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on September 24, 2012
Life proof Nuud IPad 2/3 case
I have been waiting for a waterproof case for IPads for some time as an evaluator for technology for a paramedic program. We had been using Otterbox Defender series case with good success but watered to be able to use the iPads in wet environments.
The Nuud case arrive this week and a team of three went through it carefully. Here is our review and cumulative opinion.
The pros:
The cons:
Flimsy back case, we felt it did not provide the point impact protection the Otterbox does.
Seal: 2 sets of seals and the glass screen of the iPad is the contact point for one of the seals. This doubles the area of potential failure and also allows dirt to contact the seal edge of the screen seal point. This could provide a ,point of abrasion if fine particles are trapped in this region.
No Screen cover: we were stunned that no screen cover is included but you have to buy a zagg screen cover to augment the system. We need protection for screens as a stylus is often used and the iPad also ends up in a Carry bag. The Otterbox screen covers are all scratched but the iPad's themselves are undamaged. Despite the instructions saying not to use a screen protector, Lifeproof's customer service states that the Zagg is approved. A second point is that when wet the native iPad screen seems to not work properly, yet we don't seem to finds this problem with Otterbox screen protectors.
Earbud port incompatibility: the dongle cords for the iPhone cases are not compatible with the Nuud case nor are the seal screws hence double sets must be stocked. The original earphone cord adapters for the iPhone cases do not work as they are too short.
Not compatible with RAM mounts: the charging dock door blocks use of this mount. If it opened forward there would be no issue.
The stand is extra, and is incredibly flimsy, on smooth surfaces the unit slides around and will easily fall off a smooth surface. a rubber backing would have been greatly appreciated.
Cost: the overall cost is extreme $149 for the case, $49 for the stand and $ 20 for the Zagg cover. To outfit our 40 iPads would cost in excess of $8000.00
The Otterbox was $79 and overall seems to be more robust.

Our view is that this case is a great disappointment compared to the Lifeproof case for the iPhone which has been well received. For now we will use our standard routine of goretex tape over the speaker and microphone ports and custom silicone plugs over earbud and connector docks. The goretex tape seems to work well over switches too.
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on September 23, 2012
My husband and I have gone through many iPads and many iPad cases. The ratings on the reviews depends on what you are looking for in a product and I think this is a great product. We were looking for something that would sustain a drop from our second level floor (15 feet high)to the first floor and not cause damage to our iPad. We have 4 boys 9 years and under and our 7 year old son is autistic and nonverbal so he loves the iPad. We had the Otterbox for 1 week and our son performed the drop test on the iPad from the second story. We were shocked by the damage that was caused to our iPad. It literally bowed the iPad and shattered the screen. Another issue we had was that every case we bought, our son was able to take off, leaving the iPad prone to drops with no protection. We paid $99 for the Otterbox and decided to get the LifeProof case. My son performed another "drop test" and when we ran to see what the damage was we were pleasantly surprised. NO DAMAGE. He also cannot get this case off because of the locking device in the headphone port (which by the way we have had not issue with). I can't say I've used the stand, but I also don't like the fact that it doesn't come with a protective cover, hence the reason I am giving this product 4 stars. I get the reason behind that, but I too want my screen to remain free of scratches (for the time that we do have it in good shape). If you want a product that is waterproof, lockable and will sustain a drop from at least 15 feet high, this is your case.
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on December 9, 2016
I bought this case back in 2012 to cover my personal iPad to use with my special needs students at school. It's extremely durable and has held up well to lots of heavy use for going on 4 years now. It has been dropped, kicked, and thrown across the classroom without any damage to the iPad or significant damage to the case. After about 2 years, the rubber edge around the front started to come off. The case was no longer water proof at this point, but it was still protected from drops and falls. I also purchased the Zagg Glass Screen Protector to cover the screen as an extra layer of protection, but I haven't had any issues with the screen ever even getting close to damaged. The front of the case is about a quarter inch higher than the screen, so the ipad never falls directly on the screen when dropped. This is a really good case that is well worth the money if you are worried about drops and falls.
review imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on September 10, 2012
I went to Best Buy to purchase an Otterbox for my new IPAD 3, but my son immediately saw the LifeProof case and wanted me to get that. At almost double the cost of an Otterbox, I hesitated, but ended up buying it. We put the case on when we got home, but after realizing the clear plastic insert was the test IPAD to test that the case was indeed waterproof before putting in the real IPAD, I was not so sure. My thought was that it was somehow part of the front screen protector. After reading further, I realized this case does not come with a screen protector and the sticker on the front cover even specifically says not to install a screen protector. They say it provides for a better experience without the protector stating that a protector creates an air gap between the user and screen. Well I had an Otterbox with my first IPAD that had a separate screen protector and my mom has a Griffin Case with her IPAD 2 and I never had an issue.

How can they say this product is LifeProof? One drop in the parking lot or on some jagged ice... even if it falls on a corner and survives the fall... if it finally lands face down, you could potentially scratch the screen. I would rather have the Otterbox and the screen protected, so my screen stays flawless for as long as I have it. I had my first IPAD protected with an Otterbox for almost 2 1/2 years and the IPAD is in the same condition as it was when I bought it. Some reviews says you just need to be careful with it. Well accidents happen and I don't want to be walking on egg shells every time I use the IPAD to take pictures or video. I would be seriously upset if I scratched the screen. I wonder if you could still put on some kind of screen protector, but just cut it to fit around the inside of the LifeProof front frame.

I also don't like the fact that the back has a clear plastic shell. I don't care if I see the Apple Logo on the back or the aluminum or any info written on the rear of the device. After months of use, this clear plastic back will be scratched and faded and just look terrible.

The snap on cover/stand is also a joke. Very cheap and flimsy even as a $10 add-on when bundled with the case. Seems like an after thought and not actually designed at the same time they were designing the full LifeProof enclosure.

I am not convinced this is better than the Otterbox unless you are using this near water in the case of boating or even snorkeling since it is waterproof to a 6 1/2 feet. My first IPAD that was protected by the Otterbox took a 4 foot few falls during its life and is still tickin'.

If it had a front screen protector, I would have given it 4 stars. According to a review I found at another site [...] they say LifeProof can handle an HD Zagg Screen Protector. If they had lifetime warranty, I may have given it 5 stars. Not sure if Otterbox has any better warranty, but the rubber around the home button on that case tore after I had it for more than 2 years and otterbox just needed to see a picture of the case and they sent me a new one. Not sure what LifeProof would do.
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on June 29, 2013
Since I currently own the Lifeproof case for my iPhone 4S and have been pleased with it, I thought I would give the LP
NUUD case for my iPad4 a shot. To say I have been disappointed would be an understatement. One major issue for me was the fact that there is no way to insert the LP provided headphone jack through the case to insert into the iPad4.
in looking at it carefully it appears to me that the hole on the iPad just does not line up correctly with the LP Case. I have disassembled and re-assembled the LP case 3 times thinking somehow I made an assembly error. No luck. What surprises me is that this is just not an issue for me on the iPhone 4S.
I have no doubt that this is a truly protective case but it's just not going to work for me at this point. Very disappointed and will not be buying LP in the future.
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on April 21, 2013
I coach paddlers and use my ipad to record video of the athletes as they are paddling boats on the water. I usually use the ipad from a launch or chase boat on either fresh or salt water. After getting vids of the athletes, I review them with my crews using big screen TV connected via hdmi cable to the ipad. I also use the ipad to voice over vids using the ipad for replay with my crew or individual athletes (using the Coach's Eye app). Given how I use the ipad, here is what I think of the lifeproof case:

1) The lifeproof case keeps the ipod dry. I have never completely dropped it in the ocean or river, but it is always getting doused with huge waves and splashes pretty much continually while I am using it out on the boats.
2) The ipad is easy to use while in the case since the screen is left without a cover. So the touchscreen responds just like it normally would.
3) The lifeproof case takes some time to put on the ipad if you do it correctly (which you better!). It also is not easy to get off the ipad.
4) Sound quality definitely suffers. When I do my voice-overs of the vids and record my voice using the ipad, the sound is very muffled when re-played and hard to hear. Same goes for playing music on the ipad. I find that if I want to record sound on the ipad, I almost always opt to remove the case.
5) The power port on the case does not fit the older style apple white power connectors with the wider/longer female plug. It DOES fit the newer style power connectors that come with the ipad with the thinner, shorter plug. So if you just want to recharge your ipad, you can keep the case on so long as you use the new style charging cable. If you use an older style cable, you have to remove the lifeproof case.
6) every HDMI adaptor which allows you to connect the ipad to the TV screen and mirror the ipad screen, is built like the older model power/charger adaptors from apple. Which means that you have to remove the lifeproof case in order to plug the ipad into the TV. Supposedly, there are other adapators out there that can be used to connect the ipad to the HDMI adaptor without removing the case, but I have not found one that does the trick. This makes the cover a pain if you want to do vid with the ipad in the case and then immediately show the vid on a TV.

Still though, if the primary objective is to keep the ipad dry while using it on the water, the lifeproof case can't be beat. Cases that cover the touch screen make the ipad succeptible to fogging up and compromise the touch feature of the pad. Other than that and the trouble with the charge port not fitting older style apple connectors, I am very happy with this case. While not perfect, it's the best one out there and I am overall very pleased with the level of protection offered by the lifeproof case.
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on September 6, 2012
I just received my Lifeproof iPad case today and it tested well for being waterproof. However I have two problems. First, the slot/hole for the charger is too snug. I have to push hard to get the plug through the slot and seated in the iPad. Then I need pliers to take it out! Very unacceptable. I can't believe they didn't find this in product testing before launching. Second, the free cover/stand that is included is a dumb design. Sure it looks great. It snaps onto the front face, in order to protect the iPad's screen from scratches, which is good. However, to use it as a stand for watching a video, the iPad just rests against the cover/stand and slides off and down when placed on a hard, smooth surface such as a tabletop. The iPad should clip on to the stand somehow. Worse, when I tried to use it in the type stand position (just an inch raised at the back), the little kickstand to hold it up collapses and folds back up. So that part is completely useless. I might as well use a book to prop it up. Frankly, for the money, I'm disappointed it's not perfect. LifeProof Case for iPad 2/3
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on April 4, 2013
I purchased a new Lifeproof Nuud for $130 at Best Buy, thinking that it would do like the video they had playing in the store. I must say, I'm very disappointed. First, I did the water test three times. Epic fail. Not only did water get into the case, the dam o-rings wouldn't stay in place very well. Second, there is no screen protection. I tend to use my tablet everywhere and this case doesn't come close to living up to the hype. If it gets wet you will have a very hard time making it work. With my Otterbox, the protective screen could be wet and I didn't have this problem. Also, if you listen to music, use facetime, or ever need to use headphones, this case makes it very difficult, if not impossible. The sound sucks. People can't hear you when you facetime. And normal headphones are all but impossible to get into the damn thing. What bothers me most about it is there is no screen protection. If you use your pad like I do, that means it will inadvertantly get scratched at some point, especially if you have it outside or in the car, or if your kids use it. Sure, it sort of prevent dirt from getting into the ports, but I found small dust particles and grains of dirt collected around the rubber seal, which is directly on the screen. In my case, it was even more abrasive than having no protection because the construction of the case collects more dust and dirt. the latching lock also wears out over time and becomes very loose. This is not a good product. I will never buy anything from this manufacturer again. When I called the customer service number to complain, no one was willing to help me. All they did was tell me that I was probably not putting it together correctly. I have an Executive MBA. I'm not an idiot. But apparently I couldn't put this "simple" "protective" case together. Whatever. Save your money. Go buy an Otterbox Defender. You'll pay about half the price, get a much more robust case, and have screen protection. Furthermore, if your Otterbox happens to break or crack, they will replace it for a nominal fee. I'm sticking with Otterbox from here on out. The Lifeproof Nuud is a scam.
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on January 3, 2017
Lifeproof has saved may of my devices.
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on June 11, 2013
Life Proof Case, The marketing for this case was great but this case has a few engineering drawbacks.

The case is fully protected from sand, water and dust. This level of protection limits some iPad features. The speakers are muffled for a low quality audio experience, and the microphone will not pick up your voice for dictation.

To use the dictation feature on iPad headphones are required. The headphone terminal is protected by a screw down plug with gasket. Once that is removed, screw in the additional audio connector. There is no where on the case to store this while not in use. So be sure to not loose it. Replacements are available on the Life Proof website and cost $19.99.

The cover (an additional $40) and stand are flimsy and low-quality material. There is no where to store the cover while it is not being used.

Lastly, when you attempt to return your case to Life Proof they require it to be in the original packaging along with a 15% restock fee.

The OtterBox defender series comes with a durable and easy to use cover with stand. When not in use, the cover attaches to the back of the case for extra protection. The case is very durable and stylish at the same time. The case has a screen protector and all features of the iPad are fully protected, but easily accessible. I highly recommend this case, Because the cost truly meets the value of case.

When comparing the two cases the better value is the Otter Box Defender which is $70 less than the Life Proof case(w/cover).

I reviewed 3 cases before selecting the Otterbox.

I tested functionality, and my 2 year old son tested durability.

Those cases were:

Griffin Survivor Extreme Duty- my 2 year old removed the rubber portion of the case cover within 20 minutes.

Life Proof: full review above.

Otterbox: it survived my 2 year old using it daily for 2 weeks.

My selection was based on durability (it survived my 2 year old using it daily for 2 weeks), usability (doesnt restrict iPad features), and price.
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