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on April 6, 2012
So, i looked at several different brands of waterproof headphones and was really looking forward to something that sounded good, and was able to run with them without them falling out. The idea of swimming with them was an added bonus. Im not super picky about sound and it was decent, however a little more tinny that i had hoped for the retail estimate of 59.99. I believe my old 29.99 creative's were better.

The reason for the 1 Star is that after using them on 3 or 4 runs, they suddenly cut out completely. Unless you hold the connections right where the headphone jack is just so they cut out one or both hears and makes them completely worthless. Unfortunately i waited past return policy so now i am contacting the manufacturer to see about this 1 year warranty and if i can get another pair. Ill update my review if these things get returned for ones that last.

AND SO>>>>

A couple months ago (I've been busy so actually contacting them and then actually updating this review has been delayed)
I got in contact with Surge and they sent me out a new pair, free shipping, no questions asked. It was a pretty awesome experience actually, having dealt with many different RMA processes from different companies during the years.

So yeah, new ones work, only used them a little bit, but all in all decent headphones, audio quality still isn't great, but if these last up i will be happy, there are certainly much worse sounding headphones out there.
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on April 12, 2012
I started using waterproof earbuds after being sick and tired of wathching only people on dry land getting to hear music. I have used many different types of waterproof earbuds and have found All the earbuds I have tried has had something wrong with them. Most reviews I found were not in favor of these, or any, earbuds out there. But its the technology that is still new when it comes to waterproof earbuds. I gave these earbuds "5 stars" because in comparison to most others they offer the most without over inflating their prices.
These waterproof earbuds as all regular earbuds don't have superior home threater sound, but the music doesn't sound bad either. All waterproof earbuds rely on an airtight seal to conduct sound waves. Which means you need to experiment with the different sizes provided and don't expect to get a real good work out that first day. As a safety mechanism the bud does go out when water comes in direct contact with it but it is easily fixable. So far the soft blue pads have held up pretty long. When they do finally wear out, they're pretty cheap to replace.
This product offers a wider variety of sizes with good guality that has lasted me. Once I found my correct fit for each ear the buds hardly fall out. If they do its because of my error. They only thing I would change is the cord. Its way too long, maybe a retactable cord somehow would be better.
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on June 27, 2012
I bought a pair of Surges and a pair of iHip AquaVibes at the same time. The first pair of Surges had a short right out of the package, but I've been swimming with the replacment pair for a couple of weeks now (and the Surges have a 1-year warranty, so that's good). The AquaVibes work fine, but don't sound as good as the Surges -- I'm keeping the AquaVibes as a backup pair for the day the Surges stop working and I have to buy a new pair/send them in under warranty. The sound quality of the Surges is surprisingly good for a set of waterproof headphones. I've owned regular headphones and earphones that didn't sound as good, so these are definitely good enough for working out, running, etc. if you're not a swimmer.

One peeve: The plug housing is straight (as opposed to being a right-angled) and really long -- a little over 2" I'd guess, not including the actual plug you insert into your player. That can make your mp3 player more difficult to fit in waterproof bags/cases and makes it more likely that the plug will be hit against things or put under pressure, thus putting strain on your player's jack. I would MUCH prefer a right-angle plug -- if not a right-angled plug, a smaller straight plug, at least.

Actually, two peeves: The box is a nightmare. It takes a great deal of effort to open the box without destroying it and you must either take off the tips that come on the earphones or cut through the strip of stiff plastic that is between the seated tips and the earphones (look at a picture of the box). Really unecessary and annoying; it's like opening a puzzle box.

Some people say you can't swim/swim fast with waterproof headphones. You CAN!!

A primer on swimming with waterproof earbuds:
1) They only work if they seal the ear canal 100%. The phones must seal out ALL water, leaving only empty air between the phone and the eardrum. If ANY water leaks in, you can't hear anything because the phones aren't powerful enough to conduct sound through water. This is the same with ALL waterproof earphones. The Surges come with five sizes of eartips; the ones that are already on the earphones worked great for me, there are two smaller sets and two larger sets. For swimming, pick the set that requires you to pull on your ear rim to insert and is borderline uncomfortable; you'll get used to it and it'll keep the water out. With five sets, EVERYONE should be able to find a pair that fits properly. I haven't had water get in once in half a dozen swims: I run the cord under, through (between the gap in back), and back around my goggle strap, carefully insert the headphones, jump in, swim laps, get out, towel off, remove headphones. Ta-da!

Inserting earphones:
a) Pull upward and out on the rim of your ear while inserting earphones and insert them well/far into your ear canal.
b) Consider inserting the earphones with the wire pointing upward and slightly rearward and securing them/the wires in place with your goggle stap and/or a cap.

2) Given 1), you must take steps to ensure that your earphones don't get jostled or tugged on. If they move or get pulled on, they will leak. Use your goggle strap, and/or another strap, and/or a cap to keep the earphones securely in place and don't mess with them or take them out once you get set up. Finding the securing routine that works for you, your player, your goggles, your ears, and your cap will take some trial and error. A waterproof cap can also cut down on the swimming noise you hear while listening to music.

If the eartips fit your ears properly, all it takes is a little trial and error with your set up and you'll be swimming up a musical storm in no time. I'm guessing most people with problems either had ill-fitting tips or didn't secure the earphones with straps/caps once they seated them.
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on October 8, 2012
This is my second pair of these ear buds; the first set which came with the water proof ipod case having worn out.The whole setup isn't the best for actually swimming, because the case is worn on the arm and the wires need to be long and then they float around and get tangled up. However, since the case fits my generation of ipod, and I use the system for listening to books and treading water in the ocean or pool, I am happy enough. The sound is good and the ear buds fit my ears, and I am happy to have a way to listen to books and be entertained while exercising in the water.
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on July 22, 2017
These are amazing headphones, and really work underwater. They are also excellent noise cancelling headphones. Now to find a waterproof iphone case to use it with...
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on March 21, 2011
These headphones sound great. I bought them after the headphones that came with my underwater mp3 player shorted out. I have better sound quality and they stay in place better (put them in before getting wet and use opposite hand over head to pull up on ear). I just don't like that you have to tug on the cord to get them out of your ear. This makes it likely that they will short out at some point even though they seem decently reinforced at the point where the cord meets the headphone. On the other hand, if they stuck further out of your ear, they wouldn't stay in as well and you would hear more water sounds. I am very happy with this purchase but I'm not sure how long it will last.

Edit: It's been almost a year and they still have not shorted out. I've been using these while studying lately and I think they are better than the Beats headphones that came with my cell phone. Lots of bass but the mid range not muffled as much as the Beats. They're great for swimming but they're actually just plane good headphones especially for the price. I had to up my rating to 5 stars.
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on June 19, 2013
The First and Biggest thing I was worried about was whether or not the bud would fit in my ear snugly enough that I would be able to take it underwater. Yes; I was able to take it underwater and listen to music, But practically I could not. I love to swim laps and mess around in the pool, but these headphones will stay in for a good 20 minutes or so then slowly fall out. I swim for about one and half hours and would have to push them back in 2 - 3 times. This might not seem a lot, but it really throws off my groove.

Also the quality in its self is not as good as I would like it. after about a month of use, the left head piece started to get blown out, where the music would get all muffled out as if the music is being played to loud. It wasn't BTW.

I am not sure how this would be for running or other activities. But as for "actively" swimming, I would not recommend this product.
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on August 19, 2011
These H2O Audio headphones are great... the sound quality is very good especially for the price range and I normally hate any headphone that has an ear bud that directly fits in the ear canal. The fact that they had five choices of sizes was great and when I found the right one. It fits very snugly and without pain during my entire over two hour swim workouts. Only when I was tapped by another swimmer has the ear bud allowed water into the ear canal to disrupt sound which was easily fixed by blowing water from ear bud and getting water out of my ear as well. I now use these ear buds almost exclusively with my IPOD shuffle during most of my audio listening times not just in the pool but also during my weight training and elliptical workouts. These are about the best headphones I have ever used hands down. Great price. Quality sound. Also all environments to include in water. Also nice on the plane due to low-profile. I recommend them highly.
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on June 1, 2017
Great product never had any problems. The iPod case broke and it was an older version so I'm looking to replace but the headphone are still good.
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on February 15, 2011
After doing a little research on waterproof headphones I was very skeptical because of the varied results from users. However, as with anything, I decided to pick the item I thought to be the best and go with it to see for myself. The H2O Audio Surge 2 headphones worked as advertised and did not disappoint. It took me no longer to get setup than it did putting on my goggles. I wound the excess cord around my goggle band and clipped my waterproof iPod shuffle (another outstanding purchase!) to the band as well and off I went. The clarity was perfect for about 35 minutes when I got a little water in my left ear and the sound went out on that side, but the sound and clarity were still there in my right ear (which is the reason I gave only 4 stars). I did stop to clear the water from my left ear and the sound came back. I don't know if that is typical of all waterproof headphones, but I was happy just to hear music while I was submersed! It made my workout ten times more enjoyable than ever before and I found myself wanting to swim for another hour! My recommendation is to try out all the ear buds that come with the headphones to see which is the best fit. Typically, I wear a medium size earbud with headphones but decided to go with the small bud because it seemed to be a better fit and provided a better seal.
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