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on July 10, 2010
I'm what you call an audiophile. I always search for the best music (but this is subjective) and the highest quality earbuds, because I am always on the go and want my music to sound as good and detailed as possible (this is what an audiophile actually is). So when I came across these earbuds, after going through the reviews, they seemed amazing and perfect for what I'm looking for. Well, "seemed" is definitely the key word here. I bought a pair (thanks to those reviews), got them, and was massively disappointed. Why though? Surely those reviews can't be wrong? False. I think most of those reviews are fake because they seem too identical, and not very well written at all. Overall, like I said, I was massively disappointed. Here's why.

For one, the sound is good but nothing special at all (I give it a 2.5/5 stars). Not nearly as good as it's made out to be on this site. I usually look for a good bass response, but the bass is not very strong at all, and I really have to turn up my iPod to hear the music/sound well. I shouldn't have to do this.

Secondly, there are a lot of different sized white earbud tips, but in my opinion, none of them fit comfortably in my ear, even though I've tried them all. I also want to mention that the earbuds themselves ruin the sound; in other words, the sound sounds more distorted and drowned out, especially if you put on those cone tips. The earbuds also absolutely SUCK at reducing noise.

This next issue of mine may not be a bother you, but it is a big bother for me. The cable is not long enough. I tend to put my iPod in my pocket and keep it there while I'm out somewhere and listening to music along the way (I'm usually on the go these days), and it drags the earbuds right out of my ears because of the short cord. As a result, I have to keep putting the earbuds back in my ear while holding the iPod in my pocket. I shouldn't have to do this either. Gets really, REALLY annoying after a while.

And last but not least, they're way overpriced. I realize they're gold (most likely not even real gold), but because of the reasons above, there's no way these are worth [...], ESPECIALLY not worth [...]. They're worth [...] at the most. Seriously.

All in all, I definitely regret buying these have already returned them, because I know there are better AND cheaper earbuds out there. When I got my refund for these pathetic excuses of earbuds, a smile grew on my face. And that smile isn't going anywhere unless these things come near me again.

Thanks for reading. :)
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on April 30, 2011
These earbuds had been in my saved shopping cart for a while, and previous to having finally purchased them I purchased the highly acclaimed Klipsch S-4's which haven't disappointed with their excellent fit and sound. They are truly exceptional. Well, when the price of the Boqari's dropped below $25.00 I had to bite, so-to-speak. I thought, even if the negative reviews are supported (and some of them are scathing) then the Boqari's would be relegated to occasional use, like listening to a dialogue-filled movie or youtube video. All they would need to do is have decent mid-range capability and feel comfortable. Well, when they arrived in a very nice box, zippered leather case and replaceable buds to fit a child up to an elephant I thought, wow, now that's a nice presentation at least. But it's the sound that was most surprising, even without the recommended burn-in period. It's solidly coherent from top to bottom, and the midrange is clear. If I could envision a frequency response curve it would be even and not ragged, with no discernable peaks over-emphasising one or another part of the sound spectrum, and as I said, this is my immediate impression after having used the klipsch S-4's few months. Though I still prefer the Klipsch's--which have only gotten better with use--I am also mightily impressed with these Boqari's, especially at the price I paid. I must admit, however, there aren't enough features which would warrant the MSRP of $299.00; that is, unless it was sold at an exclusive Beverly Hills or NYC Boutique, but even those who can afford to pay that much for earbuds would enjoy the sounds they produce. At 1/3 the MSRP or lower, these are a great deal, and at 1/6th they are almost a no-brainer.
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on August 13, 2013
By far, these headphones are the best I have ever purchased. I am very, very, very particular about the quality of music and I look for crisp sound separation, heavy bass, and reliability. This product has all of them. Better than v-moda, which I still love, but these rock.
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on February 20, 2011
Bought these headphones around Christmas last year because they were $50 and on sale, whereas they said they were originally 200 dollars. I thought these would be amazing headphones because of the "actual sales price". These headphones are okay, but definitely not even close to be as good as advertised. The bass is subpar at best, and the cable is short.

I have a set of Zune Premium Headphones and those blow these out of the water. They fit in ear better, cancel sound, much better bass; and they're cheaper! I would rather go with those by far.

I have noticed a lot of reviews believe that people who comment on here are sponsored and I am starting to believe the same thing. These headphones are nowhere near the satisfaction I thought I would receive.

Do not buy these unless they are $20. Not a good purchase.
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on December 6, 2012
To start, I am an audiophile, and an audio engineer (soundguy), so my review is based off my experience with sound.

I bought these, because, they looked sweet! I was totally ecstatic when they came in, and looked like designer earphones.

Only after the burn-in period, I came to hate them. Here's why:

-The highs were...painful to listen to. Not only did they sound bright, distorted at times, but there was no quality in them.
-The mids were strong, and exactly what they needed to be.
-The lows sounded like someone hitting cardboard...Simply disgusting, and not of high quality.

This was a waste of money, and I sent them back as soon as I realized they were the worst earphones I've ever heard.
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on June 29, 2011
The case for these ear buds is fantastic! Also contains the most ever selections of ear adapters types that I have ever seen. Great fitting. Have a decent sound for the price.
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on August 29, 2011
I bought these during a promotion, I've owned the JLab J2's and J3's and experienced their awesome customer service and expected the same with the BOQARI's. While the sound and look of these were great, after just a month of daily usage in my cubicle at work the left ear stopped working. I went to do a warranty replacement only to find that the warranty wasn't with JLab audio, but with BOQARI! Not only did the expect me to send back the old earbuds at my own cost via UPS/FEDEX, but after I sent them the earbuds, I never got a replacement! Emails were ignored, I will never buy a JLab collaboration headphone again, I'll stick to straight JLab head phones. If you want to see the difference, check out the reviews of a JLab head phone and the reviews here, bad reviews of JLab get a ambassador reply, this review and other bad BOQARI phones will get no reply.
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on April 22, 2013
Item was described as open but not used....

The box was torn UP. The earbuds themself had WAX ALL OVER THEM. Had to trash those. The item did not come with replacement buds, so had to find some of those as well, thankfully i had some left over from my LAST pair of boquari's. Finally i get to plugging them in, and the connector plug was janked up, so the sound came out distorted. You know that kind of messed up stuff where you need to turn the headphones around and around to keep the sound from messing up.....

Highly disappointed but i really should have checked the seller profile first. Never purchasing from this company again.
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on April 8, 2013
Don't waste your time. The sound quality is incredibly poor. The wire is thin and gets tangled easily. You get feedback when the cable moves, even if it's just in your pocket...annoying to say the least. My general impression is that the headphones are cheaply made and didn't produce anywhere near reasonable sound quality. Save your money for literally any other set of earbuds.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon July 14, 2011
I like my JBuds as well as the JBuds2 which do a slightly better job of filtering out ambient noise. However, I was looking for something that would do an even better job of noise reduction for when I am on the treadmill, running the vacuum cleaner, etc.

I saw the Q1 Metal earbuds/headphones on the chart on the JBuds decription page and they looked to be the next step up. I have no interest in couture labels or designs so the overblown list price because of the Boqari name had no meaning for me.

I did like the fact that it came in a case and considered that to be a plus. The cord is shorter than my other JBuds but since I keep my MP3 player in my pocket and I am only 5'4", the longer cord has at times gotten caught on drawer knobs, etc., so this cord is perfect for me.

Unlike my other JBuds, the R and L are not obvious on the Q1 Boqari titanium silver headphones, at least not to me. I had to actually get a magnifying glass to hunt for the markings and found them lightly engraved on the stems. I solved the problem by applying a dot of nail polish to the right stem for easy identification.

The bottom line for me is that these Q1s do a much better job than the JBuds 2 of isolating me from external sounds and, although I am far from being an audiophile, I am delighted with the improved sound. The choice of ear tips is superb. Since I use these while I am active, I can report that they have never fallen out of my ears and I find them to be very comfortable.
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