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on December 15, 2015
The best way to describe the sound of this series of speakers is it's like taking a blanket off the speakers. Detailed, precise, present and lifelike with punchy bass. Great kick drum attack. Not the flabby rumble too many low to mid end speakers have. I couldn't live without getting the 520C center, and 550P sub. As awesome as the horns are, the sub may edge out the others in being the best, but it's hard to say. I cannot say enough about these. Powering with a Yamaha RX-V2700 140W x 7, running biamp to the 570's and biwire to the 520C. Almost as coherent as my $$$ Tannoy dual concentric studio monitors and sub. Bought them as I wanted a pleasing / glorified system to compare mixes on. They are almost as accurate as the Tannoys.
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on November 6, 2013
I bought a pair of 590s sight unseen and have no regrets. I feel that I'm hearing the full audio spectrum with these speakers, no frequencies are missing. Great detail in the mid and upper frequencies but not harsh, along with detailed bass that's not boomy or muddy at all.
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on July 20, 2016
Can't believe the sound can be this amazing, after using several speakers. One of the best investment I did buying this speaker. Sound is phenomenal, watching movies or just listening to music. I have this pair up with Denon AVR X 4200, and its blowing my Home theater. Very happy, Looking for the JBL 530 studio bookshelf speaker with better deal to match this speakers.
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on April 26, 2016
Took the plunge on the $450 deal after reading all the positive reviews on their incredible sound. I'm happy to report that it's true! These towers sound wonderful! Detail is amazing. Soundstage is very wide, and transparent. Instruments sound like they are in the room. Bass is deep and articulate, dropping off at around 45-50Hz (so still in need of a good sub as expected). This impression is from hooking them up to just a Dayton 60W Class T amp and a Fiio E17 DAC and playing 256kbps MP3s. Not very high end gear or high def source material at all. Still, the sound coming out of these speakers is as good or better than my Aperion Grand Verus towers hooked up to a Yamaha Aventage receiver.

Unfortunately, I also have to report that attention to detail on these is lacking. For $450 ea it's on par with what I expect, but I feel sorry for those that paid full price. Weight is very substantial, but the materials and overall finish are no where near my Grand Verus towers which cost $799 ea (the 590s originally retailed for $999 ea). The feet are absolutely pitiful, and whoever designed them should try their hand at something else. They are too small, 100% plastic, and attached with two cheap wood screws directly into the MDF enclosure. One of my speakers arrived with a foot that was beginning to separate from the base. This could have been avoided if JBL just chose to use threaded inserts and allow owners to attached the feet upon arrival. Definitely a corner that was cut. It's nothing I can't correct by reattaching with my own threaded inserts, but it's just sad that a speaker sounding so good was given such cheap hardware. Then again, I suppose the corner cutting is what led to this awesome deal in the first place.

Cosmetic issues aside, I'm very happy with this purchase. These are REAL speakers, that make REAL music. Sound is easily above what I expect from a $450 speaker, and workmanship is about right for that price. Great investment in longterm audio nirvana.
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on September 9, 2016
I bought these when the 590's went on a fire sale, and I was kinda hoping they'd be JUST A BIT flatter, but they're pretty good.

I use them for both music and home theater, and I must say that they suit home theater a bit more than music (I mostly listen to EDM, so take that how you will). The sound signature is....bass light and treble heavy. Nearly sibilant, but never actually getting there. That is what makes me say they're better home theater speakers. The Soprano range of most EDM singers can be hit or miss...and when it misses at the very high range, it's not pleasant.

For movies, I'd say even the 590's still really want a sub. They get low, but they don't dig as deep as I thought 2 8-inch drivers would. Even equalized in my receiver, it's still a bit difficult to get the bass to match that tweeter. Paired with a JBL 520C and a pair of Sound Appeal 6.5s they're still great for movies, especially in an apartment. I was watching Edge of Tomorrow last night and was really into the movie, but the bass was restrained enough that I didn't think the neighbors would come knocking on my door, but it was at least still there, and kept me engaged.

For the firesale price I got mine at, I'm EXCEPTIONALLY pleased. Had I paid full price, I'd probably be wondering where the bass and low midrange punch is. That tweeter though....that's the reason you buy these speakers, and it doesn't disappoint. For only about a hundred dollars more than a pair of 530s, it's a hell of a deal to try and pass up, and I'm glad I didn't.
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on May 30, 2016
First thing I noticed was the imaging. Grinning from ear to ear because these speakers bring vocals right into the room with you. Bass is deep and crystal clear but not very punchy IMO and midranges excellent. Build quality is very good and will not break or tarnish if taken care of. Love these
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on August 17, 2016
I'm rating these speakers based on their sound quality given their price. They are quite good - clear, powerful, good bass, extremely good dynamics and microdynamics, very clear (perhaps a bit bright) treble, very directional sound - this is intentional by their design. I've heard many speakers way better than this, but they cost at least 5x (or way more) than these JBLs. These JBLs are Best when used when the listener is at somewhat of a distance from the speakers - i.e. these are not good for very nearfield use. They are rock solid and seem hard to overdrive without insane levels of power. The feet on these are not so solid though - mine were broken in shipment. This is the one black eye on these - marginal shipping box - perhaps JBL should ship with the feet removed and have the user put the feet on. Otherwise very nice!
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on April 27, 2016
I own a pair of 250ti. The bass on the 250ti is more present but the 590's are more defined in the midrange and high frequencies. I am buying the 560p subwoofer.

Update. Still love these. I got the subwoofer but I really don't know if you need it to enjoy these.
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on September 2, 2012
Prior to buying the 570, I first purchased the matching bookshelf model, the Studio 530 as a stereo pair. I was so impressed with the bookshelf speaker, I next added the matching Studio 520C center channel. For music I really enjoyed the 530 model for stereo listening, and used the 3 channel set up as a partial home theatre. After several months of enjoying this set-up, I began toying with the idea of adding the smallest floor stander in the Studio 500 series, the 570. My listening is done in a moderately sized 11'X11' room dedicated to just my 52" tv and speaker system, with two theatre style leather recliners for a nice open space for music and movies. I hesitated on the floor standing 570's, fearing the bass might overload the space. After much research, I decided to pull the trigger on the 570 pair. I moved the bookshelfs to the rear and already had the matching center in place. WOW! What a difference.
The 570 floorstanders pack a much bigger punch, but without the boomy bass effects I was worried about. In 2 channel stereo mode these speakers are a pure delight, with an open, very detailed sound, big and very lifelike.Cymbals, guitars and vocals just sound totally natural. The mids are full and rich without being bloomy or overly dominant. The bass is tight and full, with good articulation and a sense of body to acoustic instruments. Overall, the 570's present a very natural sound, and the JBL horns are much better to my ears than all the various treble domes I have heard over the years.
In 5.0 mode, the JBL Studio Surround speakers form a seamless blend of highly detailed, very natural sound. Everything is perfectly balanced and forms a perfect surround field in my room.
I tested a variety of BluRay discs, starting with my reference disk, the Roy Orbison Black and White Night concert. I was transported to the music venue. There was no veil or limitation between me and the band. Absolutely incredible. Next up, I tried the new BluRay audio release of the classic Patricia Barber LP, Modern Cool.
In a word, outstanding. From there I branched out over the last several months into my favorite Classical pieces, Jazz and Classic Rock. No matter what I threw at the JBL Studio speakers, everything sounded superb and was fun to listen to. SACD recordings were literally brought to life. Movies were enveloping and the sound enhanced everything I watched. All in all, the Studio 570 loudspeakers are outstanding in every way, from their good looks to their phenomenal sound. Highly recommended.
[For those interested, my rig consists of a Sony 52'XBR LCD TV, a NAD 565 BEE CD Player, a Sony BDP-S790 BluRay player, and a Sony DA5400ES surround receiver, Apple TV and FIOS Fiber Optic Receiver.]
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on December 20, 2013
Prior to purchasing the Studio 580 I owned Studio 190.The Studio 190 are a great speaker and big bang for the buck but I wanted to purchase the 580's and step up.Im extremely pleased with the performance.Please give these 40-60 hours of breakin before reaching any conclusions.I have mine in Bridge mode and BI-Wired using two NAD 275BEEE Power Amp.I won't be feeling the need for upgrade anytime soon.
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