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on August 4, 2013
I'm in the US Military (Infantry) so I've used assault packs and know what I like in them. I wasn't expecting a backpack that was purely functional and tough, but wanted something that I would still be able to take out backpacking, travel, general use, etc. I have yet to put serious usage in mine (and probably won't after getting it), but I can already tell you the issues with it...

Despite what people say about quality, the quality of this bag is only decent. This thing will not endure serious heavy usage, you can't hump up a 14er with 35lbs of junk, throw it to the ground upon arriving to the summit, proceed to sit on it and have lunch, it's just not that kinda bag. Some of the features on this backpack are basically rendered useless because of the inability to endure serious stress. The 3 brackets on the back...why? The plastic plate that acts as a base plate for them isn't strong enough to support much secured weight, thus there's not much point to it. What are they for anyways? Are we hanging pots and pans from our backpacks now? I may just manually take the brackets off and sew on a velcro patch to cover the area. The velcro straps on the sides that act as fasteners..again, why? The pockets are small enough that if anything is in them the velcro straps aren't really further securing them. Maybe if you were planning on carrying around tiny kittens or puppies in those pockets and you didn't want them to jump out. They should be more designed for water bottles. If you think they're for externally securing equipment I'll tell you now that the straps aren't heavy duty enough for that. The metal carrying handle is beyond unnecessary, it's no stronger than a strap and adds dead weight. And finally perhaps the biggest useless feature is the waist belt. This bag isn't going to be carrying around enough weight that a belt would do any good, besides that, who uses those with backpacks? I'm contemplating just cutting off the waist belt if it doesn't hurt the integrity of the bag. If you're using waist belts for anything other than a rucksack then you're a creep.

Alright, those are my biggest cons. So I'll name off my pros...

The bag looks good, it wears well (on me), and is good for civilian use. For general usage purposes this is good quality, but as I said, this is not your pack if you're looking for heavy duty usage. I notice a lot of people talk about the excellent quality of this backpack, I can only assume this bag is being used for general purposes by most. The details are nice on the bag, the hooks and zipper handles are totally pointless, but they look quality. For traveling this bag is great, I have compartment that keep my electronics and sensitive items hidden away. Despite what people say about the second pocket being hard to access underneath the large flap -- I like this, it allows me to put my IDs, money, electronics in a compartment that I know is hard for thieves to access. If I'm standing somewhere crowded with my bag on my back I always feel a little weary that someone could unzip a pocket and search around. The bag has a good deal of room for stuffing. When I travel overseas I like to pack light, this bag allows me to have a carry on where I can fit a good amount of clothes in. It has a laptop pocket with side access, that's very convenient, I hate opening up a bag and unpacking a layer to pull my laptop/ipad out. The bottom of the backpack has a compartment that is unzippable and sealed off from the rest of the interior, I personally like to put my shoes in this pocket because I don't have to worry about sand and dirt getting everywhere on the inside, in my clothes, electronics, whatever else. The top compartment for sunglasses is perhaps a little overblown, but it is nice to have a little compartment for delicate items and quick access to personal belongings. I can imagine that over time this hardened foam compartment will likely collapse, time will tell.

Overall this bag is overpriced at $200 (I paid half price from Oakley) for what it functions as. I would say it's 75% fashion and 25% function. But if you're using this as a general usage backpack then I'm sure you're okay with it. It looks good, the ladies (and possibly some dudes) will comment on what a faux bad-ass you look like. Now that you've read my review you can revel in the knowledge that this backpack is not a serious heavy duty backpack but will make you seem like a cool guy to the casual person who has no idea of quality. With that said I will be using this backpack, just don't take yourself too seriously with it in public.
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on June 26, 2016
First and foremost...the pack is big and beautiful. The compartments are big but there aren't that many. If you are looking for a mobile office this probably isn't the pack for you. I am replacing a Swiss Gear Maxxum backpack that I've had for a number of years and literally stuck out 12 inches from my back, which was not very functional in crowded areas. That being said the kitchen sink still has more space and doesn't have the same annoying footprint on my back. It's just wider and taller. I'm 5'10" and it doesn't feel that big.
The durability seems pretty good but I expected it to be more rugged for the price. I've only had it for a week so I can't say how it will last over time.
This pack is would be better used by someone who carries large items. I usually put some clothes, sneakers(which the bottom pouch is awesome for), and a large lunch in the main compartment. Remember the more you put in the bottom pouch the less space you will have in the main compartment. The office compartment in the front can hold a number of things as long as they are not thick. The molded pockets have limited use. They would have been more useful if they were flexible like the ones in the bathroom sink. The side pockets are nice and big. I can put 2 large water bottles in each one no problem. The sunglasses pocket on top is pretty useful for sunglasses and it is felt lined. Its strong enough for me to comfortably put my $390 Oakley badman sunglasses in without worrying they'll be damaged.
As far as wearing the pack for extended lengths of time I have a mixed opinion. The pack is very heavy with not much in it. The shoulder straps are not as well padded or as wide as much cheaper packs I've owned in the past. The waist belt is pretty neat but useless to most people because it's just added bulk. At least it's easily removed. The velcro straps on the side and the large D rings on the back are basically just eye candy. They're too low on the pack to be useful for much of anything.
With all of the cons in mind I would still buy this pack again.
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on November 27, 2013
I didn't start out loving this backpack cause it's big and has all the hardware. But I travel A LOT and it is big enough to carry all the gear I need and especially to some of the rugged places I go to. And now after a one year of good hard use I love it. It's sturdy and as held up well. One of the pads on the bottom buckle came off but it's mostly just a cosmetic issue. Overall I'd recommend it if you need more space and something that will hold up under strong and sturdy use.
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on September 13, 2017
Hell yeah, this is an awesome bag. Worth the price,
When I first went to the store and saw this, it went for about $360 give or take..
I will end up buying the same bag but in camp for my dad....it is awesome. But even tho it is well built, I will still pamper this backpack,
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on September 25, 2014
I went back and fourth about buying this backpack because it was so expensive. Really glad I did though. Very functional, not to mention very stylish.

One minor flaw is that the side zippers aren't as smooth as the rest of the bag. You have to pull the material away a little bit to stop it from getting stuck.
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on October 7, 2014
The way I see it, this is the bag I've been looking for a long time. I work construction and this bag is the best set up for my kind of work. I believe I will not need to look for or buy another bag and now I can stop looking for the right bag. Stylish and useable. If there were 10 stars it would get all ten.
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on May 21, 2014
At first I thought I got a knock off of the original Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack. But after reading another person's review, it was the "new design".

It was missing the breath hole on the bottom of the bag and there is only one zipper head in the middle front pocket. So you will need to zip it all the way to the left to close it. Since the zipper behind the metal hook, it is almost impossible to access the front pocket without unhooking it.

Overall it is a solid bag, but the inconvenience when accessing the middle pocket annoys me...
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on June 14, 2015
Built like a tank! People always ask me where I'm going with that bag. I simply say "To work".

I travel a lot for my job and this holds my laptop, accessories and sometimes overnight clothing with room to spare.

Besides that, it's just a great looking bag!

Highly Recommend!
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on October 27, 2011
I LOVE THIS BAG! I purchased it for a 10 day motorcycle trip, and it was amazingly functional. All the hardware is very sturdy, not cheap or flimsy at all, and was great to strap the bag to the bike. The fact that you can pack from the top of the bag as well as the bottom makes it awesome for separating dirty laundry from clean stuff. The hard pocket on the top of the bag is great for sunglasses ect. Its a little heavy/bulky for daily use, but this backpack is perfect for a short trip! Im very satisfied!
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on January 30, 2015
This is a sweet back pack , it just toured Chicago with me ( 4 brutal days ) packed to the hilt , right through the airport all the zippers worked well its strong and well built . Worth every penny. Not to mention it matches my shades . I LOVE OAKLEY !!!!!!
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