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on May 15, 2017
Bought these to round out my home theater system. To get right to it, they sound AMAZING. At high volume, the sound is clear without distortion. The dual subs are powered (the remainder will run off an amp/from your receiver) and produce thundering bass. If you prefer, you can adjust the base level individually or leave them unplugged if for whatever reason you want use your own subwoofer. For any mid to large room, these will fit perfectly, and fill the room with loud, clear and undistorted sound.

Recommend that you have a second pair of hands available when screwing the base on, other than that setup was a breeze. Highly recommend this brand and am delighted thus far with this purchase.
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on May 9, 2016
I shopped many brands and was able to audition only a couple of other similarly priced towers. Unfortunately, I was not able to audition the Definitive products, but on a whim (and after reading several great reviews), I purchased these.
My first impression was good. It was not until the family left the house and I was able to play around with different types of music at variable volume levels and bass levels that I became VERY impressed.
My Marantz home AV receiver does not push a tremendous amount of power, and my previous speakers (B&W iSeries Towers) never really sounded all that good on this AV setup. They just needed more power. Enter the Def Tech BP SuperTowers. Having the on-board 300w amps with integrated 8" subs is perfect for anyone running a receiver rather than a high-power 2-channel system. The bass response is outstanding - especially at lower volume levels. You still hear full-spectrum sound without in-your-face volume. Having said that, when you want some in-your-face type of volume, the bass balance and imaging from the bi-polar design is appreciably different and superior to others I shopped or to what I was ever able to get out of my B&Ws. I was not sure what to expect with the Bi-Polar design, but the highs are somehow a bit softer seeming and overall, rich/smooth.
I think there may be better options if you are looking for 2-Channel listening and you already have a high-power amp, but I highly recommend these for anyone looking to improve on an AV setup... Amazing bass without having to add a sub and great sound/efficiency - all in a very attractive package!
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on August 14, 2016
I'm a Definitive Technology fan having owned the BP3000 since 2001. These 8040 towers were such a bargain after the introduction of the 9040s that I couldn't resist. I bought them for less than half the list price and then figured out where I could use them. I ended up wiring a 5.1 system in our guest bedroom (now a second TV room).

I ended up listening to Internet radio for hours, the speakers sounded so good. The rave Reviews are well deserved.
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on October 2, 2016
I am usual one to leave reviews. But I just have to. These speakers literary left me in awe. Just so little footprint, but explosive sound. I am not coming from htib. I had energy speakers which are good. But these sound so good. There is so much balance and clarity. The subs need a little tweaking. I actually found myself turning the bass down on my receiver from which I am used to. From dual polk audio psw505 subwoofers. I am finding new sounds from my current soundtracks and can't keep from smiling. Just a super good product. I am an def tech customer for life!
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on April 10, 2012
Just purchased these about a month ago and all I can say is " wow". I innitially wanted to get the Xtr-50 cuz they looked really cool on the wall, but I was not sure how they sounded.. I went into my local bestbuy and had the magnolia representative sample the Xtr-50 for me... They were not what I expected. I knew going in that they needed a subwoofer cuz they are so thin, but I was not expecting them to sound so painfull with barely any mid sound. The representave then suggested I hear the def tech bp-8040. I was stunned.. I asked her What subwoofer, and surround she was using. She told me that it was just the two bP-8040 towers. That's all I neaded to know. After a little more research I bought these towers
And been happy ever since
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on December 4, 2016
I love these speakers. Fills my large open living room dining room and kitchen with great sound whether it's surround sound for a movie or music these speakers have a beautifully detailed sound at all levels. I am still breaking them in so the more I listen to them the better they get.
I purchased a pair of these BP 8040ST with a Definitive Technology CS-8040 Speaker Center Channel Definitive Technology CS-8040HD Speaker (Center Channel) running them on my Sony STR-DN1040 what a great combination. I couldn't be happier.
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on June 13, 2016
I have had def tech products for a couple years now. I started with their promonitor 600 speaker set and eventually moved up to their 8040 line. I cannot say enough good things about these speakers and all def tech products. They sound absolutely amazing. I love the bipolar effect.

My only con of them is that assembly of the leg stands is difficult. The holes for the screws are too small. My friend who installs these told me they were difficult to assemble. He was correct. Still worth it though!
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on March 5, 2012
After relinquishing a pair of large Synergistics speakers from college days after getting married, I switched to Cambridge Soundworks Ensemble II with passive subwoofer. While they were adequate for a small room with hardwood floors, I found the lack of bass noticable in a carpeted room with vaulted ceilings. After reading a number of reviews of various speakers and considering Cerwin Vega, JBL, Klipsch, Paradigm, and Polk, I stumbled accross these. I was initially concerned that they might not produce enough sound but did not want to pay the additional expense of the 8060s. I was able to get these at 600 each instead of 800 through an Amazon seller. They are more than adequate for a large room. Some reviewers complained that they do not come as a left and right. But this actually does not seem to matter. The single most striking thing I found was that I no longer notice a right and left channel. The sound is dispersed over a wide area but with such accuracy that I can understand the words of songs that sounded mumbled on other speakers. I listen with the sub at midway where manufacturer recommends you start and even that can be a bit too much at higher volumes if you live in an apartment. Given the clarity, I will probably replace my center channel with the CS 8040 when budget allows.
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on February 27, 2017
Incredible speakers, lots of range and surprising amount of bass. Perfect for movies and music in my home theater. One small note, the low low range (below 30 hz) isn't as loud or clear as it could be with these and therefore for action movies with explosions and bass it makes sense to have a dedicated powered sub built to hit those really low frequencies. However, for music and most movies they are perfect!
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on February 19, 2011
I purchased these recently to replace a pair of Polk TSI series speakers and a Klipsch SW-450 subwoofer. While this setup was pretty darn good, I didn't like the size of the subwoofer taking up so much floor space and although the sub was very powerful, I thought the sound quality was muddy when playing music. Being a Bass player, I love low frequencies and wall shaking bass, but when listening to music, I like to hear note definitions of the Bass guitars and this sub didn't produce a clear tone, just a powerful low end blur.

Taking a chance with the Definitive Tech 8040's right away I noticed the Bass tones on music playback was more defined. Plus the 8040's give you 2 subs without taking up extra floor space! Even better is the fact you don't have to worry about phase problems and cross-over settings, these are factory calibrated and matched precisely for these speakers, just turn up the amp on the rear of the speaker for as much bass response as you desire. I only turn them up to 1:00 and that's plenty.
You have your choice of hooking these up to your receivers LFE jack so you can set up the some of the crossover amounts within your receiver yourself or I prefer to just run speaker wires to them and use the speakers internal crossover.
As for watching movies, these sound great with plenty of low end rumble and realism due to the bi-polar design of the mid-woofers and tweeters. Just be sure to leave some room between the rear wall and the speakers to let them breathe. I keep mine about 2 feet away.

About the only thing I would change in the design would be to make separate right and left speaker cabs with the subwoofer on corresponding sides. As it is, Both subwoofers are on the same side only. Bass frequencies tend to be somewhat omni-directional but with these, one subwoofer is facing directly at my large TV stand while the other faces outward in my living room. So in essence with the sub facing my TV stand, some of the the sound waves are being blocked or diverted because of this. I have recently spread the speakers further apart to compensate best I can in my limited living room.

All in all my search for the perfect floor speakers are done! I also did away with my cheap little rear surrounds and now I'm using my former main floor Polk TSI series speakers for my rear surrounds and sold the Klipsch SW-450!

While these speakers are pricey, consider the cost of buying 2 High quality tower speakers and 2 subwoofers, and you still wouldn't have the realism the bi-polar design offers not to mention a lot of floor space used up for all those speakers if you have a small to medium sized living room. Next consideration would be the Definitive Tech's powered center channel speaker...hmm
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