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on October 31, 2013
I liked the idea of a series of stories about individual family members that are all part of a larger family unit. I would have liked more story and less descriptive sex. The storyline and endings leave you hanging. Would like more family interaction. Disappointed.
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on February 22, 2017
After her husband's death, Megan was looking for someone safe. Not am adrenaline junkie like David. It has been five years since his death the few dates she had were with safe men. Then the fire 🔥 at their apartment. Gabe found Megan and Summer huddled in a bath tub waiting rescue, dying of smoke inhalation and heat. Summer was unconscious and Megan was barely hanging in. Following Gabe's directions Megan was able to get out of the building. Just after he had handed them off to his partners a beam fell hitting Gabe. When Megan heard he was injured she had to visit him. Gabe had a rule about not dating anyone he had rescued. Summer baked muffins to take to the fire station. Gabe was working that day. He showed Summer around. While they were there Megan saw Sophie her college friend she hadn't seen in years. She found out that Sophie was Gabe's sister.

Bella Andre weaves a very good story working out the problems and getting Gabe and Megan together ❤.
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on June 29, 2017
Gabe comes from a large family and is a firefighter who deals with danger on a daily bases. Megan spends her life, as well as her daughter Summer's, safe without any risks at all, safe job, safe boyfriend, safe life. That's how she choose to live after her husband died doing his job as an air force pilot.

Gabe comes to Megan and Summer rescue when her apartment building goes up in flames. The sparks between them however burn even hotter. Problem is Megan wants a safe life and Gabe doesn't get involved with the women he rescues, so they try the lets be friends approach...and well we all know how well that all works out...LOL!

One hot sexy read!
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on April 13, 2017
Gabe Sullivan is against love and relationships. Especially ones involving fire victims he has saved while on the job as a firefighter. However fate has other ideas. On a routine job he meets Megan and her daughter Summer. Saving both their lives. He quickly bonds with the seven year old and can't seem to fight the feeling he has for her mother. Will he be able to get past his dating rule? Will Megan get passed her rules?

I adored this book. Gabe was so patient with Megan. Their love story is beautiful and hot. I loved how even Summer saw how good they would be together. I honestly fall more and more in love with this family.

5/5 stars
Happy Reading, Ashley
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on November 9, 2016
Being a resident of San Francisco I enjoy books set in the city, and this is no exception. The romance features Gabe Sullivan, a firefighter in San Francisco, and Megan Harris, a single mom (and her daughter Suzy) whom was rescued by Gabe in the intro, which also sent Gabe to the hospital. Gabe found Megan strong and beautiful, and was determined to learn more about her, but Megan refused to reciprocate, due to loss of her navy pilot husband five years ago, and can't deal with any one in dangerous professions. Yet both are inexorably drawn toward each other, with a little prodding by family and Megan's daughter.

Everything fits in this book. I guess my main... nit to pick with this book is the amount of... self-sabotage that counts as internal conflict, in that the woman basically destroys the relationship before it starts because of some... tilted perspective due to some old wound she had to work through, i.e. I've been hurt once, I'd rather not feel ANY happiness than to deal with the POSSIBLE pain that may come. That is just... illogical, but then, this is about love, and logic be (bleep)ed.
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on June 29, 2017
Megan is a strong woman.
Gabe is a strong man.
The chemistry is okay between them.
I don't like the story.
Summer, Megan's daughter, is running the show. I just don't know many 7 year old girls who are smart enough to run a romance or even can think that far ahead to plan one.
This whole story is hard to believe.
I'm not a fan of the rehashing of the same "feelings and convictions" that are contrived for drama in the story.
I wanted so bad to like Gabe. I just wish his story was more entertaining and interesting.
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on December 15, 2011
I am a big Bella Andre fan and love this series. This is the third book about the Sullivan's, who are 6 brothers & 2 twin sisters. We have read about Chase and Marcus' stories in the two previous books and how they found the love of their lives. I think each book can stand on its own but this series is so good, you might want to start from the beginning and simply fall in love with those irresistible Sullivan men.

Gabe is a firefighter, he loves what he does for a living and cannot see himself doing anything else. During a dangerous fire, he rescues Megan, a single mother, with her daughter Summer. Megan was surprised they survived the fire and felt eternally grateful to the man who bravely rescued her by risking his own life. When Megan hears Gabe got hurt, she wanted to see him and thank him personally. When Gabe and Megan see each other again, something special was in the air between them. Love/lust at first sight! They both fight the attraction and feelings they felt toward each other for their own reasons. Megan lost her husband, who was a fighter pilot, and she vowed never to get involved with someone who had a dangerous job for a living. Gabe knew that getting involved with a fire rescue victim tended to end up in disaster so he was totally against it.

Unfortunately, fate, and a adorable scheming little girl named Summer kept bringing them together making it very difficult to avoid each other and their insane chemistry. Book was well written, characters are well developed, plot was interesting, romance was incredible and the passion was HOT! Ms. Andre can write some hot sensual books! I loved catchin up with previous characters and look forward to the next love story in the series. As soon as I heard this book was available, I didn't hesitate to buy it. I really enjoyed this book and so will you! I also love that this takes place in my hometown, I can easily picture myself looking for Gabe next time I see a firetruck!
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on November 29, 2014
Same story line as the first two books, the only change is the main characters names. The author needs a new idea.
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on December 27, 2011
Megan Harris is a woman who avoid risks. Since her first husband died in a plane crash, leaving her to raise their toddler daughter, she does what she can to ensure she and her daughter won't have to deal with that type of heartache again. Unfortunately, she can't control everything and she and her daughter are caught in a horrible apartment fire hiding in the bathtub.

Enter Gabe Sullivan, firefighter extraordinaire.

Gabe has always had a fascination with fire, so firefighting is the perfect fit for him. He never loses his cool in a fire, but when he rescued Megan and Summer during their apartment fire he was bound to break his rule of never dating a fire victim.

Megan and Gabe are perfect for each other, even if they fight their instant attraction for each other. Megan doesn't want to put hers and her daughter's hearts at risk on an adrenaline junkie who might not come home and Gabe doesn't want to be with someone who only sees him as her rescuer. But when the two of them stop fighting each other, they find that what they feel for each is much deeper and much stronger than anything they felt before.

Their road to happiness would have been much easier if Megan was able to let go of her past hurt earlier, but you can see how already losing one husband in a senseless accident would make one gun shy. The problem was, she wasn't really seeing past Gabe's job to the man who was responsible at work and would never purposefully jeopardize himself. Once she was able to do that, she was able to fully open herself to this wonderful man.

And ladies....Gabe is one hot man. For me, Gabe is now tied with Chase as the hottest Sullivan brother. He's funny, thoughtful, a fireman (hello!!) and sexy as hell. Who wouldn't love a man like that.

A fantastic story about two people burned in the past but learning that you can't paint everyone with the same broad brush stroke.
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on November 12, 2016
Ok another hot Sullivan. Had the patience of a saint. Good lord. I enjoyed the story. I have an uncle who was a firefighter. I appreciate all they do. Gabe was a sweetie. I loved him and the little girl Summer. Megan I'm sorry got on my every last nerve. I wanted to scream at her. Her whiny indecisiveness irritated me. First she wants him then she says no. Sending crazy mixed signals. I get that she had reservations about being involved with someone who had a dangerous job. Her dead husband took risks. Honestly Gabe would never take stupid risks. She didn't give him enough credit. It took fighting that fire in Chinatown for her to finally see he wouldn't do that. I think her daughter was smarter than her. I wanted to like Megan, but her whininess was above the top.
I'm looking forward to Sophie and Jake.
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