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on March 20, 2013
It took about 7 trips the pool before I found the best fit for my ear, so don't give up on these SwimBuds. They really do work great.

Initially they come with the medium size buds. These may or may not fit your ear canal, or one size may fit one ear and a different size fit the other. Take time to try each of the sizes. To make them consistently have sound you can hear, you need to block water access to your ear. To do this, use the tip from others about using vaseline or like substance to help make a good seal and tight fit in your ear.

I carry a small tube of vaseline lip balm in my Shuffle bag. I've found that putting a very small amount of vaseline on my little finger and rubbing that just along the inner edge of each ear canal is the right amount. Insert the ear bud and carefully adjust it so that it goes into the canal. You may need to twist it around to get the fit for the direction of your ear canal. For one of my ears, the wire is straight up when fitted correctly, for the other, the wire is at 10 o'clock. Once I'd discovered the fit and positioning, the SwimBuds are perfect 100% of the time. It's easy to insert them correctly and hear my music constantly while I swim.

So don't give up. This product does work as they say - it's just that everyone has different ears, so it will be up to you to find the best fit.
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on August 1, 2017
I haven't worn these yet to swim, but wanted to leave this for you guys coming here after buying audio flood ipod shuffle, because I got these to replace the original short chord with that purchase. The thing is, the chord is like twice as long as the original one that comes with the audio flood version so take that into consideration. I also am not so sure about the earbuds because they feel softer than the black ones. I will come back here after I wear them and update this. I just hope the extra chord length isn't an issue with the swim. Will let you know. I would also like to ask anyone if they re-bought the short chord from audio flood was it the same or is it like this one which is longer?
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on December 2, 2016
I am using these with a Sandisk MP3 player encased in a drycase case. They come with a number of different ear tips and the earbuds are comfortable for me. I still use a headband to keep them in place when I'm not using a swimming cap (I both swim and do some water aerobics). So far the sound quality is good. I replaced another set of "waterproof" headphones that were constantly dropping out sound from one side; so far have not had this issue with these. The short cord is easier to deal with, but it does come with an extension if you prefer a longer cord. On my longest workout days I spend 80 minutes in the pool and these are comfortable for that length of time.
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on August 4, 2014
I purchased in August 2013 and one ear stopped working in April 2014. One of the earbud wires broke under the plastic as I was able to get it working by jiggling the wire a little. I swim laps about 3-4 times per week and take care of the things I use in the pool by rinsing and storing.

I contacted customer support but the only thing they offered me was a $20 coupon on earbuds on their site. They said that's all they could do since the earbuds were "5 months out of warranty." The earbuds would still cost $20 after the coupon... $20-40 every 6 months just isn't realistic to me. I'll either try the other (much cheaper $5-$11) earbuds and deal with the longer cord or go without music altogether.

The ipod combo is a good price but just be aware you may be replacing the earbuds in 6-months with regular use.

The earbuds worked reasonably well while they worked. You have to be forgiving on some of the sound issues... but hey you're listing to your music underwater. As other people have mentioned, the rubber ends also get loose after a while and you have to remove them from your ear very carefully or you end up with a bud stuck in your ear. You do have to make sure the buds are tight in your ear as any water will cause the sound to be intermittent (i.e. when your ear is out of the water while breathing).
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on June 27, 2017
These things lasted for almost two years, which I guess is okay, but one of the earbuds went from good to fading to no longer playing music. Also had one of the silicone ear canal sleeves come off in my ear when I went to remove them. Wasn't a lot of fun fishing it out at the gym with the smallest key on my key ring (I don't usually carry tweezers).

While it's tempting to pick up another set, given that this set lasted me almost two years, I can't help but look at the price point of $40. For that, it's almost worth picking up some cheapo Walmart earbuds and attempting to waterproof them myself. If/when those fail, I'll be out ten bucks instead of forty.

Pros: When they worked as advertised, they were great- didn't come out of my ear canal, and had a good snug fit. The cord length is appropriate when paired with a goggle-mounted mp3 player.

Cons: One of the earbuds no longer functions. Silicone bits can potentially become lodged in the ear.
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on January 8, 2013
For me, exercising in the water for almost an hour gets a little boring. My son suggested I try his iPod shuffle that was waterproofed and these SwimBuds. WOW! I have a new life in the water. After using his combo set two times, I ordered mine and its fantastic to walk to Enya, Raiders of the Lost Ark, the theme from Downton Abbey, or a cool marching tune. Lots of fun ahead!

The Swimbuds come with different sized buds for your ears and are very easy to insert. In the past I have been sensitive to having anything in my ears and can't even wear earplugs for noise, but I chose the smallest buds and they are very comfortable. The short cords seem to be the right size to go to the shuffle clip on the shoulder of my swimsuit. I don't go underwater - splashing a lot as I walk, so I'm very comfortable with this set up. Highly recommended!

I am reviewing the waterproof iPod shuffle because that's the other half of this nice combination.
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on June 12, 2016
Initially at least, the sound quality is alright. Not great but compared to hearing nothing at all in the water it's an improvement. After about four uses I noticed that jostling the cord at all caused one of the sides to cut in and out. Not a good sign after owning them for two days. The quality I could deal with if they performed their primary function - which they don't. I'm giving the product at least 3 stars because if someone has small enough ear canals it probably works for them. For myself even using the largest plug type; it's not enough. One side stays sealed most of the time but my right side always comes loose after a few laps and water starts squirting in. Squirting in! I'm not sure if it's the pressure, or the half seal or what, but I get waaay more water in my ear than I would if I had just left it totally unplugged.

Additionally - even if they work for you and keep their seal - be warned - remove them slowly, and in wide circular motions. The first time I just yanked at it like a normal ear bud the seal stayed in my ear and I had to pull it out with Tweezers.Not a pleasant experience.

I tested them five times in total, 3 times by themselves, and two times by covering them with additional silicone plugs per the suggestion in one of the top reviews. That didn't help, although the plugs he recommends are really good on their own!

All in all it was a fine experiment but ultimately a waste of my money.
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on February 21, 2017
I have been using these since September, 2016. Prior to this, I was using the waterproof headphones that came with my original speedo lzr racer. Mostly, I like these better because, if you choose to wear them without the hooks that go over your ears as I do, the stem that is left when you remove the hook is smaller and more comfortable under your swim cap. But one thing that other headphone had that I did like better was a coiled, stretchy wire. I found that more comfortable than the long, loose wires that I have to stuff under my swim cap. I also tried another pair of earbuds, but the rubber tips were so soft that I could never get them in my ear. These are perfect: firm enough to insert easily, but comfortable in my ear. There are multiple sizes to choose from. Regarding sound quality: I am not an audiophile, but I am picky, and I am quite happy with the sound from these earbuds. And obviously, they are still working perfectly (almost 6 mos.); one other pair I had quit working after 1 month.
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on August 9, 2016
Scott, thanks for reaching out asking me to review the products.
First the good, then the opportunities for improvement:

Small and compact and the shorter wire is a smart idea. This is very useful when I'm swimming for an hour, plus.
The ear buds themselves are comfortable and don't irritate my ears and the audio is top quality through them.
People ask me about them regularly.

Opportunity for improvement:
Knowing that many people are swimming with them, and they'll be worn UNDER a swim cap, it may be good to do some R&D on how to make them more comfy UNDER a swim cap for long swims of 60+ minutes. They do start to press on the cartilage of the ear, due to the force of the cap, but a more ergonomic fit would improve that.
This is my second pair-I had to buy a new pair because my original pair stopped functioning, first in one ear, then the other. I tested on multiple devices, and results were consistent. So, my original pair got two years of moderate use before needing to be replaced, so perhaps longevity is an opportunity to improve also.

Overall, I'd highly recommend.
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on August 4, 2016
Love using these to swim laps. As others have posted - you have to find the right fit for your ear. Comes with three different sizes for your ear canal. I have found if I put them in quickly and some point they start to leak and then I can't hear the sound in one ear. That's really my fault. Take the time to fit them properly and figure out which size fits your ear. I also like that someone posted using vaseline - I'm going to give it a try. Also - do be careful not to pull them out of your ear by grabbing the cord. Over time the pulling may weaken the assembly and they'll come apart. Overall I love swimming with my favorite music - make the laps go by quickly! The cord is nice and short (could actually be a bit shorter for me). Just need to tuck the slack in your goggle strap.
I did have my first pair come apart after just a year or so of swimming - but the company was fantastic and replaced them with no hassle. I will be even more careful with the handling and care of the Swimbuds.
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