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on October 15, 2013
This is a great product, but be aware that GoPro does not yet have LCD touch bacpac backdoors that fit the Hero3+ housing. I purchased the Hero3+ Black camera and the LCD Touch BacPac here. The LCD screen works great on the Hero3+, but you can't CLOSE and FASTEN any of the backdoors that come with the LCD Touch Bacpac/screen. I called GoPro, and they said I have caught them in the middle of a product transition. They do not yet make backdoors to fit the Hero3+ housing. So they are sending me a free housing for the Hero 3 (without the plus). They say my Hero3+ camera and backpack will fit and work fine in the Hero 3 housing, and then the LCD bacpac's backdoors will close/fasten. In the meantime, my workaround is a couple of rubber bands to hold the Hero3+ camera and backpack in the housing in order to mount the camera on the many mounts (headstrap, dashboard mount, handlebar mount, etc) I have purchased. I just can't use it in the water untilI get my new, free housing.
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on April 24, 2014
I started using my GP H3 blind shooting (just pointing the camera with no idea of exactly what I was getting). I think that the LCD screen will be a handy addition which allowing precise framing of pictures taken with my GoPro H3. One could argue that, given the ultra wide angle lens, framing should not present a problem. Probably true if you have a lot of continuos use of the camera so that you have a calibrated idea of exactly what you are getting on every picture and during every video. I am not accustomed to having such a wide angle lens and ended up having to do a lot of editing and put up with some less than perfect framing. Using the LCD screen will provide an opportunity to get a better feel for framing shots as well as videos.

The screen fits the camera the same way a back pack extra battery firs - easy on / easy off. I can shut the screen off and still use the camera as well as use the screen to preview pictures that I have taken. It also seems to have some camera control features but I have not experimented with those features yet. It is a lot of money but, for me, it is worth the expense to get better utilization of the camera. The small size of the screen makes the "touch screen" features a little difficult for large fingers but maybe a stylus used for tablets could be helpful.

Bottom line - no buyers remorse. I know the screen will get a lot of use and will help me better calibrate how to best utilize the camera for better results.
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on December 8, 2013
This thing is okay at best. The video quality isn't all that great. It eats the battery. It sometimes errors out and has to be removed and put back on. The touch screen can also be finicky.

Worst of all, GoPro upgraded their App a couple months after I bought this, adding the functionality this could do that the App previously couldn't. Now I can use my iPhone for the same uses as the LCD (other than in dirty/wet situations, which I never really use the BacPac anyway.

It went from an essential item to a nice to have.
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I'm giving this 4 stars because its GREAT except for killing your battery. I was forced to buy an extra 4 batteries to combat this problem when on the road, even then I'm constantly charging the batteries which are not in use so I am rotating 6 to 10 batteries into the GoPro each day when the LCD back is attached.

On average I get 20-30 minutes of life out of a battery with the LCD back attached.

Aside from that its an almost vital addition to your go pro. Honestly, I've gotten used to the GoPro enough to know what images I will get even without this LCD back, BUT, if you're doing something important and need to frame your shot correctly, how else can you do that if not for this LCD back?

So it's great, awesome forward thinking by GoPro for giving us the option to either have this attached or not, but I just wish battery life was longer with it.

The other option is to have the GoPro attached to a USB power outlet (in the car) or computer which provides continuous power bypassing the battery problem, but even then I noticed that the camera freezes if I hit stop/record even once, so unless I'm continuously recording with the USB powering the unit, I'll have to take the camera and remove the battery if I hit stop at any point.

(and yes this freezes with the updated firmware which eliminated the problem except in this case),
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on August 22, 2013
I've decided that GoPro is really targeted for users with much younger eyes than my own. The small LED screens on both the camera and the remote are a challenge for me even with glasses on if I want to do significant changes to the settings of the camera on the fly. In fact, more often than not, I connect to the unit with my phone, so I can do these things with the app.

This combined with the desire to be able to see playback immediately and ensure I got the shot, made the Touch BacPac a no-brainer. You can easily playback anything that you've recorded as well as quickly change the settings all without having to take the camera out of the housing. The screen is the same size as the back of the camera obviously, and that's just enough screen size to be VERY useful.

The bacpac is easily installed. Take the camera out of the housing, and the bacpac plugs into the slot on the back of the camera. Very easy, that's all you have to do, the camera will see it and use it automatically. Although the bacpac does have it's own on/off switch so you can use the camera without the screen on sucking down precious battery life.

The other part of the installation is you will have to replace the backdoor on your housing with one of the ones included with the bacpac. It does include one that is waterproof, so you can still use your gopro underwater even with the bacpac, and you can touch and control the bacpac underwater as well. Your gopro will look like it put on a bit of weight, but it'll still work just fine with all of the attachments.

What's the downside? Well there are two. One is battery life. It seems to reduce battery life by about 20-25% in my experience even if the bacpac is off. With it on, you'll do well to see 50% of the normal record time. The other downside is you can only have one bacpac on the camera at a time, so you can't use the battery bacpac in conjunction with the LCD. I suspect many other Hero3 users do the same thing I do, which is tote a pocketful of spare batteries if you need to shoot all day.

Despite the battery cost, I do recommend this highly. It makes it is much easier to see what you're doing with your settings without having to resort to connecting the app. And you can see what you've recorded without having to go to a computer, which is also very valuable considering gopros are generally used out in the wild.
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on July 31, 2014
Helpful to frame shots, review clips/pics, and set settings. On screen buttons are usable. The speakers work, not the best quality ,but you can make out the dialog. It does come with 3 different rear covers (waterproof, open, touchscreen waterproof) which are helpful. I'm glad we don't have to buy those separately.

The touch feature is not as responsive as one would expect, equivalent to a cheap Android tablet.

This does make your GoPro thicker. I'm a SLR photographer with large lenses so this does not bother me, but it may bother others. It adds 1/3 of the size to the setup.

This does drop the battery life of the already short HERO3 battery life so invest in at least 2 spares if you plan to get it.

I still am waiting for the day GoPro creates a model with a builtin touch lcd/led screen. If you can't wait buy it now.
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on October 8, 2013
The touch screen is nice for play back, but the touch screen itself isn't very responsive. Every time is try and use the touch back it takes severel try's for the screen to responde. Along the bottom is the worst. It doesn't responde to your finger or finger nail. Over not a good chose. Unless my screen is defective. It would nice if there was a way to calibrate the touch screen. But I don't think there is.
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on June 19, 2013
Bottom line: Great addition if you don't mind the tradeoff for battery life

Several times a year, I particpate in high performance driving events around the U.S. in my Nissan 240SX and I was looking for a way record the events from a driver perspective.

My setup: GoPro Hero 3 Black edition with suction cup mounting accessories.

The reason I wanted the LCD (since the GoPro Android app works great,) was to quickly setup the camera position and review footage without using my phone. In addition, I plan on using an external microphone and this LCD is the only way to utilize an external microphone on the Hero 3.

After several track runs with other cars, mounting it on driver's side quarter panel glass seemed to yield the best results with the sealed case that is included with this package.

I'll add to this review after a few more track events, but right now I think it's worth the sub-one hundred dollar investment for the convenience and microphone port addition.
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on July 9, 2014
This is my second one. I left the other one in the seat pocket in font of me in the plane. Beware if this!!
But I just love it. The app that comes with it, eliminates the need for the little click on screen which drains your battery.
I found a great way to keep filming. Just plug it into an external battery! I made timelapse videos with it for many hours that way.
Offcourse the battery cap is flimsy, the battery life is about 30 minutes, the little lit for the USB etc, youll lose that in 2 seconds.
But the footage is of great quality. Beware sound doesnt enter the waterproof casing very well. So if u tape everything with the case, youll be disappointed of the sound. Just take it out.
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on November 11, 2013
Works just as described. Definitely a huge plus being able to see your composition. Comes with extra backs, which is a nice bonus. Eats through battery life pretty quickly. One thought for those that Dive, the waterproof touchscreen does a great job in wet weather and just beneath the surface of the water, but if you are going to go any deeper than 4-5 feet, use the solid waterproof door. I found that the water pressure creates too much force on the touchscreen film and it kept changing my settings without notice, which was a bit frustrating. But the issue is solved by switching the covers. With the rigid (non-touchscreen) back it works just fine and you will need to use the buttons to cycle through the settings if you need too. Great Accessory for the GoPro Hero3.
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