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on May 15, 2013
I've had several over the ear headphones, and several for iOS devices like these. These however are a paradox in design.

first things: Compared to other Sony iOS products, the L-shaped jack is HUGE, it's very large and long, at over 1.25" from the tip of the plug to the back of the "L" and it's strain relief is the type that is not molded to the cord, but a simple sleeve with holes in it, made of very weak plastic. the cord is also unusual for Sony: instead of a singular wire like most of their products, it has two-sets-of-wires, molded together, but the kind that are meant to be 'pulled-apart'. These are cosmetic comparison to several other Sony headphones and earbuds I have, but they look and feel very cheap.

THEN It gets WEIRD. There is an in-line remote for iOS devices that is in-line with the left side earpiece (which is also unusual, most have it on the right for right-handed use) this remote is GIANT. 1.5" x .25" x .35" - compared to an apple inline remote that is sleek and thin, this is a giant box of plastic. It is hollow, and you can tell. on one side is rubberized buttons, but they are beneath the surface of the strangest designed button-tactile shapes, a + and - symbols that are so thin and shallow that human fingers cannot discern you are touching anything - making the tactile nature useless for figuring out which is plus and which is minus. then in the middle is a tiny dot .0625" in diameter, that is also shallow. You must squeeze these very very hard to make them work, and the center button actually hurts a little to press because it digs into your skin due to how hard you have to press it.

The ear pieces: everyone's ears are different. I'm sure some people's ears fit these perfectly, mine however have the issue where they will fit very comfortably, but the ear piece pops out of my ear, like it doesn't protrude far enough toward the ear canal to stay in place, the design of the ear loops seem to *pull* the earpiece away from my ears, and unless these are seated snugly in your ear canal, you don't hear much.

There is nothing but bass. WEAK bass, tinny, strange, boxy, muffled bass. If you have an iPhone, you'll have to turn on "Bass-reducer" or "treble-enhancer" EQ setting to get anything resembling normal sound balance. Here's a for instance: if you put on Star Trek The Next Generation on Netflix, the hum of the ship is so loud that you can barely make out voice dialog. that is not normal. I think these may actually be defective, but turning on either of the aforementioned EQ modes mitigates the issue.

Lastly the best part: the clip. It's a genius design tht works very well, with a cantilever design, you pull it apart and it scissors open, and clamp it down on a piece of clothing to keep it all from tugging. This clip is EXTREMELY important, because without it, the earphones would pull down from the weight of the cord and cause the earpieces to pop out of your ears more often than they might.

I'm overall unsatisfied with these and will continue my quest. My favorite so far have been the Philips ear loop headphones with iOS remote, they have been sold out on Amazon for over a month tho, otherwise I'd buy another pair of those and return these.
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on January 22, 2014
+ Very comfortable around ears
+ Very comfortable in ear.
+ No way these babies are coming off.
+ Does not make my ears feel clogged like with rubber tip, in-ear headphones. These block some outside noise, but don't completely isolate me from my environment, which is desirable for work, or outdoor exercise.

- The in-line microphone is not good enough for phone calls. I don't know what it sounds like, but no one can understand me when I try to use it.
- With my android phone, only the play/pause button works. Volume controls do not work. Still it's nice being able to pause.

Neutral - Sound quality. They sound just fine to me, but I've never had an expensive pair of headphones so what do I know.

Conclusion: If the microphone were better and all three buttons worked, this would be the perfect pair of headphones. I seriously wish there were more headphones with this type of in-ear form factor. Hopefully Sony will make an updated version some day.
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on July 16, 2012
After having a bad experience with Sennheiser Adidas PMX 680i Sports Headset which lasted about 6 months, this Sony headphones lasted just ONE workout! I guess sweat or humidity got in the remote control and volume buttons stopped working mid workout - big disappointment.

UPDATE: On 4th workout right headphone lost 80% volume after really doing everything possible to care for them, no cable snags, care of sweat not pooling on ear, etc.
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on February 24, 2013
I've tried at least 5 other different styles of headphones for working out, and these have turned out to be the best. I've tried other Sony's that just go over the ear (not a full rounded closure such as these), Panasonics, other "professional" style work out headphones that go inside your ear, and some earphones that lock into your ear; these have turned out to work the best for me.

The fact that they latch onto your ear is great so I do not have to CONSTANTLY be adjusting the phones as I run, the clip you can clip to you shirt (near the neck) and it prevents gravity from pulling on the weight of the phones (thus, them staying in place), and the volume knob is excellent for runners (like myself) so I do not have to be fiddling around with my ipod as I'm running; just a quick raise of the arm (the remote sits between the shoulder and neck) and one or two clicks, and the music is at a perfect level without needing to be distracted from the workout and risking injury.

Great design. Excellent product.

Good job Sony!
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on November 4, 2013
Works as advertised and one of the better ear phones for activity because it actually stays in place. Eventually they wear out and require replacement, so a more robust product would be nice. Volume control thing could be slightly smaller.
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on January 5, 2013
I just bought these after having the older model that didn't have the sound adjuster. The old ones were slightly falling apart on the right side but I chose to go with the same design. I run a lot so it's understandable that my gear never lasts forever. The shape and sound are great. The soft rubber around the ear is comfortable and I hardly notice it when running. I've also used them on the elliptical and when lifting weights... they never fall out/off.
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on February 5, 2013
They fit great and the sound is fantastic. My son loves these and wears them all the time! good deal
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on July 16, 2014
Great for running.
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on January 9, 2013
just love it. stays in plce; good sound, flexible which makes it last. answer calls while biking. music pauses. just awesome
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on July 22, 2014
easy to use
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