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on March 9, 2014
I have used many, many different MP3 players for swimming. I swim one mile a day and could not get through the boring cadence without the help of music and I have found that these are the best ear buds I have ever used. I have found that the biggest weakness for any underwater MP3 players are the ear pieces. If you are kicking against a wall when making that reverse very few ear buds can take that pressure.

The H20 Sure 2 ear buds are good but pricey, but in the latest version the rubber ear pieces have become thinner and therefore collapse easier against the pressure of the water. My advice is to get some other rubber ear pieces with more durable rubber and substitute that rubber with the rubber that comes with these ear piecese. I have several of the older pairs that had the more durable rubber and have been using them in place of their newer thinner rubber pieces. But it's still a decent for use on your waterproof MP3 especially since many of those ship with even crummier ear pieces that are not very good at keeping water out.. Also the thinner ear buds are probably fine for most people doing light activity in the water but if you do a lot of lap swimming than follow my advice re the rubber portion. A couple of key items to remember when using these:

1. The cord is long so wrap the cord around the connector at the top where you plug it into the player. Use a bread bag tie thingy and wrap it securely. Don't use a rubber band as the pool water rots if fairly quick. You can also wrap the wire around the goggle bands as well. Despite this nit, I still recommend this product wholeheartedly.

2. Start with the larger ear bud rubber ends first then work your way down to the smaller sizes if that doesn't fit. If you use the larger sizes, you get a tighter barrier against the water. But again follow my previous advice on the rubber ear piece

3. You should consider wetting the ear buds lightly in the water before you place them in your ear, it seems to keep them more secure in your ear for some reason.

4. When you insert them in your ear pull back the top of your ear with your opposite hand, that will stretch it and allow the ear canal to gently wrap more snugly around the ear bud.

It is rare when the water enters the ear canal if you take these three steps and you will enjoy the music much better. Once water gets in your ear you are hosed for the rest of the swim and that goes for any ear piece. Happy swimming!
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on January 27, 2018
I have been using these for 3 months now and they have functioned the best of all the 3 sets of waterproof earbuds (different brand) that I have had. I swim a few days a week in the ocean in Hawaii and these are perfect for my waterproof ipod shuffle. The chord is a bit long but one can wrap it up so it doesn't get in the way as much. I wish they came with another shorter chord and a wider range of earbud rubber earpieces but over all these are the best I have used yet. The others, usually one side would go out by 3 months.
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on January 23, 2018
I ordered these headphones to replace a pair that came with my waterproof Ipod shuffle. Even though I used the smallest earbuds included, I was having some leakage so I used the ones I had on my previous pair. That did the trick and the headphones sound great. I would only suggest that a small, flanged/corkscrew earbud be included for those with very small/narrow ear canals.
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on September 2, 2011
After reading these reviews, I decided to go with this selection of waterproof earbuds because it offers the different size earbud choices and the fact that having a water tight seal is the most important for sound quality on this type of headphone. Surely one of the choices would fit perfectly, right? Wrong! I have tried all sizes from XS to L and all of them had the same effect, the water tight seal in the inner ear was broke and water got into the headphones. When the water gets in you lose almost all ability to hear the music and it is virtually impossible to get another water tight seal going and you'll spend the rest of your workout wasting time adjusting and trying. I do a half hour of deep water running and then I swim laps for about another half hour. The first half hour of my workout I had no issues with them and the sound quality was great, but keep in mind, I was not under water. For this reason, if you are using them for anything other than swimming, I think they could be a good product. However, I suspect as I started sweating the water tight seal losened up so when I started swimming, the movement through the water was just enough after a few laps to move them so water seeped in. You MUST put them in when your ears and headphones are dry to get the water tight seal or you can forget it. The only difference I found in trying different sizes was that the bigger sizes hurt my hears more because of the pressure created forming the water tight seal in the ear canal, and it didn't prevent the leak from happening. I am going to have to purchase a different pair now and hope for the best with the next ones, because these did not work and I'm out $30 plus shipping. Very disappointed.
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on March 3, 2018
left speaker cuts off intermittently while swimming. M'eh. It's better than what the voices in my head tell me.
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on April 12, 2012
I started using waterproof earbuds after being sick and tired of wathching only people on dry land getting to hear music. I have used many different types of waterproof earbuds and have found All the earbuds I have tried has had something wrong with them. Most reviews I found were not in favor of these, or any, earbuds out there. But its the technology that is still new when it comes to waterproof earbuds. I gave these earbuds "5 stars" because in comparison to most others they offer the most without over inflating their prices.
These waterproof earbuds as all regular earbuds don't have superior home threater sound, but the music doesn't sound bad either. All waterproof earbuds rely on an airtight seal to conduct sound waves. Which means you need to experiment with the different sizes provided and don't expect to get a real good work out that first day. As a safety mechanism the bud does go out when water comes in direct contact with it but it is easily fixable. So far the soft blue pads have held up pretty long. When they do finally wear out, they're pretty cheap to replace.
This product offers a wider variety of sizes with good guality that has lasted me. Once I found my correct fit for each ear the buds hardly fall out. If they do its because of my error. They only thing I would change is the cord. Its way too long, maybe a retactable cord somehow would be better.
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on April 6, 2012
So, i looked at several different brands of waterproof headphones and was really looking forward to something that sounded good, and was able to run with them without them falling out. The idea of swimming with them was an added bonus. Im not super picky about sound and it was decent, however a little more tinny that i had hoped for the retail estimate of 59.99. I believe my old 29.99 creative's were better.

The reason for the 1 Star is that after using them on 3 or 4 runs, they suddenly cut out completely. Unless you hold the connections right where the headphone jack is just so they cut out one or both hears and makes them completely worthless. Unfortunately i waited past return policy so now i am contacting the manufacturer to see about this 1 year warranty and if i can get another pair. Ill update my review if these things get returned for ones that last.

AND SO>>>>

A couple months ago (I've been busy so actually contacting them and then actually updating this review has been delayed)
I got in contact with Surge and they sent me out a new pair, free shipping, no questions asked. It was a pretty awesome experience actually, having dealt with many different RMA processes from different companies during the years.

So yeah, new ones work, only used them a little bit, but all in all decent headphones, audio quality still isn't great, but if these last up i will be happy, there are certainly much worse sounding headphones out there.
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on July 15, 2011
Goods: Sound quality was great (swimming made spoken voice a little hard to hear), no issues with ear phone fit as some people suggest, the cord wasn't too stiff (as some people suggest), and the case was completely waterproof keeping my iphone nice and dry.

Others: I had an issue on my first use in the pool. I'm not sure what wasn't working right, but the music would skip forward without stopping when while I swam. No damage to anything, but the music was un-listenable.

THE REASON WHY I REALLY LIKE THIS COMPANY: The company replaced everything without question. Customer service like that is almost nonexistent these days.
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on October 13, 2011
I like to swim laps and listening to music makes it a whole lot more enjoyable. Unfortunately, when it comes to waterproof headphones, I've yet to find a pair that sounds good and lasts.

I've had 3 pairs of these headphones. After using the first for about two months of swimming laps the right ear bud just died. No sound at all. Whatever, maybe I just had a defective pair. So I return them to Amazon and get a replacement set. After about the same amount usage the exact same thing happens in the right ear bud. Nothing happened to them, it just shorted out while I was swimming laps never to come back again. As far as waterproof headphones go, these were very comfortable and had pretty good quality for the short time that they worked.

I have a third pair of these now that I think are on the verge of dying. Same problem, right ear bud. I'm hoping that some company comes out with a good pair of waterproof headphones soon because I love swimming but I'm sick of these things crapping out on me.
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on September 16, 2011
I really love these headphones! I've been using them for about a month and a half, in the pool for about 40 mins at a time, every second day. They're holding up really well so far. The sound quality is much better than I expected based on reviews of most waterproof headphones.

Only complaint? If it comes out of your ear, even a bit, the sound is gone. And it's hopeless to put it back - I get out of the pool, dry it off, dry out my ear and try again. Sometimes works, sometimes not. I bought one of those neoprene headbands to keep them on more securely, and other than feeling like I look a little foolish, it seems to do the trick.

Would definitely recommend this product!
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