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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon February 21, 2012
Although "earbuds" (in reference to headphones) are a general classification, I consider there to be two different types of earbuds. The first are earbud heaphones that just fit just over your ear canal where the speaker is just on top of the canal. The second type of earbud headphones are the noise isolating type where the actual speaker is inserted into the ear canal with a surrounding foam or rubber tip that serves 2 functions. The first is a slight pressure to allow it to stay in place and the second is to seal the ear and isolate noise (both from the headphone & outside) at the same time. These JBuds J6 by JLab are the latter type (noise isolating).

Practically, all earbuds with the canal tips are considered noise isolating to a certain degree. Noise-isolating (in-ear) phones use a passive system, simply sealing the ear. To the 30db or so reduction in all outside noise this alone provides, sound is enhanced by being sent directly into the ear. The ratio of music to outside noise in the ear is, therefore, extremely high. They need no batteries, are lightweight and compact.

Specifically for those of you that have been shopping around, you probably noticed that JLab actually makes 8 different types of JBuds and may be confused on what the heck the differences are between all of them... Truth be told, there are actually slight differences between all of them. With the exception of the BOQARI Q1 JLab line, all of them have an OPTION of having a mic built-in for those of you that are using them with your phone/smartphone. The addition of a mic typically adds $10 to the MSRP but the price on Amazon varies (for example the J6 model with the mic is $12 more than the one without on Amazon JBuds J6 High Fidelity Ergonomic Earbuds-style Headphones (Nero Black)
vs JBuds J6M High Fidelity Ergonomic Earbuds-style Headphones with Microphone (Nero Black)).

** JBuds JBuds Hi-Fi Noise-Reducing Ear Buds (Black) - These are the base model version of JBuds. They MSRP for $49.95 but can be had for $10... which to me means they aren't any better than anoother standard pair of noise isolating earbuds.
** JBuds J2 JBuds J2 Premium Hi-Fi Noise-Isolating Earbuds -Onyx Black - MSRP $79.99 but $14.95 on Amazon. These were considered JLab's best selling earbuds for a while until they released the J5. The J2 was created to be better than the stock earbuds that typically come with portable audio devices, but included noise isolation, higher durability, and better sound. Due to the size, you had pretty good power.
** JBuds J3 JLab J3 Micro Atomic In-Ear Earphones with Travel Case - Jet Black - MSRP $79.99 but $19.95 on Amazon. Many people compare these to the J2, as they are near the same price but the J3s have some differences. First, it comes with a travel case and are a bit smaller in size. Because of the size reduction, you get a smaller driver which doesn't have as good of a range and lacks bass response in comparison. But still, some people prefer these over the J2s.
** JBuds J4 JBuds J4 Rugged Metal In-Ear Earbuds Style Headphones with Travel Case (Obsidian Black) - MSRP $89.95 / $33.40 on Amazon. So you may be thinking, for nearly double the price, are these headphones 2x better than the J2s or J3? Not really, but these are still decent earbuds that come with a travel case. The J4 was created with durability in mind: the buds are made of metal, the cords and molding are thicker. At the same time, the J4 becomes a little bulkier but with size, you get a slightly bigger drive that combines the punchiness from the J2s and the nice clarity of the J3s.
** JBuds J5 JBuds J5 Earbuds-style Metal Headphones for iPod, iPad, Tablet, Kindle (Black Pearl) - MSRP $59.95 / $29.95 on Amazon. The J5 marks the 5th model of the JBuds line and although there's a $30 price drop compared to its siblings in the JBuds line, the J5 takes a little bit of everything from the previous versions and combines them into one unit. The sound is good, the build is a bit more durable but with a slimmer profile and comfortable fit.

Finally we get to the meat of my review for the JBuds J6 line. To my knowledge, the J6 line isn't supposed to follow or displace the J5s, but rather be another option to the J5 just as the J3s were to the J2s. Remember, the J3s focused on travel/comfort. The J6's major features is that they are the slimmest, most lightweight, and comfortable JBuds produced to date.

The J6 is made of lightweight aluminium and is the size of about the tip of a woman's pinky finger. Since the focus is on comfort, this comes with a total of 7 different tips (four single, three double) in different sizes for maximum comfort. So if you're wondering if these will comfortably fit your ears, it's safe to say yes, it will considering the size of the tips range from small to large. As a bonus, a vinyl faux-leather pouch comes with the earbuds as a carrying case.

With the tiny size of the J6 comes a smaller driver (the smallest one out of all the JBuds) and with a small driver comes a smaller range of sound and less "boomier" bass than the other JBuds. Even with this con, the highs and mids still sound fantastic and the bass is still decent. But because of the noise-isolating feature, these earphones can be very loud if you want them to be. The sound quality given the price is pretty good, but I would prefer a bigger driver like that found in the J5s, J4s, or even J2s and sacrifice the clearness of the highs and mids. Regardless, I think for the price, these aren't bad but considering that the J5s, the J4s, and even J2s are cheaper, you might be happier with those since the driver is bigger.

One final con I have to say about these earbuds is that they don't seem to be very good for people on the go due to the amplified sound when friction hits the actual cord. What I mean by this is that it's very similar to the effect you hear when you put on a stethescope. That's what you will hear if the cable rubs across your shirt. Of course, this sound is drowned out when actual music is playing but when I have to press pause to stop listening to my music for a minute, the stethescope sound is what you would expect to hear while these are still in your ear.
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on November 6, 2012
The JBuds J6M worked fine for the first two months and then began to break down in quality of sound .. next, only one ear bud would work and then the loudness kept getting lower and lower in the remaining ear bud until it was impossible to hear. When it worked it was good quality, but unfortunately it stopped working way to soon for the price it cost me.
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on April 20, 2016
I've owned and used these earbuds for 3 years now and here's what I have to say:

- Durable
- Nice, full sound
- Comfortable to wear for long periods of time
- Wide range of cushions give you a great chance of finding the perfect fit
- Good noise isolation
- Convenient carrying pouch and cable clip included
- Decent mic for making and taking calls
- Control button allows easy access to answer/hang up calls and playing/pausing tracks
- Great style and finish

- Current advertised price is high compared to what I paid for them
- Can amplify noise through the cables when they rub on clothing, etc.

I've used these earbuds while traveling, at home, out and about, and working out. I've never had any problems with them, and both the earphones and pouch still look new. There are no signs of wear. I'm still impressed with the quality of sound these guys pack. It took a few days of trying out the different cushions before I found the perfect fit, and man did it make a difference. They provide a perfect seal, doing an amazing job of isolating noise and allowing you to really immerse yourself in your music/audio. I never had a problem with these popping out of my ears while on the treadmill or bike. On that note, sounds does travel up through the cables if they rub against clothing or anything else. Some readjusting usually fixes this, so it hasn't really bothered me. I love the carrying pouch for easy transportation, as well as keeping the earphones from tangling. All in all I've gotten great use over the years and am still very happy with them.

*These are a great pair of earphones for those looking for something durable and stylish that offers great sound and convenience at a decent price.
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on December 7, 2016
My headphones are less than 1 month old and the stereo broke spontaneously as I was removing it from my phone. This has never happened to me before. Customer service won't service my device unless I pay fees and shipping. Pointless useless warranty.
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on October 31, 2014
I loved these earbuds. I used them almost exclusively for phone calls. The mic worked great; no complaints from whomever I was speaking with. I sometimes use in my truck, which has a lot of road noise. Callers hear me just fine. Unfortunately, after only 13 months the right earbud has stopped working. This was rather disappointing because I've used them lightly. It was not uncommon for me to go several days between uses. And I always put them back in the case when not in use. They seem very well made. I'm at a loss as to what caused the failure. Trying to decide if I want to risk another $30+ or try a different brand. I have a pair of Sony MDR-EX57LP (non mic) buds that I use on a more daily basis. They are three years old and still work just fine.

UPDATE 11/28/2014: I've changed my rating from 3 to 5 stars. About a week after I posted my review, the right earbud resumed working. At first I was wary; thought it might be a fluke. However, it's been several weeks now and still working perfectly. Not sure what the issue was but it's all good now. Nice! I also appreciated that JLab responded to my post with apologies and their customers service contact info. (Appears they have deleted that post now).
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on February 27, 2017
I bought these over a year ago and they have been working great. My issue is that a couple of days ago the right ear bud got a short and now it sends a slight electrical shock into my ear.
Has anyone had any luck with the GUARANTEE for LIFE?
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on January 14, 2014
This was my 3rd pair of JLAB earbuds I have purchased so that kind of says a lot. Good sound right from the get go even before any breaking in was done. Good build quality and plenty of plastic ear pieces to check out to find out which one is the best fit for your ear canal. The price point and the sound quality will definitely have me recommending these to anyone that wants a nice pair of noise isolating earbuds.
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on August 1, 2017
I like the smaller size; fit better in your ear (without sacrificing any sound quality). The sound is really good; what I have come to expect from JLAB. Even though these are an older model, they still ROCK!
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on April 17, 2017
My boyfriend loves these! Fit well, good sound quality.
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on March 8, 2017
Great product!
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