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on August 13, 2012
I researched for a few weeks before I made a decision on this case. I'd search other models, some much more expensive. I decided on this one based on positive reviews and a video or two I'd seen taken from within the case. I got the case in and started my series of tests including:

I started off with paper towels folded up and placed inside while dunking into the sink and holding for a couple of minutes. The paper towel remained dry.

I then moved on to the neighborhood pool. After several occasions of being used down to about 5 feet, by my AND my children, no leaks, and excellent photos and video!

This last weekend was the final "test" before taking it to the Cayman's. I took it SCUBA diving in a local lake down to around 30 feet. Completely dry after 2 days of diving! Snapped about 300 photos and some video!!!

I can't say enough nice things about this case. The screen can be a little tricky to use at depth, but if you're in your camera app, it's a snap to use the + volume button to snap pictures or start/stop video.

I highly recommend this product if you're looking to take unlimited underwater/scuba photos and don't want to mess with the pricey scuba disposables!

UPDATE 8-27-12
Just got back from doing some scuba diving around Little Cayman island with some bad results.

Day 1: 90 foot dive, but at around 40-50 feet, the water pressure pressed and held in the main bottom button. The photo app still worked because I was already in it. At around 65 feet, the pressure pushed the power button until the phone turned off. I kept going down to around 90. Once I came back up, it looked like about a drop or two of water had infiltrated the case. Phone still worked without a problem. Date 1 note to self, stay in less than 50 foot of water if I want to maintain functionality.

Day 2: Snorkeling with short dives to about 10-15 feet of depth. Phone/camera worked flawlessly. Phone was completely dry after about an hour of this activity.

Day 3: 50 Foot dive (on purpose to keep camera/phone working). Button's malfunctioned earlier this time. Were they weakened from the first dive? A few minutes into this dive at about 45 feet, the case sprung a huge leak and soaked the phone.

I'm back home now and still trying to revive it. My recommendation: Good for neighborhood pools and snorkeling. Not a good case to take down beyond 30 feet IMO!

UPDATE 8-28-12
RIP my 4s :(
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on July 23, 2012
You will find most waterproof cases open length-wise (merging a front and a back piece). Obviously, a gasket is used to seal that seam and keep water out (a roughly 15" long seam for the circumference of the iPhone 4/4s). One simple observation from a non-engineer, but DriSuit's design loads from the bottom, which has a small removable section. This method makes for 5 inches of seam to seal. That's 1/3 the seam size and (given an equally effective gasket) 1/3 the potential for failure.

The design, including the latches, is very well thought out and easy to use. It just works. The phone's sound, that is your voice to a caller and the caller's voice to you, is VERY clear. In fact, when asked, I've had people tell me that my voice sounds more clear to them while in the case. I know that sounds hoaky, but it's true.

I know DriSuit heavily touts your ability to use the screen underwater. The screen is "squishy," because it has a layer of silicone embedded that keeps your touch capacitive while under the water. In practice, the ability to use the screen underwater is somewhat laughable. Sure, it's nice to have full camera functionality, but I'd say there are work-arounds, and the feature is marginal. In fact, the trade off is less functionality out of the water - the squishy screen is tricky to use.

If one of your reasons for considering a waterproof case is to take photos/video in the water, you'll be very happy with this. Both are very clear, above and below the waterline.

I've tried 3 different cheap pouches and the iOttie Waterproof Skin Case Cover Pouch for iPhone 4S, 4 Multi Purpose Protective Skin for Underwater Activity, Fishing, Ski, Snowboarding, Sand-proof, Dustproof, Bath Tub. The pouches made for cloudy photography. The skin was nice and very waterproof but rendered the phone barely usable as a phone (hinders audio). The skins are also disposable (after 2 uses each).

I'm amazed at how few truly waterproof cases there are out there. Obviously, there are a million pouches and bags, but only a few actual workable cases.

There also seems to be two price points, $30 and $60. The $30 case(s) have mixed reviews and potential cause for concern, especially when you're putting a $600 phone inside. The $60 units (Lifeproof, DriSuit, Otterbox, etc) have you wondering "why so costly?" I don't have the answer to that, but I can tell you that the DriSuit is well designed and manufactured. If you plan to be on or near the water for more than a day or two, this case is a great choice and worth the investment.
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on July 7, 2014
To call this case an "endurance" waterproof case is misleading. It did last for a week-long vacation last year, when I used it at the beach (to take pictures while snorkeling and so I wouldn't have to worry about water or sand on shore). The picture clarity was pretty poor -- only part of each picture was ever in focus, whether it was dry or wet/underwater -- but it did protect my phone. But then I got two cracks, one on each side of the bottom piece that snaps into place. So now it's only good for protecting it from sand. My husband didn't realize this and had my phone in his pocket when he dipped in the lake this weekend, and water started seeping in. Fortunately he was only in the water for a few seconds, so my phone was ok.

Also, the gel touch screen is very difficult to use. This didn't bother me, as I only needed to enter my pin and access the camera app. But if you want to use it for anything else, good luck.
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on May 27, 2014
So far this case has been great. I use it for everyday phone protection, but I don't really recommend doing that.
It's a bit awkward to use at first and some people may not get used to using the touch screen. Since there is a fluid filled silicone cover over the screen you have to push a little harder in order to use your phone's touch screen.
I've dropped my phone and it has been protected well thus far. I've tested the case before placing my phone in it and it is definitely water proof.
With the case on the speakers are covered so it will be harder to hear music or videos on your phone unless you remove the bottom. I have an external Bluetooth speak I constantly use so it's not too much of an issue for me.
Prior to this case I had a Lifeproof case. While that case was better suited for everyday use, it lasted just over a year before the rubber surround started to break off all around the case. The DriSuit seems to be more rugged than the Lifeproof and I don't worry about anything falling off and coming apart on me.
If you need a waterproof case I definitely recommend this one. If you want it to be for everyday use as well then I'd look elsewhere since this can be tricky to use everyday.

Update to my review as of 6/4/2014:
As noted in another review one of the bottom tabs that the little "spikes" insert into have broken off.
Also the silicon that covers the mic on the bottom of the iphone4 has developed small tears, thus making the case no longer water proof. Not sure how this occurred as I did not do it deliberately.
Will try to return this case since I have not had it long.

Update as of 8/8/2014
So I couldn't return the case via Amazon since it was past 30 days from date of purchase.
I went to the driSuit website and saw there's a 1 year warranty. I sent them an email via their website to file a warrant claim on 6/23/14. I informed them of all my issues above with their case. David (di@mydrisuit.com) responded and asked for the color of my case. I told him it was black.
He then said they would replace and asked for my address and I gave it to him. I didn't hear anything back so sent him another email on 6/30/14 asking when I should expect the replacement case. It is now 8/8/14 and I never heard back. I haven't received a new case in the mail as well.
Bottom line is DO NOT BUY THIS CASE. Company is crap and their warranty is non-existent. Avoid them at all cost and hopefully they fall to the way side and are never heard from again.
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on September 24, 2013
This case is AWESOME!!!! I have a long cord attached to mine with a key ring at the top! I can walk all over the house with my phone no worries about it getting wet while doing house work or cooking! I even used it while I was in the bathtub! You will prolly want to use a bluetooth with it though because sound is pretty muffled.

UPDATE 10-1-13
I accidentally broke off one of the pins on the bottom of the case while I was putting it back on after charging. I tested it out with paper inside under 6" of water for 2 hrs and TADA! It was still water tight! This case is AWESOME!!! I have splashed water on it bumped against the sink while doing dishes and STILL NO HARM TO THE CASE OR PHONE INSIDE!! Otter box can swim away, I love Drisuit now!
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on July 27, 2012
 Sample underwater video shot with the DriSuit and iPhone 4, starring Nash.

Have used the Drisuit once for about an hour of underwater fun, no leakage, worked great.

UPDATE -----

Have used the DriSuit for about 8 hours of in-pool fun and I'm a believer. No water infiltration, all functions work, camera/video is very good for the spend. I'm very glad I bought it over a GoPro Hero - my needs weren't robust enough for the GoPro and the DriSuit is about $260 cheaper :)
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on July 8, 2014
I bought the DriSuit case for my iPhone 4s and took it on a trip to the Big Island. I could not have been happier with the way it performed. I decided on this case after reading about several "competing" products, and I'm happy to report that I chose very well. The DriSuit case exceeded my expectations.

After reading all of the Amazon reviews on the DriSuit case, I decided not to test the 18 foot depth limit, so anyone who wants to use it deeper than 10 feet I can't really tell you one way or the other. The case is simple to use. I had my phone in it in about a minute each day. I snorkeled 7 days, about an hour to an hour and a half each day. It takes fantastic pictures with the iPhone camera. One adjustment: I'm used to using the "virtual" on-screen button to snap pictures. The case requires that you use the side button (top of the 2 on the left side near the top). Took me a day to figure out that the lens itself is oriented differently when using that button; once I got that down, the pictures were centered properly and fantastic.

One caveat: As good as the gel screen is, I couldn't get the selector to move from photo to video, so it's best to decide which mode you want to shoot in before you begin. I shot over 800 underwater pictures with my phone on that vacation, and I could not be happier with the DriSuit's performance. If you're going to snorkel, I recommend it very highly.
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on February 1, 2013
Dipping your iphone in the water is a bit nerve wracking but thankfully this kept my phone nice and dry while taking pictures and video snorkeling. I didn't dive under very deep, however the video and picture quality was very good and I was impressed that there was still sound while recording video. The touch screen works while your iphone is in the case however it does tend to bubble up and make it a bit more difficult to use. Would be great if there was a hook to be able to add a clip so that you can have your hands free while swimming, as trying to ensure I didn't drop my phone while swimming with my daughter was a bit much. Certainly a bit of room for improvement with future versions, but did the trick!
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on July 15, 2013
I returned the product because the internal headphone jack started rusting. From the very beginning the rubber plug for the headphone jack was never secure, allowing water to get in the external headphone jack, within a week, the internal plug started rusting, destroying my iphone headphone jack, and caused it to start and play music and activate siri out of nowhere, like my iphone had turrets syndrome.
Additionally, the rubber seal on the bottom, started fraying, and literally ripping off. This all happened within a week of normal use. Poor build quality.
As for functionality, its a good concept, poorly executed, and the liquid touchscreen protector, is cool, but sometimes impossible to use out of water.
I say look elsewhere, unless you try your luck with this product and they happen to send you something good. I purchased from a authorized reseller, directly from Amazon LLC, so im not sure if the manufacturer has the best quality in their own stock.
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on August 16, 2012
this case is perfect for someone who it looking for a waterproof case that will let your phone function when wet. its not a case that you would want to leave your phone in all the time because the gel filled screen protector really makes texting tough. i bought this case to toss my phone in when heading to the lake, riding my bike, motorcycle or atv and it should be perfect for that. I dont plan on snorkeling with it but it should be ok if you wanted to (i just buy disposables). i am going to buy a neck lanyard and float for it so i can take vids on the boat or jet skis and not worry about it sinking if i drop it. i have water tested this case twice by filling it with paper towels and then submerging it for over an hour the first time and 4 hours the 2nd = NOT A DROP GOT IN.
Just got back from vacation & this case was GREAT! I used it to take pics & vids in the pools, while climbing the Dunns River Falls in Jamaica and at the beach during a tropical storm! iphone still works great and was able to make phone calls & text with the case on. the audio & photo quality is slightly reduced (more so the at a distance) but my overall experience was positive and drisuit should hook me up because i definitely sold some cases for them during my trip!
I recommend this product to anyone who wants a waterproof case for those times its needed but not for an every day case, unless every day is a wet one!
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