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on January 11, 2013
My grandson dropped this and the case broke after 2 weeks. He called Lifeproof and found out this is a counterfeit and can not be replaced. I paid $50 for this through Amazon and thought I could trust that Amazon would not sell counterfeit items. I have ordered so much from Amazon over the years and this is the first time this has happened to me.
Life proof said to only buy their products from Target or Best Buy.

Wish I could give zero stars. Wish I could get my money back. Learn from my mistake and do not purchase LifeProof through Amazon. I will go to Best Buy and purchase another real LifeProof case that is not counterfeit.

UPDATE 1/15/2013
I contacted Amazon and spoke to a most helpful customer Service employee. I explained that my grandson had contacted a LIFEPROOF representative and was told this was a fake as serial numbers were incorrect and learned that the company does not sell their cases on Amazon. Told Amazon's rep that I did not want them to mail another, but I needed reimbursement so I could go to Best Buy or Target where the real LifeProof company sells the real cases. I was forwarded an address lable right then and my grandson UPSed the case back to Aamazon that afternoon. 3 days later Amazon credited the dollar amount back to my charge card. My grandson bought the real case from Best Buy and is very happy. I am happy with Amazon once again. Amazon always stands behind thier reputation as being very reliable and they are very helpful.

I'm a very happy customer once again. Thanks Amazon!
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on January 25, 2013

The case I received was a counterfeit. I ordered the case on Amazon FROM "Sold by: Neverlate Sales ( seller profile** )" Having a previous case from lifeproof I quickly assumed the case was counterfeit from the appearance. (Check my photo uploads for notes on how to spot a fake). I CONFIRMED my suspicions by calling LifeProof and speaking with Customer Service. TOP KNOTCH support. They had me read them the "bar code" inside of the actual case and it popped up on their counterfeit list. Now I know by providing so much detail it will allow the counterfeiters to produce better clones, however I want to be as detailed as possible to help my fellow consumers. I also hate to see all the neg reviews against "Lifeproof" I have had one of their ACTUAL cases for close to a year and have used it daily. It has held up to everything I have thrown at it from actually throwing the phone, from dropping the phone from a second story height at Cabela's to the hard tile floor below TWICE, to going on an all day kayaking trip with the phone in the water for the better part of 9 hours. The old case held up great and the only damage to it is from me putting it in and out of my pocket an above average amount of times, the upper right hand corner rubber started to peel off and lifeproof started the claims process when I called them about the fake case. I also ordered a new case directly from them at the same time. Back to the counterfeit case, the case and the box are already decent clones, the box even has the raised details of the REAL box. I have photos posted comparing the boxes as well. I also contacted Amazon after I discovered it was a counterfeit case and they promptly issued a return label and stated I will be receiving a full refund. Their legal department is also looking into the matter.

I hope that my review of the case I got AS WELL as my review for my REAL lifeproof case will help anyone protect their phones from water damage. I would not trust the fake case to be waterproof as the screens are different over the speakers on the bottom as well as differences in the mold.

Below is a link to the sellers profile as of writing this review (1-25-12). I would STRONGLY suggest staying away from anything this seller is selling as it may very well be fake.

**Link to sellers profile: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aag/main?ie=UTF8&asin=&isAmazonFulfilled=1&isCBA=&marketplaceID=ATVPDKIKX0DER&orderID=106-0944562-0020263&seller=A1HJFRPHMVVMHD"
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on September 1, 2012
First of all, i know lifeproof is a great case but dont buy them here on amazon only because it is cheaper here, i suggest you buy it directly from their website, i bought my lifeproof case here on amazon because it was 50% cheaper than the original price, shipping was fast but when i got my lifeproof i noticed that the camera hole was different when i look at pictures and videos over the internet there was a black rubber gasket that holds the camera glass and the one i got didnt have that, second flaw i noticed was the rear case was a bit deformed, third flaw was the hole for the speakers somehow doesnt have the gasket where it was supposed to be, fourth thing i noticed was the cover for the charging port was molded in cheap plastic and there were over plastic from the mold they have used, and last but not the least was the water test failed and there is no way i can get it replaced cause there was no serial number inside the case, so anyone who plans to buy at amazon.com their lifeproof case dont but it here, buy it directly from lifeproof website,,
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on March 30, 2014

I got through to customer service today, it took a wait "high call volume" but service was fantastic.

I explained the problem with one of the serial numbers, and gave the other.

They're shipping me a replacement.

So, I'm happy. I'll post back again, if there are problems with this one. But, I'm going to give credit where credit is due, and they are taking care of me.

NOTE: I did make sure I didn't buy a counterfeit to begin with, and it was worth it. Shipped and filled by Amazon leaves you covered well.

I've had the case for roughly a year, and would have given it 5 stars for most of the time I've had it.

The case worked wonderfully at keeping my phone dry and functional on several whitewater and kayaking trips. Keep the phone safe and sound fully submerged, and when it spent hours in the pocket of my bathing suit. I was more than delighted to have some photos that I've never been able to take before.

I also purchased the Lifeproof mount so that I can take my phone with me when I go riding. The phone is solid on gnarly mountain bike trails--a dream come true. I don't listen while riding on the street, but the plug system works great at keeping the phone dry and the sound going.

Like I said. It has been solid protection.

Now, more recently:

1.) I couldn't (or at least haven't yet) gotten warrantee service BECAUSE I can't read the serial number off the sticker from the front faceplate. Why?
The sticker sits at a contact point with the phone, and you have to take the phone out in order to use most car chargers. You can charge with the case on, with an OEM charger, but the slot is too small for most other connectors.
Even worse, my friend warned me that her case fell apart in two months because she had to open it and close it so much (to charge it).
So, I can't get warrantee service because I don't have a valid serial number because they put the sticker in the wrong place (hopefully I can get someone on the phone and take care of the problem).

2. The molding has been falling apart, and I don't think I'm guarded against moisture anymore. It passes the water test still, but I notice humidity makes it through. Now, mind you, I have used the phone, but it hasn't been on the trail with me in months, or on the river in even longer (I've had the case about a year, but have been tame for the last 4-6 months). The case is literally falling apart from going in and out of my pocket. Its been falling apart for about 4 months, but I didn't realize I needed to replace it until pieces of molding literally ripped off and apart.

3. The front cover scratches easily. I only mention this because I know some people really care about it. I didn't care, but yeah, you definitely don't want to carry your phone in a pocket (or purse) with anything in it. My scratch was from some change. I never have my phone in the same pocket as keys.

Bottom line:
The product is great for about six months. If you plan on replacing your phone and/or case in six months you'll be fine, anything longer and this won't be the right purchase for you.
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on November 29, 2016
I loved this case at first but after time had trouble with it. I used to have an OtterBox Defender but found it to be too bulky and hard to get in and out of my pocket due to the rubber case. The LifeProof case was smooth and slid in and out of my pocket easily but after time lint built up in the case around the bottom speakers and muffled calls. It got to the point where people could not hear me on the phone and I had to take the phone out of the case to talk. That defeated the purpose of a case so I ended up puncturing the areas where the speakers were which rendered the case useless as far as being waterproof. The case protected my phone from drops and the screen never cracked but when I upgraded to the iPhone 6 I chose a different case.
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HALL OF FAMETOP 500 REVIEWERon November 28, 2013
I loved the look, didn't love the price, and ended up ordering this because I was spending a lot of time at the pool and the zip loc game was getting old, and sometimes ineffective. I was getting worried and had too many close-calls to continue without taking evasive actions. I gulped hard and ordered this case.

It arrived. One thing you don't realize is that the instructions tell you to "water test it" for hours submerged before you ever install it on the phone. In the end this is a smart thing, but I didn't expect it and really didn't allocate time for this process before I was ready to start using the case. I did to the test and it passed.

It does fit on the phone and the blue plastic while quite durable is quite thin. When the case is installed on the phone it lies directly on the screen and you could almost mistake it for a phone whose face has been changed. But before the case is installed, I could see someone accidentally "punching through" the thin blue water barrier if they squeeze the case too hard. Be warned on that point. You could destroy the case before you install it if you don't realize that the waterproof strength comes from and relies on the rigidity of the phone after installed.
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on October 22, 2013
Very happy with this case, since it does as advertised. It adds real protection without doubling the size/weight.

Very waterproof. For real. I've had mine underwater in my pool to about 6 feet and taken pictures there.
Screen cover does not stick to the glass like Otterbox. No need for a matte screen protector under it.
With the lifejacket accessory, it's backyard-pool-proof.
Non interfering camera lens, as long as it's clean (obviously).

Little headphone cap is easy to lose. Fortunately the included headphone cord comes with an extra one.
You absolutely have to use the special headphone adapter cable.
There's only room in the charge port door for an OEM Apple cable or one the same size...absolutely no bigger.
Audio from speakers is compromised a little bit, especially at high frequencies. I had to change my txt chime to something that would penetrate the case better.
Sometimes I have to open the charge port door to get better mic reception.

Suggestions for future versions:
The front half is a rubbery plastic that's perfect for holding it solidly. The back is a very slippery plastic. Make both halves out of the rubbery stuff.
Bigger headphone port so use of the waterproof-maintaining cord (with threads and o-ring) is optional, not mandatory.
Better yet, make a solid adapter, male with threads and o-ring and female in one solid part..no 3" cord.
Include an adapter/extender for the charge port. You'll need one and they're very expensive. Maybe that's their business model.
Modify the back cover, very slightly, so the hinged charge port door opens maybe 30 degrees more. This will make getting plugs in and out much easier without compromising the seal at all.

It may meet a MILSPEC drop test, but not like an M-16 does. I did have a friend crack a screen while in one of these. If you want really bouncable, put in in one of their life-jackets.
Definitely do the water test like the instructions say. Then put your phone in and repeat the test watching it closely before you trust it completely. I had to reload my phone 3 times before I got a good seal. But I eventually did, so it was my error somewhere.
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on March 17, 2014
I purchased this case about 2 months ago and everything seemed fine, contrary to the reviews that is is counterfeit. The water test worked and my phone is dust free and clean on the inside. The functionality of the case seemed to be great. Today, however, I dropped the phone (in the case) from about 3 inches off the ground onto a wood surface and the screen shattered worse than and unprotected broken screen I have ever seen. It was as if the ribs of the case distributed the energy from the fall to the entire screen. I called LifeProof to notify them the claims that it resists shock from 2 meters were false and they basically said they will not stand by their product. The rep said it was designed to protect the case, not the phone (yes, he seriously said that). So essentially, they are charging $100 for a $0.50 piece of plastic that does not actually provide any sort or impact protection on the phone. Further, he said that I had to contact Amazon to resolve my issue, apparently the company just doesn't want to ake any responsibility for their substandard product. All in all, I contacted Amazon because my return date has expired but they allowed me to return it anyway, hopefully I will get my refund as promised. I WILL NEVER GIVE LIFEPROOF ANOTHER DOLLAR OF MY MONEY. It is sad that no one stands by what product/service they provide , but at least Amazon did the right thing.
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on September 12, 2013
my toddler is a ninja! After having her do unspeakable things to my phone, and it surviving due to this case, I bought one for the hubby. I'm glad (and slightly embarrassed) to say that Lifeproof has saved us from the following:

16+ temper tantrums
11 drops down the steps (18 steps incase it matters)
9 toilet dunks
7 "I'm being a helper mommy, let me put this in the sink with the dishes" drops
4 dog water drops
3 food/phone fiascos
1 down the diaper 'hide mommys phone while she looks frantically around all the aforementioned places' event

While I know that's a lot and "you should be more careful with your phone", it's still good to know that when my little angel is smiling, singing a song to distract me/the sitter/grandma/daddy while she ninja jacks our phones, lifeproof has our back. I would also like to mention that over 70% of those events were with the hubby's phone, and he has learned to put it up on the refrigerator since the last one :)
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on October 1, 2012
This case is a knock off. Just recieved mine today. Installed the case took some video with my Iphone 4s because i read some of the reviews about muffled sound. Well, the video i took was muffled so i called the Lifeproof support line. They asked me to give them the serial number that is located on the inside of the case on both the front and back covers. Well, there were no serial numbers, then the support person asked me to describe the case asking if it felt flimsy and looked like something a person would buy at dollar store? i said yes, the support person told me that they have had numerous reports of counterfeit cases sold on Amazon and Ebay. lifeproof seems to be a good company as they offered me 15% off of a genuine Lifeproof case if i ordered over the phone at that time which i did. BEWARE of this case! It is a complete counterfeit and you get what you pay for. Come on Amazon, do a little research on the people that you deal with.
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