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on February 11, 2013
I have the waterfi underwater iPod--which i love by the way. I have struggled with finding earbuds that work and stay in. Finally, I found these and they actually work! I swim laps for about an hour 5 days out of 7. I'd say that is a lot of wear and tear and they continue to work great. The cord is short and easy to keep wrapped around the back of my goggles. I immediately too the ear curved plastic things off and threw they away. I think they are kinda lame and never work for me. The actually variety of earbuds has a small flange one that works to seal out the water without killing my ears--again, still feel ok after an hour. Sound is decent, but frankly I don't expect perfect sound...just full bass and an ability to stay in. I am about to order a second pair because when these break--and all the underwater stuff does eventually--I want to make sure i have a replacement of these rather than having to search for something similar from another company.

BUT, I do admit that I do have two "secrets" that I use for ALL of the headsets--here goes. FIRST, i take a TINY bit of chapstick on my finger and work it around my ear canal before I insert the earbud...makes it easier to get a seal without hurting my ear. Second, I take a silicone ear plug like Macks (http://www.amazon.com/Macks-Pillow-Silicone-Earplugs-Value/dp/B000067NMJ) and just squish right over the earbud. It totally seals the whole set-up and you can swim "forever" without the seal breaking. I know it is a bit of a "work around"--but it works wonders even if it takes a few extra minutes to set up. For me, it is worth it to have a swim without having to fiddle around with the headset.

I virtually never write reviews, but I think this product deserved the time.
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on September 9, 2017
For starters the head phones worked and were way better in staying in the ear when doing laps and flip turns. The packaging was great, and they came with all sorts of swap out buds for all different size ears. The problem and the reason I'm writing this review, is I noticed that about 2 weeks after receiving them and using them in my daily 1 mile swim, that one of the headphones was barely working. I thought it may be due to water getting in my ear and drowning out the noise. This wasn't the problem because the very next day the ear bud stop working permanently. I found that i can get the broken side to work if i bend the wire that plugs into the Ipod. So all in all, I'm very disappointed in this product you would think that for $40 (usd) you would get a pair of water proof headphones that would be built to last. I do understand that even normal headphones don't last forever!!! but they are like $10. Hope to hear back from the company. I will write an update review in a few weeks, in response to company actions. I would also like to note that im also deployed overseas and received these headphones with amazon prime in under a week, it was amazing.
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on November 25, 2017
I love these buds. I have been searching for some good buds to use underwater and these are it. Don't search anywhere else just purchase these, you will be glad you did. UPDATE: They stopped working. I was doing my laps and the sound in one ear went out. I didn’t want to stop my lapping so I hoped the music would come again. Then the other went out to barely a sound. Bummer. After my swim, I tried to listen out the water no luck. The next day, I tried again and no luck😥. They worked great for 5 months and the died. I only use them when I swim, so I think it’s too much to pay for only 5 months of clear, crisp music.
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on April 15, 2016
The headphones work fine. I do find I have to adjust them periodically due to water getting in my ears. To be clear, I do not use a swim cap, so it's possible these would work fine if I did. I use these ears buds when swimming and running. Great to be able to have music while swimming! Updated note on ape 26, 2017: So after my original 4-star review, Underwater Audio contacted me to see what they could do to ensure 5-star satisfaction. They provided additional tips to ensure proper fit, offered to send a tube of Vaseline which can help ensure a water proof fit, etc. I find this level of attention to customer satisfaction rare in today's world. Good on you, Underwater Audio! 2 thumbs up!
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on April 5, 2016
I strongly advise that you do not buy this product or anything else from this company. The small earplug piece separated on three different days from the unit when I took them out of my ears and got stuck far in my ear canal. I had to go to my doctor for him to pull it out with tweezers each time. I emailed Underwater Audio for a refund. They denied my request. Please see attachment.
review image
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on August 6, 2016
3rd season swimming with Underwater Audio's waterproof iPod and headphones. The headphones work great but only lasted 2 years; I am actually on my second set. Daily use led to intermittent sound on one side- I guess I twisted the wires too much. I use these about 4 months out of the year for swimming and out of the water the other 8 months, pretty much on a daily basis. For swimming, I clip the iPod on the back of my head/goggle strap, and loop the wires under the straps near my ears to help them stay in. Comes with 3 different size ear plugs. Took me a while to figure out that my ears were not deep enough for any of them, which made them keep popping out AND they were uncomfortable to wear for long. Once I cut the top 1/3 off, they fit perfectly and are very comfortable.
review image
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on March 20, 2013
It took about 7 trips the pool before I found the best fit for my ear, so don't give up on these SwimBuds. They really do work great.

Initially they come with the medium size buds. These may or may not fit your ear canal, or one size may fit one ear and a different size fit the other. Take time to try each of the sizes. To make them consistently have sound you can hear, you need to block water access to your ear. To do this, use the tip from others about using vaseline or like substance to help make a good seal and tight fit in your ear.

I carry a small tube of vaseline lip balm in my Shuffle bag. I've found that putting a very small amount of vaseline on my little finger and rubbing that just along the inner edge of each ear canal is the right amount. Insert the ear bud and carefully adjust it so that it goes into the canal. You may need to twist it around to get the fit for the direction of your ear canal. For one of my ears, the wire is straight up when fitted correctly, for the other, the wire is at 10 o'clock. Once I'd discovered the fit and positioning, the SwimBuds are perfect 100% of the time. It's easy to insert them correctly and hear my music constantly while I swim.

So don't give up. This product does work as they say - it's just that everyone has different ears, so it will be up to you to find the best fit.
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on August 1, 2017
I haven't worn these yet to swim, but wanted to leave this for you guys coming here after buying audio flood ipod shuffle, because I got these to replace the original short chord with that purchase. The thing is, the chord is like twice as long as the original one that comes with the audio flood version so take that into consideration. I also am not so sure about the earbuds because they feel softer than the black ones. I will come back here after I wear them and update this. I just hope the extra chord length isn't an issue with the swim. Will let you know. I would also like to ask anyone if they re-bought the short chord from audio flood was it the same or is it like this one which is longer?
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on April 22, 2014
I've had an excellent experience buying the bundled player and headphones from UW. But RTFI (Read The Instructions)! My first headphones lost high frequency in one channel after a few swims; I'm not sure whether due to my own incompetence or a manufacturing problem, but as soon as I contacted UW, customer support sent me helpful additional instructions, and then shipped a replacement pair. No problem with the second set (and a better-informed user). Take the time to READ the instructions (and hints here from other reviewers). But so far (2 months use), I've had a very good experience, and find these well worth the cost.
ADDENDUM after one year of regular usage swimming laps and listening to audiobooks:
Some tips for long life and easier handling:
1) once you find the appropriate rubber tip for your ears, I suggest securing them permanently to the ear piece with a drop of superglue. I've found that over time the superglue might need to be reapplied, but it keeps the earbuds from slipping off and staying in the ear -- an occasional issue which is addressed by UA's newer "Sport" model.
2) I also recommend applying a drop of superglue to the junction where the wire meets the ear piece. This is a fragile stress point which gets a lot of flex and movement, ultimately exposing the thin wires to breaks/faults. The superglue will help minimize the movement at that point. Tucking the wires under your goggles also will help minimize their movement.
3) Some people find adding a small amount of vaseline or lip balm to the rubber ear flanges help create a better seal. I have no needed; the ear buds stay in quite well. Just experiment with the different positions to find the best orientation of the ear bud.
Good quality product; great customer support; you get what you pay for!
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on July 27, 2016
I bought the swimbuds back in may to replace a different pair. Really enjoyed the sound and shorter cord. Today is the 27th of July, and taboo, they quit working. One earphone yesterday and the other one today. So I came home and tried another headphone set to make sure it was not my player, it was not.
So I phoned Underwater Audio and WOW, someone actually answered the phone and assisted me in a professional manner. Replaced my head phones as I was still on the 90 day warranty. They have a new upgraded version with a 1 year warranty, so you may want to look at them.
I was fortunate enough to be under warranty by a week, but they back their product and that is a plus in todays world. Thank You Audio...

Update: 3rd pair less than 1 year. These really do have good sound, however they just don't last past 3-4 months. Bought 1 pair warranty sent me my second pair which quit working betwween 14 - 16 weeks. Bought a third pair same thing 3 months and one side quit giving sound yesterday. Now I really took TLC on the third pair. Rinsed and dried after each use and kept straight to keep from kinking. I have more money infested in my earphones than the player. UWA underwater audio have an updated version for $70 but that is a lot of money for so little guarantee. This is why I changed from 5 stars to 3 stars.
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