
I can't say I've gone and and tested everything else in this price range, but friends with more expensive fluance, klipsch, and polk systems are very impressed with the value brought by these speakers. If you want top of the line audiophile sound you are not looking in this price range, and if you're in the market for quality towers under $200 you will not be dissapointed. Great purchase and I would highly recommend.

Updated 12/2016

Still love these speakers after 3 years. I moved into a house and turned the basement into a home theater. Currently have 7.2 setup with the matching center channel and BIC bookshelves as surrounds, and two Dayton sub 1200's. Receiver is a Yamaha v677, Projector is a BenQ w1070, and screen is a 100" Silver Ticket. I have family and friends coming over all the time for sports and movies.
Movies and sports are loud, clear, and the speakers really add to the theater at home experience. Would buy again today if I was in the market.
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on March 16, 2016
I hooked these up to a Denon AVR-S710W receiver with Amazon's 16-gauge wire yesterday, which puts out 75W per channel in Stereo mode. I'm very impressed by the sound these speakers put out! I live in a townhouse and get along with my neighbor, so I only turned it up to 75 for a minute with some NWA and some Outkast to see how it sounded. The highs were crystal clear, the mids sparkled and there was PLENTY of low end bass. Now, as far as the bass goes, it bumped, more than the old Onkyo HTIB sub I used to have. I was worried I may need to buy a separate Sub, but I am more than happy with the Bass these put out. I did set the system up with Denon's Audyssey setup software/microphone, so maybe that had something to do with it. I talked to my neighbor today and he really felt it bumping in his place and figured I was just testing it out. So I'll prob keep the volume under 70 from now on. Fantastic speakers when matched with the Denon
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on April 10, 2014
First, let me start with the looks. The speaker towers have a black wood grain finish that doesn't look cheap and works well with other dark furniture. The covers are made of a quality mesh with a small logo at the bottom that protects the speakers from prying fingers. In brighter lighting, the 4 speakers are visible through the meshing but in most living room lighting conditions you won't be seeing the speakers unless you are really looking for them. Overall, the towers look very nice for the price and I get compliments on them from time to time.

Now on to the fun part. When I first got the speakers I'd say they sounded 'Good' but not 'Great'. After about 20-30 hours of break-in time I'd say they sound 'Great'. Even my roommate noticed a difference in sound quality and complimented on their great sound. They cover a pretty wide range of sound and work great for various genres of music and movies. I think they really shine with music that has strong vocals and acoustic instruments. They put out decent bass especially if you live in a small place but I still recommend pairing them with a sub for those really, really deep tones.

I really love these speakers and look forward to many more years of use.
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on July 24, 2015
Since I now have a larger media room than before, I added 2 of these floor speakers to serve as the front two channels in my 7.2 surround setup. I didn't want to break the bank, and these were priced right for me. I've put them through their paces...they sound fantastic and I have had no problems with them for the month that I've owned them. They complement my center channel very well; the highs and lows are much improved to the bookshelf speakers I had serving in the same locations. I highly recommend them.
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on September 4, 2013
I bought these speakers 5 years ago gave them away to my dad didnt have a receiver to drive them. I had the sony ss-3000 those boom like crazy but can hurt your ears over long periods of time. These non ported speakers with their smooth bass you can listen to them for hours at high volume with no discomfort what a total difference.

So my 2 remaining sony ss-3000 are my surrounds my front 2 i sold and im very happy with my choice. The BIC DV64 take awhile to break in but you will notice the sound gets better and better each day you play them. So don't be disappointed when you first turn them on. Im so glad i picked these back up and the price hasn't increased since i bought them last time.
Great job BIC!

Update after of 6 months of use they are perfect the bass has really come out and the mids and highs are great. When people say they are bright i dont think so they calm down after they break in. I wish i had room in my house for 2 more for surrounds i have the dv62si for rear surrounds. But ive heard that Bic center channel uses the same woofers as these so i will buy one and see if it can be used as a surround channel to save space i really hope so i then will buy two of them.

Also i have saw horrid reviews of these speaks and you can tell by the problems they post they didnt let them break in for 100 hours. Also posts have been made about bad sound and it sounds like they didnt have a reciever to push them or like i said before they didnt break them in.

When you buy these the sound from them, especially voices will be low and the tweeter sound will be low. Also the bass wont be that good because the drives are so tight they need alot of time to loosen up.
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on November 4, 2014
You simply can not beat these speakers for the price. I decided to replace my old Sony speakers which I've had for about 15 years. They served me well but I could hear the sound degrade over the years. I already have a 12" BIC sub and was very pleased with it so, I decided to give these a go.

The sound is very crisp and clear with nice range. I'd say the many good reviews I read before buying these were dead on. It's hard to believe how good these sound considering how little they cost
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on January 5, 2015
Purchased the BIC subwoofer F12 and was running with my vintage Kenwood JL801 fronts. Run the classic 2.1 system, that's Front R&L with separate powered sub, and swear by it over any surround sound. Just not necessary when adjusted right even through a basic AV receiver, consider it like focusing a camera before taking a picture and takes less time then what most spend on new handheld gadgets. Anyways, knew I was missing a higher frequency range those Kenwood were not designed for. being very satisfied with the BIC sub to fill the low end, trusted reviews and ordered a pair. Price worried me. Arrived in perfect condition and plugged them in. Reviews were right, much louder or bright but was getting much more detail did not realize was there on movies already watched. After balancing on receiver, love them more and more as they break in. Learn your receiver to make these shine. Must have sub too or will be dissapointed. Use these for clear highs with sub for lows and your done. Surround won't help much try the 2.1 setup first. Let them break in.
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on January 2, 2014
I've had these for almost a year, and I can say that they are well worth the money. I paid about $125 each per speaker, and they are well worth twice the amount. I've owned Sony tower speakers before, and these are much better. I wanted an inexpensive home theature setup for my living room, and these have done the trick. I paired a small center speaker, Polk TL1, with these, and it produces clear, solid sound. I am no audiophile but I do know when I hear something that sounds good, and these definately do. They also look great. The wood grain looks awesome and the front screen looks classy. I don't have a sub connected to my system yet but might in the future. I stream digital music, listen to my record player, watch TV, and movies through these speakers, and I've been impressed overall. I'd definately buy them again. I did have an issue with UPS, as they tempoarily misplaced my speakers, but that is a whole other matter.
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on October 11, 2012
I own 3 types of BIC America speakers. I own 2 of these, a center channel and a subwoofer. I am happy will all of them.

When I received my order of these speakers, one was actually defective and did not work at all. After making sure it was connected properly and tested on both output jacks, I called Amazon for a return and replacement. The replacement arrived the next day and worked fine. I give it five stars because in any manufacturing process, there are going to be some defects. Frankly, it could have simply been a loose connection that may have resulted in shipping.

These look amazing as part of my home entertainment system. They deliver excellent quality of sound from my Yamaha receiver.

I am by no means an audiophile. But, we all know what is good sound vs. terrible sound. For the price point, these produce some very good sound. It is clear, deep and rich.

Are there better speakers on the market than these? I am sure that there are. However, those often have much bigger price tags.

I have had these for over a year now. Other than the one that arrived defective, I have had no issues with them in the year of ownership.
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on March 16, 2014
I was a little skeptical about purchasing these speakers having never heard of BIC in the first place, but the ratings on these guys were so good I had to try them. I've been listening to and dealing with music for over 35 years. From being a DJ to installing car stereo's to setting up home entertainmemt centers. I listen to a wide range of music, from Hip Hop, to Alternative and Rock, to Gospel and I've owned only high end brand equipment so getting these were a step
outside the box. Took them out of the box, they were very light so I thought I'd been had. Hooked them up and played music through them and said to myself, " For the price they are just ok speakers. But the more I played them and the longer it went, these bad boys sounded better and better. Two weeks into it and these things are TRULY AMAZING. Sound, Detail, Acoustics, it's all there. I am honestly stunned at the sound that comes from these speakers and if this is what BIC's cheap speakers sounds like, then WOW!! So glad I tried these before spending quite a bit on so called name brand speakers. VERY SATISFIED.
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