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on December 10, 2013
Right out of the box I absolutely amazed with the sound can't wait till they are actually broken in! I played it in stereo no sub, and I had to check if my sub was playing they deliver plenty of bass by themselves a sub really is not necessary for music. How did I go so long with out these!

Update : 2 years later they still delivering
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on January 28, 2015
These speakers are such a great addition to my surround sound system. They replaced my Front Left and Right (factory) speakers and create a great dynamic in tandem with the sub and centre speakers (also factory - for now). I moved those factory speakers to the surround (two in each corner - better coverage). I have really enjoyed listening to music and watching movies with these new speakers. My favorite movie scene so far to watch is the launch sequence of Apollo 13.

These speakers are nice for three reasons.

1) The price: Wait till Amazon sells them for around 100$ each. WORTH IT.
2) EQ: nice and even - letting your amp do most of the work. Mine have 100 W per channel which is right in the middle. These speakers peak at 200 w.
3) Range: With the three-way model, you get high to low covered, providing everything you need to hear all sounds in the scene - leaving only the sub to do it's thing. Tunes sound great too.

Overall, I have been very please with the purchase. They are a bit bigger than I expected, but I don't care about that. I just had to prep my wife for that shock.
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on January 3, 2014
When I wanted to build my first stereo in the mid 70s the first thing I learned was buy your speakers first and build around them. Obviously with everything being home theater that no longer seems to be the case. Secondly, and probably most importantly, always remember that your stereo is only going to sound as good as your worse piece of equipment. Although I do watch movies (mostly Ne***x dvds) I wanted music first. I am currently using a Sony 90 wpc stereo receiver. Hoping to upgrade to a final destination I started with these speakers. Being an old guy on SS, I always look for bargains and found one thru Amazon at BestPriceAudioVideo. Ordered on a 22nd and had them on the 24th, with no special shipping. Those guys rock. I used these to replace my Sony SSF6000s, which by no means are bad sounding speakers. Started with some Keaggy and Chet and a little Tommy Emmanuel. Some I have been listening for 35 or 40 years and although I didn't hear much I hadn't heard before, right out of the box my jaw hit the floor. Now that they're well broken in and the treble and bass are adjusted my hours of just listening are a thrilling experience and when I'm not listening I kinda feel like I'm missing something. Classic rock 'n' roll is rockin', the country instrumentals are new again. Even Vivaldi is thrilling! Bucks well spent.

Update: April 21, 2014:

Have been using HarmanKardon 120 wpc stereo receiver for a couple of months with Sony CD changer and my two Sony SSF6000s in the real and it really rocks the Casbah.
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on December 28, 2015
I wish I could let you listen to these speakers as I am listening to them as I write this review. Speaking of reviews, I rarely ever write them - I should - but I don't. I have been raving to my family about these speakers since I first started listening to them a few days a go. The sound of these speakers are quite simply awesome. I know what you are probably thinking - "awesome" what does that convey? The simple fact is that I can not convey in words how good these speakers sound. If I could I would. To provide you some background experience, I've had $800 cerwin vegas that I thought were the best speakers in the world. I purchased my vegas back about 15 years ago and they served me well - but after 15 years, they met their end of life. Now about my current configuration - Now I've got my 2 new infinity floor standing speakers, hooked up to my Yamaha receiver and some "cheap" klh center speaker, 2 klh rears and a 10" sub. These infinity speakers are phenomenal! Specifically I hear instruments and lyrics so clear that the music is like something I have never hear before. I can go on and on but the reality is - check it out for your self. Everyone's ear is different - but to me - and those that I have let listen to all agree - they are fantastic!
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on November 24, 2015
got the infinity Primus 363s on sale best purchase ever.I've had polk and Cerwin Vegas and pioneers at three times the cost nothing stands up to the soon as the 3-way center channel goes on sale under 200 I'm going to grab it. the sound is crisp, clean and tight just what you want for music and surround sound for movie is awesome. even the bass is pretty good but if you have any subwoofer at all it just sends these three 363s over the top. can't wait to finish my 7.2 surround sound system with the rest of the infinity Primus series speakers. if you're on the fence about the speakers jump off the fence and grab them you will love them! don't let the inexpensive price fool you they are quality speakers they look great with the grills off or on.
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on February 14, 2016
First let me say that I have owned speakers from $8,000.00 each to my low of Bose 301's. You name it I have probably had them. At 67 and not hearing to well from guns in Viet Nam to never having worn any ear protection in my life I have to say wow. Now mind you my home burned down and I am waiting to finish the new one, and saw these on Amazon looked at review after review of these and 40 other speakers, read every review by customers I could find on these and read all the reviews on other speakers in the same class as these, and finally decided to purchase these to use in the apartment I am living in for now. I hooked these up to a JVC amp 375 watts single channel that I bought at a yard sale, and have a really expensive Emerson DVD/CD combo must have cost $35.00 at Wal Mart less than $150.00 dollars of equipment and put my favorite cd Mannheim Steamroller Fresh Aire 7 in and turned it on and sat back and enjoyed the album more than ever before. Any one who says these speakers are not some of the truest sounding speakers around is nuts. There is enough bass to blow the windows out and you can hear every note the flute has to offer. My wife who knows nothing about sound systems was amazed. She thought I had wasted our money on speakers we didn't need, well she shut her mouth about that and said how did I find speakers that sound so good for so little money. I told her it must have been luck. You audiophiles can talk all you want to about the highs the lows, no bass etc, but for clear precise sound I have never spent my money better ever! You don't need some $1,00.00 amp and $11,000.00 speakers to listen to great music guys. Your ears can't tell that much difference in dollars. If you want clear crisp highs and smooth deep bass then you can never go wrong with these speakers. Right Dark Side of the Moon is playing and Pink Floyd would be proud to hear it. Thanks Infinity for your undying devotion to development of a product that cost so little and make one so happy. I shall sleep well tonight with a favorite album playing in the background, They also play some of the old rock and roller goodies just as well Fog Hat , ZZTop, Poco, my entire collection will go thru these just fine guys. You can spend your money, of you can buy something worth the money. You'll never be sorry by buying these speakers. Well done Infinity. Gary
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on April 11, 2016
I purchased a pair of Infiniti Primus that were delivered 12/2/15. I've owned them for 4 months. Sound is pretty good for the price, but one speaker has had a cabinet rattle from set-up. Last week the mid horn in the same cabinet quit. Amazon won't remedy this because I'm more than 30 days past purchase. Infiniti won't fix it because I didn't buy directly from them. Word of caution: buy these directly from Infinity, or maybe not at all. You get what you pay for. If there's a middle man involved who won't back up the product you're out of luck and a bunch of money.
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on June 14, 2016
I love the sound of these. My sub broke, so I'm going subless for the time being and yeah, I need the sub, but it's not as bad as I would have expected it. They really do sound awesome. I ordered three for my home theater setup (behind an acoustically transparent screen) and one of them ended up having a bad speaker. I sent it back and got a replacement with very little problems. Sounds like (ha!) the only real problem is their initial quality control, but beyond that, they are awesome.
I'd recommend setting them up and playing a variety of music to detect any anomalies. Mine showed problems on specific sounds from the Phantom of the Opera sound track.
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on April 20, 2016
They sound nice and flat (frequency response) to these life-long audiophile ears i.e. nice balance. Waist-high and normal-room filling for such a reasonable price. In/for secondary rooms, I enjoy the heck out of these - withOUT even having additional rear surround speakers. They fill my workshop with JOY ... and put a smile on me every time I light `em up.

Though not affiliated with Infinity in any way, I've always felt that Infinity offers well-designed, quality products, employing the finest components for both house and car. These have not let down that expectation in any way, shape or form.
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on January 12, 2015
I truly love these things!
Sure, they are enthusiast-level speakers - not audiophile-level.
I hooked them up to a three hundred dollar Onkyo head with over 100W per channel. They DO need the juice to sound good and I have to run the volume over halfway to max to properly fill the room - this heats up the reciever (I set a small fan blowing across the top and it works great). When properly fed, they have a full, clear, balanced sound stage.
I attached a sub to my 362s for my home theater - I recommend that. I did not attach one to the 363s that I use to listen to music and do not miss it. For years after college, I lived with Best Buy sound quality. When I upgraded to these things, the difference was amazing.
I have audited a few other similar speaker from better brand names in the store, but when you take away the sub and listen to just the sounds from the speakers, the others fall flat and these stand strong.
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