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on May 9, 2012
Some more information in addition to the other great reviews of the product.

Like many other reviewers I really like this case. Additionally, I was able to use the provided mount and make it very secure.

The case seems like it would protect your iPhone in the event of an impact... although, I have not tested this. :) My case is a bit stiff to open and close at times due to the lip and ridge sealing together, but that tells me the seal is working. The rotating part of the mount, which is on the case, turns a bit more freely than I would like. It has turned while riding one time when I went over very hard terrain. Except for this one incident, the case has always stayed in the orientation that I place it. The hinge and lock are really solid and I have no fear of my iPhone coming out of the case. Many have commented on the screen material (clear part of the case) causing glare issues. In my opinion it is better than the glass of the iPhone for cutting glare. The instructions on the box also tell you to turn off the auto-brightness feature of the iPhone so that your display does not dim while in the Biologic case.

Many reviewers have stated having problems with the provided mount - it will not tighten enough, easy to strip the threads, coming loose over time, etc. I put some self fusing silicone tape around my handlebar where I wanted to place the mount - the plastic/rubber mount strap is now mounting onto a rubber surface. This allowed me to not have to tighten the mount strap as much and provided a very secure mount for the case. I have no concerns about the mount slipping on the bars and it has stayed very tight and secure. I do agree that the provided mount should be better designed to stay secure on handlebars. I suppose that is why Biologic has the "Heavy Duty Bracket for Bike Mount" product Biologic Heavy Duty Bracket for Bike Mount, but it should be included with the case, not as an added purchase.

I was involved in a pretty significant accident that resulted in my bicycle flipping over its front wheel and landing on the handlebars and saddle. To give you an idea on the force of impact the bicycle took, one of the saddle rails bent beyond repair and usability. Additionally, the rotating part of the Bike Mount for iPhone 4 case broke in two and the case (with my iPhone) flew off of what was left of the mount on the handlebar and skidded some 15 yards down the pavement. The Bike Mount for iPhone 4 case totally protected my iPhone. There was not a scratch on the iPhone and it functions perfectly. I purchased another case when I got home.
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on April 10, 2012
Barely had this case less than a week when it had its first crash test. The case stayed securely mounted on the bike stem of my Fuel EX-8 when I crashed at the Ant Hills at Terry Hershey Park this past weekend - hard enough that my Giro Hex helmet cracked. It didn't go flying off like some others had expressed concerns about the weak locking mechanism - maybe because where it was mounted had something to do with it. The design and construction of the case look pretty good. The screen cover was quite responsive to touch. The sound from the phone speaker is somewhat muffled, but you can still hear clearly. Best used with a bluetooth headset to listen to music and making calls, but mainly got the case to turn the iPhone 4s into a GPS system using Motion-X GPS app.

Update - the lens cover on the back of the case for taking pictures with the phone makes the outer edges of the images look fuzzy and distorted. Not good for taking pictures with the case on.
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on July 28, 2012
I searched high and low for the best iPhone case for my bike and this is it. The first day I installed it I rode for about an hour in a heavy rainstorm. The iPhone was nice and dry the whole time. The screen is a tiny bit less sensitive but it's a small price to pay for the amount of protection this case provides. Perhaps one of the best aspects of this case is that it leaves enough room for the dock connector, meaning you can safely keep your iPhone charged during rides which is critical considering how quickly the battery dies with heavy GPS use.

The one negative is the heavy-duty bracket costs an extra $14. Seriously, this bracket should come with the case. I wouldn't trust the bracket that comes with this. Frankly I think it's a shame that they force you to buy the "extra" bracket.

With the heavy-duty bracket and the case I feel very good about riding anywhere with my iPhone. I'd definitely recommend this case to anybody who wants to bike using their iPhone as their primary bike computer.
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on April 19, 2013
The case arrived quickly and was as described. I have used for four bike rides now and am happy with my purchase. I did take a small spill and my phone stayed in the case and the mount stayed adhered to handlebars. The only thing I feel like mentioning is that the screen brightness is significantly dimmer than normal when iPhone is in the case. I had to turn my brightness up to high in order to have good visibility of my phone. I believe the case is water resistant and I would not hesitate to ride in rain shower but you can not use headphones if its raining. The case can be removed from the mount, which is a nice feature. However, the release is somewhat difficult to get to. Normally I just leave case connected to the mount and open case to remove my iPhone. I will mention that the mount doesn't tighten extremely tight. The mount and tightening mechanism are plastic and you can only tighten so snug. It doesn't slide left or right on my handlebars but can be tilted up/down with minimal effort. I feel the mount could be better but it's not terrible. Overall, I am happy with my purchase and would recommend to others. It's not perfect but pretty good and most importantly, I feel it does a a great job of protecting your iPhone.
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on February 20, 2011
This is perhaps my favorite Amazon purchase in a long, long time. I put this case to test this past Saturday on a drizzly San Antonio morning bike ride. This was an urban ride, over railroad tracks, potholes, etc. which tested the case's mounting hardware. The drizzly rain tested the watertight capablility of the case.

First of all, the engineering that went into this is exacting. There is no cheap feel to this product. It feels substantial and appears to be made of high quality materials. Although pelted with rain, the IPhone remained dry and snug inside. The handlebar mount is far superior to any similar product I've purchased before for lights, bike computers, etc. I would almost say it is military grade hardware. I bought the case for an IPhone 4, but the case comes with an additional insert for an IPhone 3 if that's what you have.

I mounted this on the right side of the handlebar as viewed from the rider's perspective. The case swivels and can be kept in any position desired. I found I liked keeping the case in parallel to the handlebar while riding. It's personal preference. As to the viewability of the screen, I found that to be a positive, pleasant surprise. The touchscreen characteristics of the case were five star perfect. I have an Otterbox case for this phone, but I may just keep it in this case.

The connection between the case and the mounting hardware is very secure. I also like the easy on/easy off feature. There were several times I wanted to stop and take a photo during the ride, and being able to quickly and easily dismount the phone from the handlebar was appreciated. As said before, operating the touch screen to take the photo couldn't have been easier.

If you receive a call while bike riding, you can easily swipe the slider on the touchscreen to answer the call, but for optimal sound (i.e., to be able to hear your caller well), you'll have to remove the phone from the case. This is because there are no sound ports or holes (this keeps the case water resistant). Not to worry, the clasp closure for the case is well engineered and easy to operate. Hopefully you won't be wanting to answer the phone and talk while pedaling anyway.

After this case came via UPS, I had it mounted within 5 minutes. Then I went on the internet and found several cycling apps for the IPhone, and have several ready to use. Given the fact that the case appears to be able to handle the ANT+ clip-on device, you can download cycling apps that can handle cadence and power readings if you have the appropriate hardware. The point is, you can use this case + Iphone + cycling apps and not have to have a separate cycling computer. Since the IPhone is GPS capable and there are several cycling apps for the IPhone available, why purchase a separate GPS enabled cycling computer when you already have one inside your IPhone? Get this case and mount your IPhone to your bike. Now you'll have a GPS enabled cycling computer, with ANT+ capability, and a phone for emergencies or just to tell your sweetie that you'll be home soon from another great bike adventure.
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on August 12, 2013
I bought the Biologic for mountain and road biking. Overall I've been very happy with it. It's also cheaper than other alternatives.

The case:
- It's very well built and holds the phone very snugly. It doesn't move, even going over rough terrain. The lock is strong and I know that it's protected from the elements. Built like a tank for the price - very impressive.

As others have noted, you can get glare from the screen which makes it hard to see your phone. Turning off the auto-brightness should do the trick.

I also noticed that with my cycling gloves I can't use the phone. That's not a fault of the case so much, but more of a mix of the gloves and screen trying to press on a glass surface. Not a big deal, just something to consider - perhaps having gloves without fingers on them.

You can connect your charging USB cord through the bottom of the case. I connect my phone to a portable battery inside of my handlebar bag so I can keep it continuously charged while riding, which is a big deal for me. I don't want a dead phone on a long ride. The fit is a little tight, but once you lock the case cover down, it works great.

The mount:
- Comes off easily, but relatively secure. I can take the phone off with no problems, and also having the ability to rotate the phone is great. It was a little tricky to get it secure on my frame, but I got it on after a couple of attempts.

Overall, no complaints. It does the job and has excellent bang for the buck.
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on April 27, 2012
The mount works perfect , someone complained about the plastic screw material but it works fine. You don't need to screw it down super tight. I use the Bike Brain app that this company also makes, it's a great cycle computer that I actually prefer to MapMyRide. But they are both good apps. The mount is secure over bumpy roads, holds perfect. I bought four, one for each bike. They will fit any size bar diameter, from old school 26 mm up to current 31.8 and beyond. You could mount to any tube, not just on your bike. Like maybe the t- top on a boat, or a tube on your tractor, lawn mower, whatever or wherever you want to mount your phone. No complaints.
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on December 10, 2012
I purchased this case after looking at many different types of bike phone cases. It seemed well built and worked...for a little while. I have used it in the rain and it did a pretty good job keeping my phone protected from the elements. One thing I did not like was having to remove my phone out of it's everyday case to be put in this case (but not a deal breaker at this point).

It did break at the swivel point a few months after having it. The reason I am giving it 2 stars is not because it broke but because they have horrible customer service. I have tried multiple times to get in touch with them via email and their online form from their website and no one will respond about the broken case. For that reason I am giving this item only 2 stars. I ended up gluing it back so it no longer swivels anymore but at least I can use it again.
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on October 17, 2011
I read all the reviews and purchased this going into fall since I had the RAM mount for the iphone (works really well!) but it isn't waterproof and the mornings were getting damp. Purchased this after looking at the photos and seeing people discuss how an ANT connector might be able to fit. It doesn't. Just a hair too short unless you take out the plastic inside and your phone is very loose and rattles all over the place - not recommended.

Overall, a well made product, easy to use and responds to all touch responses very easily and I like that you can still use both the front and back camera.
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on April 30, 2012
I purchased this product about 2 months ago and I have now reached the point that I will look out for a better product and move this onto my wife's bike. What I like about the bike mount is that it works as expected and that it resists rain just fine, no issues there. But there are two reasons that I am not entirely satisfied. The first reason was immediately apparent when I mounted the bike mount onto my race bike: it is just not possible to screw the plastic thread tight enough. I mean, the mount sits reasonably tight and I have been using it for a good 500 miles of road in various conditions, but during tough descents or when I ride on stretches of cobblestones the thing moves. The second reason is that I ended up witch scratches on the phone display after a ride on bad roads due to the shaking around. This was a minor issue since I kept on a protective screen cover, but I felt it was important enough to mention since you may damage the glass directly.

Other than this the device works, although only without gloves. Riding with an iPhone is also so much better than a Garmin GPS (which I had before but lost), there are just much better apps out there for a low price. The only thing I need to repeat is find a better bike mount. I also ride a MTB but I am pretty sure this thing would not last through the first month, for a MTB this looks not solid at all. I don't get the reviews of some of the MTB'ers below, there is no way you can attach the bike mount tight enough with the plastic thread and moreover the whole thing would not last through a fall.
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