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on September 14, 2014
I've been forced to swim a lot recently, and have come to the conclusion that lap swimming is the most boring sport in the universe. There's nothing to see, the scenery doesn't change, and you can't even hold a conversation while swimming like you can while you're cycling, running, or doing almost any land sport. I can't imagine doing it for any length of time long term.

After a while, I decided that it would be a good idea to find someway of listening to something while I'm doing my boring laps. If you're an iSheep, then the natural thing would be to pick up the Underwater iPod. These are basically iPod shuffles have been rebuilt with a waterproof resin internally and a waterproof coating externally, and then you can fit a pair of waterproof headphones to them, attach the whole shebang to your googles, and now you have an iPod that can play music underwater.

But I'm not an Apple fan, and $150 for a 2GB iPod shuffle is incredibly offensive to my senses. So I went looking and came up with the Pyle Waterproof MP3 player. At $40, it's more expensive than some other products, but it also had far better Amazon reviews. At 4GB of storage, it's got twice the storage of the Apple equivalents at one third the price, something very familiar to anyone who's familiar with how tech pricing works.

My first couple of swims were disappointing. The sound was muddy and unclear, and the headphone kept coming off. But I finally figured it out: the headphones come with 3 sets of ear pieces for underwater use, and what you need to do is to use the biggest ear piece that will fit in your ear canal. Once I got the right set (which surprisingly was the largest set), the sound was clear and lovely, and the ear pieces don't try to come off your ear. Now, if you do a particularly violent motion or if you knock your headphones with your strokes you still might get some leakage, but by and large the whole thing works and seriously, once I stop needing to nurse my back along I'm not going to swim more than a couple of times a week anyway.

In any case, my swims have gotten a lot less boring, and more than once I've found myself swimming an extra couple of laps to finish the song I've been listening to, so it's definitely changed lap swimming from "boring" to bearable. Recommended.
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on July 26, 2014
I had purchased two of these units, both "new", each from a different highly rated vendor. The overall size, design style, appearance, control functions, and audio quality are all very "good" for this type of product. When properly charged, moving MP3 music files from a computer source happens to be quite quick and easy. The controls allow for either forward play of the tracks in the order which they had been loaded, random shuffle mode, or you can "skip" forward or back from track to track. This device DOES NOT allow for moving from folder to folder, simply track to track. When using the proper style ear bud selection for either "land" or "wet" use, with the proper "size" choice for your ears being correct, and the ear pieces having been correctly seated to the appropriate depth (within your ears), the sound quality is surprisingly good. Even BASS levels are strong for this type of a "small" device. So, the initial design, function, and sound quality should impress early in the going. The major concern has to do with consistent reliability of function, and durability.

After about one weeks use, the "first" unit began to exhibit peculiar traits, such as turning itself on to playing mode, running down the battery, even though I was CERTAIN beyond any doubt that the unit had been left in an "OFF" state. I would enter the room in which the device had been left, look over, and notice the green "ON" light lit, only to lift them to my ear and discover that they were playing, multiple folders ahead of where it had previously been turned "OFF". This scenario played out several times, after which I began to experience problems with the charging process (and the battery actually holding a proper charge). Ultimately, the internal battery (which cannot be changed) failed altogether, rendering the item as a small plastic piece of "scrap". The "second" identical unit, purchased during the same time period, simply had a hard internal battery failure relatively early on, rendering it completely non responsive, even when plugged into the USB power source (computer).

So, . . . the device seems to work well and offer good sound, WHEN IT IS WORKING. However, I had purchased two of them, and BOTH OF THEM failed due to an internal battery problem (fairly early on). Sony offers a similar product at a slightly higher price point. While I do have the Sony now, I certainly wish that I had saved some time, frustration, and even funds, and ordered that (Sony W Series 273 - 4 GB) unit to begin with.


( Good Luck , Spend a Few Extra $ and Order a Sony Instead )
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on June 15, 2014
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on July 2, 2015
This is the second Pyle waterproof neckband MP3 player that we own. The instructions are very rudimentary, so the user has to make reasonable guesses about what the blinking lights mean and how to charge the player and put audio files on it. Also the instructions are in such a small font that I need to scan them and enlarge them for reading. The sound quality is good in the water and on land, and the design keeps the ear buds in position during vigorous exercise. The waterproof feature is a plus even if you are on land and sweating.
I connect it to a MacBook, but it is much better suited for use with a Windows computer. When you delete previous audio files using a Mac, the files are still on the player and will continue playing after deletion -- you have to remember to empty the trash before ejecting the player. (This doesn't happen with Windows.) Also, most Mac apps will not recognize it as a music player, the app just sees a flash drive.
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on April 12, 2013
have had em for a week. already one side doesnt work and they shut off in the middle of swimming with them
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on August 9, 2014
I just love this player but I'm now using the second one and it has the same problem as the first one. After three months the first one broke - the wire attached to the ear bud broke off. I got a second one - just sent $10 to the company and they mailed another one - and now, after three months, the same thing has happened with the second one. I don't put my head in the water, so they never get wet. Other than the problem mentioned above, they're great. I have a hearing problem and I can hear just fine with them - the volume is good. I've enjoyed swimming a whole lot more since I've been able to listen to music. Too bad they are poorly manufactured. I can still use them as the wire that goes to the earbud from the part that goes behind my head is intact, but the ear bud dangles when I don't have it in my ear. I'm hesitant to get another one, as I imagine they all have the same problem.
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on January 13, 2014
This product looks great but for me it was a waste of money. I swim at least three days a week and have been using these for 6 weeks. I found them difficult to get to stay in my ears, I've tried different sized buds, and multiple configurations of goggles, with them. About 3 weeks ago the left ear stopped working properly. It would stop piping music and then for no reason would start again. Then it would play but muffled and unclear. Now the right ear is also doing it. So sometimes I can hear music and sometimes I can't. I have finally figured out how to make sure they don't fall out of my ears most of the time, but now the music isn't' working reliably... I'm not a happy consumer on this one, because of course it is out of warranty.....
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on August 12, 2015
I have used Pyle Waterproof MP3 players for over two years and when the work they are great. The problem I have found is they don't work very long before problems start happening. I recently bought another set after my older one died. When it arrived I charged and loaded my music as usual. The first time I went to swim it wouldn't turn on, tried to recharge but still wouldn't work. I contacted Amazon and they sent a return label and sent me a new one. Did the same thing with the new one, charged, loaded music and again it wouldn't turn on. I was ready to give up on Pyle but again Amazon replaced the player. Got it yesterday and again charged, loaded music and used it today when swimming and it worked great. Don't know if it was just a bad run of players or what but will see how long this one works. I do give Amazon 5 stars for the way they handle returns, they exchange with no questions ask.
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on November 21, 2015
I bought my second one of these in December of 2013 - the only thing different from the first one was the color. I needed something to listen to while I was doing laps in the pool at our local gym and this fit that need perfectly. I was spending at least three days at the pool, for probably 45 minutes each day. I never had a problem with the battery running low and I was only charging it about once a week. My first one didn't last long but I'm fairly sure it's because I was not as careful with it as I should have been - kept jerking it off my head instead of carefully taking it off. Eventually, part of it snapped off and even though the electronic part of it still worked, I bought the blue one. I LOVE being able to listen to my own music in the water and I had no problem with the waterproof aspect. There's a light on one side of the headband that lets you know it's on. That's nice, but a little inconvenient when people at the gym would stop me while I was doing my laps to ask if I knew my headphones were on. I haven't been to the gym in a long time but I still wear these when I'm cleaning house - it still works great after almost two years and I'm even listening to it right now.
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VINE VOICEon May 5, 2015
I am now swimming in a short hotel pool, 3x/week, and find it a bit monotonous since it's evenings, nothing to look at, and indoors. Normally, I like to just get into my own head and swim laps (a bit meditative) but for this hotel pool, it was a bit drudgey. So, I'll tell you about this thing and what I have come to learn about it.

First, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS! It came with the christmas tree shaped ear buds, and I put the rounded ones on, only to find out, quite accidentally (by downloading the instructions from the manufacturer's website!) that the christmas tree shaped ones are the water-proof ones, and the others are for "jogging" and so forth, on land (as if I would jog, when I could swim.)

So, I loaded up some songs that I usually use to get pumped up at the gym, you know the ones, the ones that come on at a party or dance club and you can't NOT dance ;) For my first two or three swims, I guess I was doing it wrong, so one ear or the other, or both, always got water in it and then the music became a distant thud-thud-thud until I could get to the wall and take it off, take the bud off, blow on it (per instructions) and shake the water out of my ear.

NORMALLY--this thing would not work for me...if I were swimming in a regulation sized pool, and doing flip turns, forget it. But, I'm swimming in a shorty hotel pool with a tether on, so these are working out fine.

My last 2-3 swims have taught me by accident how to get a good, consistent sound out of them--the christmas tree ear bud has to go in dry, into your wet ear. That seems to give a good "seal" and keep the water out. I discovered this because I dipped in, to get my cap and goggles wet, and then came up to put the goggles on, and the ear buds, and for about 95% of my swim, no water in the ear, no "thud-thud-thud" music appreciateion.

I think they're worth what I paid for them, but I'm realistic and not expecting anything more than a bit of company and entertainment on my swims...I'm not expecting high-fidelity, mind-blowing, never-before heard acoustics of highest caliber...I'm in the water, moving around, for crying out loud, so my expectations are reasonable. Still, I would buy these again if I had to replace them. It's been about two months and so far, so good, still going on the initial charge off USB. What's not to love? :)
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