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on April 12, 2012
My best advice is to "STAY AWAY FROM LIFEPROOF!!!" I actually purchased my case directly from LifeProof via there website. First off, I understand things take time but it took nearly three weeks for the case to get to me. As everyone else, I opened the box only to be a little skeptical at how flimsy the case appeared. I put my iPhone in the case and it felt great having a case that was minus the bulk of most "Tough Cases" and operation of the buttons and touch screen were great. I had no complaints until I made my first phone call with it and noticed the volume was extreme;y low even though I had my speaker volume turned up all the way. Then everyone I call is constantly going "huh", "what did you say", "I can't hear you", etc. Well being in law enforcement it's not always the easiest thing for me to spend $80 for a phone case then throw it in a drawer so I decided I would use it until I had my feel. I found myself refusing to make phone calls with my phone because I was tired of not being able to hear anyone and them constantly asking me to repeat myself because they couldn't hear or understand me.

Well just as I'm nearing my wits end I get the holster/belt clip that I had pre-ordered and it cost me $30. Well I continue to use my iPhone for everything except making phone calls which was really becoming annoying. Well after a long 14 hour night shift of answering calls back to back and having 7 K9 deployments I come walking through my garage and then it happened; my iPhone in it's LifeProof case and holster/clip slipped out of my hand and lands on the concrete floor of my garage. I know, why didn't I have it on my belt since I had it in the belt clip but honestly has anyone ever paid attention to how much equipment officers (especially K9 officers) have on they belts; there literally was no room for it. As I was saying the phone fell from my hand at a little below waist level landed on the 1" thick rubber mat placed inside my garage door. As I said earlier it hit the concrete and PARTS of it did after the holster/belt clip broke into 3 pieces on impact with the mat and the amazing LifeProof case bounced onto the concrete. Already being exhausted from my long night this was not the best of times for "LIFEPROOF" to show me how much it wasn't. As I pick up my iPhone that's in the case, along with the 3 pieces of the holster/belt clip, I walk into the house and as I go to plug the charger into my phone before going to bed I see it... The mighty LifeProof had cracked from the bottom corner approximately 1/4"-1/2".

After cooling off and getting some rest I decide to contact LifeProof via email since I was working night shift and there was no answer at their offices. I explained to them what had happened along with the sound issues that the case had been causing. I get a very polite and respectfully email (3 days later) and the rep asked me a few general questions in which I replied back. This time it only takes me 2 days to hear back from the rep who advised me that she had spoken with her manager and they were more than willing to ensure my satisfaction with their products. She informs me that they are more than willing to replace my broken case for the retail price of a new one since I had not purchased an extended warranty for the case. Are you serious? There was no option to purchase an extended warranty for the case on the website when I ordered it and who ever heard of purchasing an extended warranty on a phone case?!?!?! Before I have a chance to respond she then informs me that they will not be able to do anything about the holster/belt clip since a co-worker and I had purchased 2 of them together and used his card to pay for it. Although she did mention that they would be able to sell me one for the retail price. I will admit that the customer service was very polite and professional but they rally did nothing to help me other than offering me the opportunity to purchase replacements for the full retail price. Since then I have had 5 co-workers get rid of their LifeProof cases because of the issues with their phone's audio and 1 because he had the same misfortune that I had with a small drop of the phone and the case breaking. By all means, if you DO NOT talk on the phone very often then you'll probably love this case as long as you don't drop it about 2.5 feet and it crack. If you are a person like me who really wants a good product for a fair price then the $80 LifeProof along with the separately sold $30 holster/belt clip then you are EXTREMELY overpaying for a product that does not live up to it's advertised claims or it's name. I hope this helps someone to not make the same mistake that I did when trying to find a waterproof & rugged case.
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on May 26, 2012
read or watch the instructions. i am in the engineering field and i can say i am very glad they made this cover. it fell out of my pocket and into a drum of 15w40 oil, all the way to the bottom. fished it out and worked fine, accidentally left it in a bag of tools throwing the bag around and it was fine. I was on my motorcycle through a monsoon using GPS and it was fine. my weekend adventures at the bar or club, spilled alcoholic drinks, fell into the toilet, dropped on the dance floor got kicked around and stepped on and it was fine. my adventure at the beach, skipped it on the surface and took videos at 7 ft (i lost track of how deep i was going, i would not try) and it was fine. snow boarding with my wife threw it about 25 yards so she can use the phone, missed the catch, ducked taped it to my leg to get videos while doing insane jumps crashing at times and it was fine. Road biking with my friends soaked in sweat and it was fine. i think the best one is being able to use a phone, search on the internet, play games, listen to music and not have to worry about dropping it or getting it wet while at an ONSEN( japanese public bath and relaxation) and it worked fine. as far as the jacks i don't know what ya'll are using but my car jack just plugs in. so hazardous material, alcoholic beverages, cold, hot, sand, pressure, impact, sweat, and my final one is dog grabbed it with its mouth and bit it lightly, covered with saliva, body fluids dog or human and it worked fine. its not indestructible but good God have some common sense even if you are as clumsy as i am. SAILOR APPROVED!!
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on October 27, 2011
In early October 2011, I purchased an iPhone 4S and I take my previous iPhone to have the screen repaired in order to give it to my niece. The technician recommended a LifeProof case at Best Buy and he said that probably would have that would have prevented the glass screen on my old iPhone from breaking. While he is making the repair to my old iPhone, I go to Best Buy and purchase the LifeProof case for my new 4S.

All is well with the new iPhone and LifeProof case. I notice it takes a little more pressure to make the apps work through the LifeProof screen but no big deal, I quickly adapt.

A couple of weeks later, my wife and I take a flight from Dallas/Fort Worth airport to Savanna, Georgia and we return home a week later. I didn't use my iPhone 4S for making calls while we were gone, except to use the mapping apps while in Savanna.

It's now the first week of November, and as I use my iPhone 4S for making calls after the adventure in Savannah, the audio is muffled. People I call are complaining that they are hearing their own voice being echoed when they talk back to me. Some of the calls I place to people, my own audio is so distorted that people can't understand me. I suspect a problem with my new iPhone and I Google "iPhone 4S distorted audio", iPhone 4s audio echo" and I find numerous sites where people are complaining about their new iPhone 4S having audio clarity problems as I have experienced. I call Apple and they arrange to have my iPhone 4S sent back for warranty repair. A few days later, the replacement iPhone 4S arrives, it checks out fine and I place it back in the LifeProof case. All is well for a number of days, the iPhone works fine. I make a quick trip to Colorado, return home and the next day, I call a business in a nearby town. The person says repeatedly "hello, HELLO" and then hangs up on me... I call my wife at work and while she recognizes my number on her iPhone, she can't understand me because my audio is so garbled.

I call Apple and talk to them about the garbled audio and I advise them this replacement phone only holds a charge for ½ a day. Apple graciously sends me an overnight box to return my iPhone 4S. A few days later, the 3rd iPhone 4S arrives and the battery on this 3rd 4S runs nearly two days... I'm a happy camper with two days use on the 4S. I place the 3rd 4S back in the LifeProof case... everything works out fine. A week later, the dreaded audio feedback, garbled audio returns. I call Apple and ask them what my problem is. This time the Apple rep suggests the problem is with AT&T.

I am so frustrated at this point; I purchase a TracFone and use it until I can make the 100-mile drive to the AT&T store and advise them Apple suggests the problem with my terrible audio is on their end. The store manager directs me to one of her reps (a savvy retired Air Force guy) and I explain my problem to him. He takes one quick look at my iPhone 4S and says, "Here's your problem. The LifeProof case!" He tells me to go outside and to call him on his phone. Sure enough, he can't even understand me. He motions for me to come back in and he removes the LifeProof case asking me to go back outside. I call him again and the audio on both sides is crystal clear. PROBLEM SOLVED...

I go home, get online to LifeProof and advise their case had been causing severe audio feedback and echo problems (and I am not the only customer affected...) and I advise I have just changed my 5 star review I left on Amazon to a 1 star review. She advises that they are "no longer" marketing LifeProof cases through Amazon. Had you purchased your case at BestBuy, we could have replaced your case with a new one." She never offered me any explanation, did not offer to exchange my case and I was stuck with this defective product they flooded the market with.

LifeProof (in their wisdom) gives this "corrective fix" to customers in regard to their inherent defective cases... "Blow hard into the microphone for about 3 to 4 seconds. The sufficient effort require(d) is akin to blowing a candle out. You could also pretend you were blowing up a balloon by sealing your lips over the hole and then blowing." Well, many people are tired of having to blow into their defective LifeProof cases several if not dozens of times per day (Google for yourself and especially on MacRumors)

LifeProof didn't do a good job at designing this case. Their "fix" didn't work for me... many 3rd party accessories, such as chargers and audio docking devices DO NOT work with their case. Many people complain that the screen on the LifeProof makes it more difficult to work apps... I'd strongly recommend researching though Google or Bing what other customers have to say about this case. It seems to me that LifeProof "GOOFED" when they were designing this product.

In hindsight, It seems that any changes in barometric pressure, or changes in altitude (such as when I went from 1,400 feet at the DFW airport to sea-level in Savanah... and even when going up and down in an elevator) can trigger the problems associated with pressures inside the LifeProof case. If the pressure changes, it seems that audio from the person you are calling gets "funneled" back into the mouthpiece on the iPhone and creates this "echo" problem that many people experience when they are talking to someone having a LifeProof case on their iPhone. I even concluded that changes in temperatures can trigger the audio problems. It seems the problem is worse in colder weather than during warm temperatures.

The LifeProof case is very sexy looking. It fit nicely in my shirt pocket and was much more comfortable than my new Mophie case that I bought to replace the LifeProof (however the Mophie has an internal back-up battery and thus the reason for the extra bulk in my shirt pocket compared to the slender LifeProof case.) Please also be warned that LifeProof advises that the gaskets that make the case waterproof will be rendered useless after you have removed your iPhone from the case "50 times." So, if you are having to pull your iPhone out of the case in order to make it work with docking stations and chargers that the LifeProof case CAN NOT ACCEPT, soon, your LifeProof case is no longer waterproof.

If you are happy to constantly blow onto the case... if you can live without your 3rd party accessories that you have for your iPhone that are NOT compatible with the LifeProof case... and if you don't have a problem with something called "pillowing" associated with this product (I never had that specific problem) you might actually like the LifeProof case... but for me, their "service after the sale" and numerous problems with this case (that ate up the biggest part of my $100 bill) isn't worth the grief and aggravation. And it looks really silly when you are at an airport or out in public, blowing into your iPhone in order to make the LifeProof case "happy."
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on April 9, 2012
Have had this case for almost 4 months, when I purchased with my I-phone 4s and had been fairly happy with it. When I first got my case I did the water test before installing and even dropped in sink full of water to show wife it works. I cleaned the case about a month and half ago according to the company's standard care procedures on their website. This weekend while kayak fishing, I took an accidental swim into the marsh with my phone in pocket. Once I gathered everything back up and re-situated myself in my kayak I took my phone out and realized it is still working, however, 10 minutes later I checked again, and water had gotten past the case and the phone was no longer working. Once back onshore I did an inspection and saw that the leak path was through the seal on the charger port (slight hairline crack). I use my phone normally and do not do anything drastic with it, so am fairly disappointed with the overall durability. I am out $80 on case and $169 to cover insurance deductible from Verizon.

I am not trying to get back any money, and I realize that I am just out of luck since company is not responsible for damaged electronics. Just wanted to get the word out to people. Most of the 5 star reviews I read were from new purchases.

Buy a cheaper case next time and bring a water proof container to bring your valuables in.
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on February 7, 2012
I purchased this case directly from Lifeproof when I got my iPhone 4S in October of 2011. I installed my iPhone directly into the case and have used it daily since then.

This case is indeed very slim for the level of protection provided. The screen protector does not appear to impair the usefulness of the touchscreen. The phone is entirely encased when installed.

The claims made on the site appear to be true, so I won't repeat them here.

There are two cons, however. First, accessing the headphone jack is very inconvenient. You have to unscrew a plug, that can then easily be lost. This also limits the types of plugs that will mate with the headphone jack.

Second, and more annoying is that the port through which you have to plug a iPod cable to charge or sync is VERY tight. If you have any third party cable that is even a tiny bit bigger than Apple's, it won't fit. You'll either need the suggested RadTech passthrough connector or an original Apple cable. If you only use OEM cables, this won't bother you, but otherwise it's quite annoying.

I would have preferred to see an integrated pass-through 20-pin connector built into the case, so you had more flexibility in selecting connecting cables.

Overall, this is a very nice case and provides a very high level of protection. I would purchase it again. I deducted one star for the two cons noted above.
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on January 11, 2013
My grandson dropped this and the case broke after 2 weeks. He called Lifeproof and found out this is a counterfeit and can not be replaced. I paid $50 for this through Amazon and thought I could trust that Amazon would not sell counterfeit items. I have ordered so much from Amazon over the years and this is the first time this has happened to me.
Life proof said to only buy their products from Target or Best Buy.

Wish I could give zero stars. Wish I could get my money back. Learn from my mistake and do not purchase LifeProof through Amazon. I will go to Best Buy and purchase another real LifeProof case that is not counterfeit.

UPDATE 1/15/2013
I contacted Amazon and spoke to a most helpful customer Service employee. I explained that my grandson had contacted a LIFEPROOF representative and was told this was a fake as serial numbers were incorrect and learned that the company does not sell their cases on Amazon. Told Amazon's rep that I did not want them to mail another, but I needed reimbursement so I could go to Best Buy or Target where the real LifeProof company sells the real cases. I was forwarded an address lable right then and my grandson UPSed the case back to Aamazon that afternoon. 3 days later Amazon credited the dollar amount back to my charge card. My grandson bought the real case from Best Buy and is very happy. I am happy with Amazon once again. Amazon always stands behind thier reputation as being very reliable and they are very helpful.

I'm a very happy customer once again. Thanks Amazon!
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on January 20, 2012
Ok. So I read the reviews on Amazon about this case. And despite the concerns, I can assure you this case is EXCELLENT! In fact, my initial reaction to the case was negative. So here we go...

When I opened the box, I was initially disappointed to see two flimsy case pieces that snap together with no instructions! I thought this was a joke. $80 for this? It refers you to a web site where you have to watch a few videos. So, I gave it a shot. The videos are short and helpful. The first video suggests you do a waterproof test on your case for a full hour! I tested mine for about a half hour and I think that is even overkill.

Now the fun begins. You can put your iPhone in the case. This process was very simple. After the case is on, now you feel the full effect of awesome protection. Some reviews said the there was a gap between the front of the plastic portion of the case and the iphone, causing air pockets. That did not occur for me. It was an absolute perfect seal. I actually did this twice, once for my girlfriend, and on mine with no trouble. All the buttons work perfectly.

Now on to usability complaints. Some users complained about significant problems either hearing or speaking into the phone. I will admit the noise level is dampened "slightly." With the phone turned all the way up, the ringtone is still significantly loud. It's not really an issue. But this actually happened to me. My girlfriend's case casued NO sound issues. When I got mine, it was significantly dampened compared to hers. I remember the Best Buy saleswoman told me when I bought my case that it is hardly returned and that one time it caused a muffled sound issue, but they swapped it out with a new one and the problem was resolved. Well... that's what I did. And my second case was perfect. So if this is your issue, try another one. It worked for me.

On to the headphone issue and listening to music, etc. There is an adapter that plugs into the case/iphone and then you plug your headphones into that. I NEVER USED IT! I plugged my iPod earbuds directly into the iPhone and it worked beautifully. Forget the adapter. You only need it so that it completes a waterproof seal. I suppose you need it for extreme conditions, maybe you're skiing for example. The sound was fantastic without the adapter. This is a non issue.

I've had my case for over two weeks now and already I had a mishap. It was on the table while I was eating lunch, and I got a drop of italian oil from my sub directly on the front of the case. No trouble! Wiped it right off. The case is completely water proof!

I bought the belt buckle for the case. I will admit it's a bit unweildy, but not horribly so. It's a bit of a pain to take on and off. Most people may prefer simply keeping it in their pocket (oh the case doesn't add much bulk at all), or in their bag/purse.

If you want to do some research before buying, go to this link on the lifeproof website and watch the videos.


I HIGHLY recommend this case. It performs as advertised.
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on March 25, 2012
I purchased the case because I have kids and am very active. I went with you get what you pay for and this is one of those times it is not true. Not only does it not fit on the dock I purchased now but my son chewed through the rubber case in one bite rendering it useless. I would not recommend purchasing this item.
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on June 19, 2012
I am a well-educated, mechanically-minded, handy-around-the house gadget freak, and I was really excited about this product. I read the directions meticulously, took the test to extend the warranty, and took good care of my case and my iPhone. I loved showing it off for two months using it in the rain and surprising friends by running it under water. However, the first time I took it to the pool with my kids, it took some good videos and photos, but then I noticed a little water inside the case around the ear speaker. When I got home, I opened it up, and there was water in the case and my iPhone camera lens was fogged! I quickly put my phone in a bag of dry rice, and luckily I caught it before anything awful seemed to happen to the phone. I contacted the company two days ago but haven't heard back yet.

Cool? Yes. Actually waterproof for life? Absolutely not.
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on September 9, 2012
This is my second LifeProof case. My first one broke when I dropped my phone. My iPhone still looks brand new! Very happy with the results. I am extremely active, coaching year around in the Pacific Northwest along with fishing hunting and skiing so plenty of opportunities for my phone to get wet and lifeProof has kept my phone dry.
Have recommended this to many of my friends.
Would have given this 5 stars but Only negative is that you need to use a small plug in when charging. Had to buy a new car charger, but figured small price to pay to keep my phone dry.
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