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on November 3, 2013
After reading the other reviews, I guess I got lucky: my remote works, the dock works, and my iPod charges up. On the negative side, both the audio and power cables are very short, and there was initially an annoying 60Hz hum at all times. I reversed the AC adapter in the socket (the usual solution to iPod hum while charging), and there was a small improvement, but the hum continued. I pushed both the power and audio plugs in extra-firm to make sure they were completely seated, and the sound quality improved dramatically while the 60Hz hum almost disappeared. Check your connections! As for the build quality of the dock, flimsy is not too harsh a word, but then it's not a product that's meant to be treated roughly is it? I would say this dock does everything it claims to. I'm not expecting audiophile quality sound out of an iPod, but c'mon, 60Hz hum on a device that's meant to be connected to a stereo? I'll be looking around for a better quality dock with the same functionality. Note: this dock takes the audio from the iPod's 30-pin connector, not from the headphone jack. Changing the volume on the iPod doesn't affect the signal coming out of the 30-pin docking connector, which is at a fairly low "line" level.
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on September 21, 2017
While effective and useful, it does have the unfortunate habit of falling over with a larger item in it.
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on September 18, 2012
This docking station is OK - it allows me to play my IPOD NANO 6th generation through my antiquated stereo system. However, as others have noted, the remote control is a complete POS. It was DOA out of the box and did not work even with a new battery. The warranty states I can send it back and get it fixed - wait for it - FOR $15!! Even if it worked it wouldn't be worth $15. Can't ANYBODY make ANYTHING that works anymore??

UPDATE - I have been contacted by Pyle Audio and they have offered to replace my defective remote control. I will post the results.

UPDATE #2 - OK, I promised an update - Pyle Audio sent me a new remote. It too does not work which tells me the docking station itself has a problem. Oh yeah, it's also not charging my IPOD NANO. So all this thing does is allows me to play my IPOD (when it's charged up) through my stereo. For that, it should cost half as much as it does.
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on January 10, 2013
I like this thing because it props up and charges my iphone that I use as a clock at night. And, now I use my other charger as a travel companion; It's in my travel bag 24/7.

2 drawbacks for this little device:
1. There is no on/off button so when not in use it continues to draw power (it's an electricity vampire). The work around on this is to unplug it every morning when I dismount the phone then plug it back in when I remount the phone. It's a small extra hassle, but it won't draw power when not in use. And, probably extend the life of the device.
2. The red and blue lights are pretty bright which messes up my night-vision when walking to the pisser at 3am. The work around on this is to cover those lights with electrical tape. No more stubbing my toe at 3am.

Other than that: The thing works as promised. I kinda' love it.
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on June 25, 2013
First I have to mention, the first Pyle dock I received didn't work, the blue indicator light came on but no sound. But, as always with Amazon, no questions asked, new one in my hands in two days, and it works fine, but only on older 30 pin Apple connector devices, since the dock was mainly to provide access for everyone's ipods to the living room stereo, which works great I'm ok with it. Haven't purchased an adapter for my ipad mini yet, to be honest I'm afraid it would be pretty unstable perched up there. The incompatibility isn't Amazon's or Pyle's fault. Apple made the change. None the less, buyer beware.
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on December 18, 2014
Basically, this is cheap junk. You may have good luck with it, or you may not. I did not. Worked great for a few months, then one channel of the stereo failed. Would you send this back to the manufacturer for repair if it would cost more than the purchase price? I didn't think so. This is a very simple device. Doesn't require high tech circuitry to operate, but this thing failed within a few months. So...it goes in the garbage and the search goes on for a decent device to mate to my stereo system to play music from my iPad/iPod/iPhone devices.
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on December 16, 2012
I needed a way to connect my iPOD to my stereo that would also provide charging for the unit. This device does exactly that. The audio output to the stereo comes from the connector at the base of the iPOD which provides a constant line-out level to the stereo. Consequently, you control the volume of the program material from the stereo, which is what you would expect.

The device does have a remote control that allows you to change your program selections. Because the display of the iPOD is fairly small, you will need to be very close to the iPOD anyway, but it does allow you to make the selections without touching the iPOD when it is mounted in the device, which is actually a good thing.
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on December 11, 2014
This product does not work with any iphone, ipad, or ipod manufactured in the last two years since it uses a 30 pin connector. I bought a 30 pin to lightning adaptor and my iPod Touch would charge but would not output through the RCA cables. Also I was unable to control anything using the remote. Very disappointing and useless.
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on December 9, 2015
iPod classic (wheel style) and iPod (iphone style) didn't connect.
Should have read the reviews. Luckily I only spent 8 bucks and it came with an audio cable and usb wall plug. So, at least those worked.
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on March 11, 2014
The product description and product box must have been written awhile back because the "universal" connector is NOT compatible with iPhone 5. Also, it looks to me like the docking connector could break if you are not careful when you dock and undock your device. Other than that, the product quality seems pretty good.
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