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 This is a good case for those people who spend a lot of time outside with a tablet, e-Reader or an iPad. It will protect your smart device from water, rain, snow, dirt and sand. It is rated IPX-8 for submergence in 1 meter (39 inches) of water for 30 minutes. It allows you to use the touch screen with ease and take photos with the front and back cameras on an iPad. The is an internal earplug jack that provides you with a watertight connection to the outside of the case so you can listen to your music or audio books while it is in the case.

I put together a video of the case and of my water test for your review. You must make sure that you snap the case tightly closed and make sure that the corners of the case are properly sealed. They even send you a sample tissue to test the case before you use it and it is good practice in learning how to properly close the case. The clamshell style case has a gasket that goes all the way around the case to assure that it is water tight but its water tightness depends on your properly closing and locking the case.

There are corner blocks that go into the inside corners of the case to allow you to center and securely hold an iPad 2 in the case and I used them. The corner blocks when unwrapped from the plastic bag they were sealed in smelled of freshly molded plastic but that will soon dissipate and be gone. There is also an area to clear the plugged-in earphone plug and wires into your iPad and it was nicely designed. The case when filled with an iPad actually floats.

The screen material, especially the back, feels like a slightly sticky clear rubber/plastic surface. There is a warning not to lay the case onto newsprint as I am sure that the clear screen would pick up the newsprint on its surface. The sound of your music and movie audio is really pretty good and the case acts as a resonator for the audio output so it actually seems louder in the case.

This is a pretty nice case and it is ideal for many uses:
* Reading or listening to a book while in the tub
* Taking your tablet to the beach
* Using a tablet outside in the rain or snow.
* Using a tablet while at work outside.
* On vacation for the added protection from the environments
* Having your tablet at the pool and protect it from accidents
* Using it as just added protection as you have your tablet in a backpack and you are outside in the weather.

This is a good case and it worked well and it passed the waterproof test for 30 minutes. I gave it five stars. I don't know how well it will hold up under long term or rugged use and my main concern would be scuffing the front and back plastic screen surfaces. There is no doubt that it does provide added protection for your tablet and just that little extra sense of security will help put your mind at ease. I can't imagine laying my iPad on the side of the pool and worrying about it getting splashed or just simply having water run along the concrete and get my iPad wet. Heck, I probably would even lie on a lawn chair and drip water onto it as it lay under my chair. It is cheap insurance to protect your tablet for the hazards of being outside!

I was provided a sample of the product for evaluation and I promised only to provide a fair and honest review.
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on July 23, 2017
Worked perfectly! Fast shipping!!
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on August 6, 2017
My daughter absolutely loves this case. It was easy to put on, has been dropped in the pool already. Very strong case
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on February 14, 2018
I bought this case to fit over an iPad 4 SUPCASE for the sole purpose of taking it offshore so I could watch live GoPro footage while fishing. I don't plan on fully submerging this case, but I like having the option. The only issue I have with this case is it is impossible to turn off and on as you cannot access the power button up top while the case is closed. You can still access the home button to unlock it but if you are done and want to turn the iPad off, you have to wait for the auto off or dry it with a towel and open the case. That isn't a deal breaker for me, but it could be an issue for someone else. Definitely not a rugged case, but if you are looking for a good and cheap waterproof case, this would be it. If you are buying this for your kids, then I would recommend buying the SUPCASE unicorn/beetle (weird name I know) and putting your iPad in that case first, then buy this case and put the SUPCASE inside this case. Don't bother using the spacers they give you with this case as the other case fits in perfectly without them. Good luck!
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on July 29, 2017
Besides fitting perfectly, I felt fortunate to find such a cute case for my tablet. My young grandsons play with it so durability was of prime importance. Perfect.
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on July 31, 2017
Nice product Love it. It fits perfectly on my tablet. It arrived on time everything that I ordered was there.
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on February 16, 2013
Only thing lacking is a charger slot- would love to leave it in the case,So you don't have to take it in and out to charge.
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on January 5, 2016
It has worked well for both an ipad & an ipad mini. The touch works through the cover.
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on February 22, 2015
great product !!!!!!!!!!
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When I received this waterproof iPad case, I didn't think about all that it could do, just that I could read the New York Times or a book in the bathtub without worrying about destroying my iPad. But the longer I used it, the more I appreciated what it does. When it's locked in the case, the iPad is safe on the beach, by the pool, outside in the rain, or anywhere. The frame is tough and secure, and for that reason, it offers more drop protection than most iPad cases. Plus, because the back is clear, I can take my iPad underwater and use the camera there -- still or video. The case adds a whole new set of things I can do with my iPad.

The case comes with a piece of water test paper to make sure it doesn't leak. Believe me, you don't want to discover that the case has a defect when your iPad takes its first dunking. It also has four insertable adapters to hold the iPad (larger and thicker tablets can be inserted without the adapters.) The instruction say to use it for the iPad2, but I needed it for my 3rd generation model. There are also two small rubber pads to enable you to prop the case against the wall without its slipping down. Once inside, the iPad is held firmly in place.

To use, place the iPad/tablet inside, with or without the adapters in place, plug in the interior headphone jack, close the case and lock all five tabs until they click, and use. You can operate the touch screen through the vinyl cover. You can plug in your earbuds, although obviously they will not be protected from water since they will be outside of the case. If the case has been underwater or in a dirty area, dry/wipe off the exterior of the case before opening it again. You don't want to protect your device through the worse of it, only to transfer the dirt or water when you remove it.

But there are drawbacks. First, the case smells horrible, like cheap vinyl. Second, the vinyl sticks in places to the screen, and that (temporarily) mars the way the screen looks. Third, the latches can be difficult to lock and open. And last, the screen is not as responsive as it is when unprotected, although the small extra effort isn't bad. These less-than-perfect aspects are relatively minor, but I felt that they were worth noting.

Certainly, if you use your iPad or other tablet around water or dirty areas, this case will offer tough protection. It also offers protection in ordinary situations -- in a carry-on bag, say, or when your not-so-careful toddler wants to use your device. Note: I received a sample for review.

-- Debbie Lee Wesselmann
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