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on October 8, 2013
Like many here I've searched pretty long and hard at finding a great all-around case, and like most I have 5-6 different cases on my shelf. Three months or so in, I'd like to think I've ended the search and no longer committing a portion of my budget to new cases.

I'm not sure about most, but when I look for a case I want something that will protect from just about anything, unfortunately this means hiding your iPad in a heavy/bulky mass of rubber and plastic. I originally thought the only answer was Otterbox's Defender series of which I've used to protect my various generations of iPhones throughout the years. Don't get me wrong, it is a great case and has saved my $500 iPad on many occasions, but you lose many of the great features people enjoy of the iPad, to me it's the weight and thickness that killed it for me.

The Reflex series from Otterbox seems to keep the protection factor in the mix while eliminating the need for all the extra rubber and plastic, I can enjoy a thin iPad once again without the worry. Both the shell and the stand/screen cover work great. Also there is an unexpected treat in the redirection of the speaker output, I no longer find myself cupping my hand behind the iPad to be able to hear what's going on. I am very clumsy, so I "tested" the case protection on many occasions since purchased (mainly 3-4 foot drops), and my iPad is still working and there is no visible damage.

Two items to note as to why I've given it a 4 star rating. The stand/screen cover does fray the rubber corners of the case a bit as you take it on and off but nothing major and I don't see it becoming an issue. The second issue is the joint where the two pieces of the case meet. On the back of the case it looks great and seamless, but at the front it's very clear there are two separate pieces because there is a gap between them on both sides. It's not huge, but enough to annoy me.

Other than those two issues I highly recommend the Otterbox Reflex for iPad, it gives great "tough case" protection while eliminating the bulk associated with it.
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on October 4, 2013
So, I'm an Otterbox fan for a while now and after trying a cheaper case (non-Otterbox, my mistake!) and ending up with a cracked screen, I shopped for a new case (to protect the new screen). I liked the look of this case and that it is not really bulky. I have silver backed, black faced iPad 3 and when this case is on it, it looks almost black. The green is just as bright as depicted though. I've had it for almost 2 months and have butterfingered the thing a couple of times - no dents, no cracks. The catch to lock the stand is tricky and kind of hard to undo when you want to lay it back flat. I actually broke the piece it locks in to off. Filed a warranty claim with Otterbox and had a replacement in a few days though, so am being a bit more careful and choosy about how much I am using the stand part this time round. Overall a good case.

Update: the case is protecting the iPad from drops and dings, but the stand function was not well thought out. I got the warranty replacement and within a week, the tab the stand clicks in to was cracked on one side. Eventually it will break off again and I won't be able to use the case as a stand (as designed).

Another update: as predicted, the replacement case tab for the stand broke off less than 5 weeks after receiving the replacement case. I left it at there stars because as a case, it gets 4 stars for protection and looks, but as a stand, it gets a 1 star.....
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on March 6, 2014
My boss doesn't like having a case on his iPad because it makes it bulkier, heavier, and harder to quickly get into (you have to open the flap and figure out how to fold it to get it into a usable position, etc.). However, he's dropped and broken several iPads over the course of a year or so. We kept recommending and advising him to use a case, but he insisted that he did-not want one. Finally, we decided to get him a minimal case that offers some protection without making the device too bulky. After reading many reviews, and comparing several options we chose the OtterBox Reflex series for his 3rd generation iPad. We slipped the case on before handing his iPad back to him, and he didn't even realize it was there at first. Once we pointed it out, he was impressed at how minimal it was and he agreed to keep it on! Now we just have to wait and see what happens next time he drops it. I suspect that this case will do a decent job of protecting the iPad if it gets dropped or bumped on the back, sides, or corners - but it, obviously, won't help to protect the screen (unless you also use the stand/cover, which we didn't like and would only provide minimal protection anyway). The only reason I am giving this case 4 stars instead of 5 is that I am not a fan of the way that it 'clips' together. You basically slide on the bottom half, then slide on the top half and they 'clip' together in the back - however, the clip mechanism doesn't really latch on very well, so the pieces tend to move away from each other slightly which causes a very small gap on either side. This is not a big deal aesthetically, but can cause the case to hang or catch on things when taking the iPad out of a bag, for example. Otherwise, the quality is exactly what I expect from OtterBox and I recommend this for anyone who needs a minimal low-profile case.
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on July 14, 2014
Wow. I've always wanted to get an Otterbox cover for my iPad but could never justify spending that much. I decided to treat myself. Big mistake. You would think something they charge so much for would be either good quality materials or the engineers at Otterbox would have designed it to stand up to normal use. First, the cover is two separate pieces. Ok, I would rather that it came as a hinged unit or something, but I can live with that. No big deal. The problem is, and why I can't recommend you spend hard earned money on it is that to use the cover piece as a stand you have to bend it and snap a small tongue into a cut out slot. No problem, but the thing is being made of hard plastic the cut out slot now has cracks in it on both ends. They made it so hard to pop the tongue out even with the little rubber spot you push on to release it that it's so badly cracked that I'm scared to use it or it will crack the rest of the way. So much for the handy stand feature. So they need to figure out a better method like lining the slot with rubber or something. Anyway, i think your money would be much better spent on something designed a bit better than this.
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on April 7, 2014
I purchased this case about eight months ago. It has worked really well as a protective case. I feel confident that if I were to drop it, my iPad would not be damaged (I don't think I've dropped it in that time, maybe once). But, my complaint is its functioning as a stand. When I bought this I was trying to find something that would function well as a stand also (I previously had the iPad magnetic cover, which is okay as a stand, but offers no protection). For the first 6-7 months this worked well too, but as others have reviewed, part of the case that snaps together to form the stand eventually will break, making it mostly useless as a stand. That's where I am now. I use it somewhat frequently, I would say I use the stand function about 4-5 times a week (some days not at all, other days 2-3 times). I am going to see about a refund or replacement, since I've had it less than a year. But, if Otterbox won't replace it, I will look for something else that I think will last longer. It's not that it hasn't worked well, but if I'm going to pay $50 for a case, I expect it to be fully functioning for more than eight months. If I had paid $20 for it, I might be accepting of this malfunction.
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on September 8, 2013
I am super happy with my purchase. I was not looking for something with super duper protection. I wanted to keep the convenience of the slim line of the tablet with protection when in transit. This is it. Loses one star because I wish the cover, though snaps nicely over the case, had some sort of lock on it. That would make it 5 stars. So not sure if the cover would get knocked off if dropped. The cover is where I feel the real protection is so if the cover falls off, the case is a good quality, sturdy plastic, but doesn't feel cushioned. However, if the cover stayed on it would be well protected. It has travelled well and the cover has stayed on. I have not had any problems with assembling the stand. You just kind of have to feel it out. The stand is extremely sturdy and both viewing angles are great. Stands sturdy on cushions, beds, laps, pillows. Love it. Wish I could use it in portrait, but I kind of just lean it on the stand and it stays. No big.
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on April 14, 2014
It's cute but wish it was an actual Otterbox but it's really is not a actual Otterbox that will protect your device! it has the Otterbox name on it, but it's not safe Otterbox!
If your looking for safety and protection than this is not the case for you!
Stay with the defender series!
This one will not protect your iPad, and it's literally just a plastic cover that's pops on and the stand sucks for it as well!
I had to buy a completely new one because this is not what it was advertised for what it was!
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on October 6, 2013
I bought this case/stand despite the warnings from some of the other reviews. About three months after my purchase, I'm now in the market for a new case. When I initially got the case, I was actually quite satisfied. The case was easy to put on. Although the stand was tough to snap into place, it was doable. Well, after two months of fairly easy use, the stand finally snapped. It was the piece in the back that holds the tab in place. That was a month ago. At this point, I've been so frustrated with no longer having a working stand that I am about ready to get a new case. That is a shame, considering how pricey this one is. You would think with a name like OtterBox, this would be a much better product. With all the success that they've had in the last several years, they must be skimping on design and product quality. Again, it is a shame.
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on September 26, 2013
Sending it back after 2 weeks. Loved the weight,feel, look and most of the design. One MAJOR flaw is the flip back lock. The first time I used it I though I was going to break it undoing the stand feature. Sure enough I broke it on my 3rd time using it. Everything else was perfect for me. Super bummed.. After reading other reviews I see other people having the same issue. I also see on the otterbox site they warn you not to fold it the opposite way. Once you do this its really over! The product shouldn't be able to bend backwards or maybe something should be printed on the actual case, arrows etc.
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on June 16, 2016
After taking the plunge and purchasing an Ipad I decided to pick up an Otterbox. They're reputation for quality and protection is second to none. I was recommended this case by numerous friends so I had to see what they were all about. I'm glad I purchased this. My wife's ipad has been dropped, roughly handled and spilled on. This case is pretty durable and my wife absolutely loves it.
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