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on August 5, 2011
I have had the Eton Scorpion for about a month.I use it everyday. Camped with it 4 times already.
Reasons I bought this was ...
1:audio input.To basically have a solar/crank powered speaker for my iphone (extends iphones battery life)
2. To crank charge USB devices.
3.Mainly to have something to charge stuff ( mainly iPhone 3GS ) during power outages, no sun, night time , emergencies.
4. Bottle opener. Because I am tired of not be able to open my drinks??? This space should have been used to store earbuds,an extra long wire antenna or perhaps a little raincoat/bag for the scorpion.
Solar charges itself in full sun in a few hours.
Crank charges itself to full charge with about 300 cranks(3 minutes) giving about 45 minutes radio time( much more if you use headphones) and Hours of flashlight time.
Even when the radio dies the flashlight will keep going for about 30 minutes or more.
Power input is there but no adaptor included. This unit doesn't take removable rechargable batteries(AA) but it could be incorporated through the power input if one knew how to add up AA or AAA batteries voltage to match the input voltage of the input.
Solar Charging iPhone: not going to happen without rewiring it from the inside. Panel is too small anyway and not worth it , would take days to charge. Get a Goal Zero Guide Ten portable solar charging kit. solar charges an iPhone in an hour and charges 4 AA batteries too.just awesome!

Crank charging is the only way they designed this device to charge an iphone. No charging from the solar panel or from the scorpions stored collected energy in its internal battery.

Crank charging iphone:tricky but it works.To get the iPhone to accept it and to make any sort of charging possible ,follow these steps:
1. use an iPhone cable not a knock off.
2. Set the phone brightness to the lowest setting
3. turn off wifi
4. go into airplane mode or at least turn off 3G .
5. Get comfortable becuase you'll be cranking for at least 7 minutes(2 songs on a radio, or a few commercial breaks on tv)
6. Here is where people get discouraged and fail.
As soon as you crank, the iPhone may reject the charging source with a pop up saying "incompatible accessory" and you'll feel the crank become too easy to crank.
The trick is you have to sort of jump start it to get the phone to accept the crank charge. To do this you'll have to do a quick half crank( like starting a mower or kick starting a motorcycle) and then you'll hear and feel the phone giving resistance on the crank which means it accepted it . You'll keep cranking after the first quick half crank but you'll slow down for a second to lock it in and then your in the zone. You can adjust your cranking speed from here forward.The iPhone will show it's being charged and the screen will eventually turn off so take a mental note of the battery percentage so you can see how you've done 7 minutes later.
Depending on how you've cranked ,you'll probably achieve an additional 1 or 3 percent of battery life. Yes this is not great or anything but it could help in an emergency to get that text or call out.
I figure to almost fully charge the iPhone would take somewhere between 3-4 hours of cranking.Good luck with that.
Even a bicycle crank generator would still take alot of effort and nit much less time to charge an iPhone because you can only charge it so fast before you damage the battery. So for the portability factor of the Erin scorpion as a crank charger , I would say it's doing it's job the best it can do.
Moving on:
I have taken this camping 4 times since I've owned .still works .I use the crank alot to charge the radio and light .mainly because I like to use the audio input so I can crank my iPhone music through a the scorpions speaker. This means 3 minutes of cranking for ever 45 minutes of using the speaker.
The light is great. Last a long time and lights up an area pretty well. When your walking , it shines a big circle in front if you and a med circle to the left and right of you.. A Nice spread.
The very end of the handle broke on my last camping trip so I had to learn to crank with out it. When I got home , I drilled a hole in the end of the handle and bolted the piece back on with a screw and locknut from skateboard hardware (last forever).
Pros and cons:
-audio input
-Nice size solar panel to charge its radio/flashlight.
-cranks to full charge in 2-3 minutes.
-45 minutes radio(half volume)/ couple hours light.
-nice rugged rubber shell.
-antenna stores away safely.
- pretty water resistant( left it in rain for a day, after drying it still works although it shouldn't )
-does crank charge USB devices including iPhones if your desperate.
-The caribeaner hook thing is nice to have. If it breaks I'll bolt that back on too.
- can't solar charge USB devices.
-can't charge USB devices from internal battery.
-doesn't take removable batteries.at night you have to crank charge to use the radio more than 45 minutes which goes by pretty fast.
- part if handle broke but fixes easy and now is stronger than before .
-radio tunes one station at a time , no station memory.

The new Eton Raptor is bigger and the next step up to the scorpion with a bigger solar panel and lithium battery but it has no crank charge ability. If the scorpion had no crank charge ability it would be useless.

Since I have already had to modify my scorpions handle , here are my plans to further modify it.
-remove the bottle opener and install a mini aa battery charger(from a solar garden light,they are basically mini solar aa rechargers) and wire it so they charge using the scorpions solar panel or crank charge .
- rewire inside so I can switch the radio from solar, internal battery,external AA batteries.
-rewire so USB devices can use solar charger, internal battery, or external aa batteries.
- Maybe change the internal battery to lithium ion.
- make a rain coat with a clear window for solar panel and pockets for a extended wire antenna, earbuds,and additional rechargeable AA batteries.
-if I'm feeling reall ambitious , remove the solar panel and make three solar panels that fold out from it ( like a book) to have better solar charging during cloudy days or triple it's solar power intake and charging time during full sun days.

If Eton did this instead of making the Raptor I would gladly pay $200+ and buy one (or two of them) because it would be all that I would need and I could carry much less with me when hiking etc.

Hope you liked my overly detailed longwinded review!
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on February 21, 2011
I saw the weather radio in Outside magazine and thought it would be neat to have just in case I ran out of power. I do a lot of travel to the midwest and didn't want to be stuck without power and access to weather reports. I was hoping it was totally water-proof but it's not. It stays charged and I can charge my ipod, cell and any USB connected device. For $50 it provides what I need.
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on December 9, 2017
NICE !! Can't believe the sound. NICE. Just don't break off that handle !!
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on September 13, 2017
I live in Central Florida.
I tried using this radio at my house before Irma hit. Couldn't pick up weather station. I took it to shelter hoping it would work there. I thought if nothing else, I would be able to recharge my phone. Did not pick up a weather station at shelter location. THE ONLY PLACE IT PICKS UP WEATHER STATION IS OUTSIDE. Like that is a really safe place in a hurricane.

Also, couldn't pick up radion stations.

After came home from shelter, I needed this unit to recharge my phone. USB PLUG DID NOT WORK.

I've had this unit too long for warentee.

It's too heavy to use as flashlight only. When you go to shelter, space is important. I will give to Salvation Army with big note re defects.
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on September 5, 2010
Edit: Junk. Antenna broke. Radio quits after a few minutes, even after full charge and/or in full sun. Look for something better

This thing it awesome! Small and sturdy. Using it for camping, poolside and at the beach. The digital tuner is a HUGE upgrade from previous units from ETON that only had an analog dial. Does not need lots of light to charge, and the radio will run all night (if you have need). The only thing that I questioned that kept it from getting 5 stars is the antenna. For as durable as this thing appears to be made, I worry about the metal antenna getting bent, kinked, or just broken. I would like ETON to use some sort of non-rigid, semi-flexible antenna in future models. Hopefully one that I could purchase to replace the existing one without having to replace the entire unit. Otherwise I would HIGHLY recommend this little gem!
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on April 27, 2014
For best results, use this radio in short spurts and recharge immediately via external power. This unit needs to be continuously hooked-up at home via a hard-to-find cable (though some packages come with it) to get a full charge to the puny 350mah internal battery. The solar charger alone will not ever fully charge the battery. Field tests provided one barely 40-minute listening session the first time before it gave out. After home charging post battery failure, the radio gave less and less listen time and after a few months it's crapped the bed. I've tried leaving it in a window facing the sun for days and it still would not charge up. The battery is replaceable by the user but in my experience, it is not readily available even in electronics stores and the compartment is so tight it makes swapping batteries difficult because it is challenging to get the connecting cable to lay correctly so the door can be closed. Hand-cranking...in an emergency? It would be better if the radio had battery capacity that didn't require that at all. If this had a more robust battery or even replaceable AA or AAAs it would be nearly perfect. It's a good size and well constructed but the battery thing is a serious lapse. The manufacturer should lose the silly bottle opener and use the space for a better cell. For a true emergency or hiking/camping unit go with something that allows a higher capacity battery to be fully charged via solar or even better, a hybrid Li-Ion/alkaline cell combo. This unit let me down on a on camping trip when it stopped functioning after a day and would not recharge the way I needed it to. I do not consider this an acceptable emergency unit at all.
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on May 11, 2013
I bought this item because of its many functions i like it a lot it's a very cool little device and very useful.
After 5 days the clip just fell off! It did not break and i could see no damage, it is like it just fell apart. The bar holding the two pieces came out along with the spring which made the clip part fall off at that spot so no more use of the clip. After two weeks of some use the little end piece of the crank broke so now it's really annoying to crank but there is a solar panel and it works pretty good on charging it at full charge it will play about 10-15 mins of radio at full volume the speaker is loud enough with the radio but when i plugged my phone into it and cranked up the volume it was boomin really loud so that's good and i didn't know that you must crank the device to charge your phone "pain in the ass I've tried it" unless it is literally a emergency situation it's ok other than that drive to find an outlet to charge up your phone. So i guess lesson would i buy it again knowing what j know now my answer is no. But it is still a cool device and i still enjoy using it its just somewhat annoying haha hope this review helps y'all out and i take care of my stuff i kept i inside my bag with clothes and a book it's not like I'm throwing it off a cliff or anything. Anyways good luck and shop American not French haha eton so dumb i don't even have that funny looking e
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on November 19, 2014
Nice feature set, the crank handle feels like it's relatively rugged.

Update: I recently had a power outage that lasted a few hours so I decided to try out these. They worked well, I turned on the radio and it would work fine for receiving NOAA announcements or other radio announcements. I didn't use the phone charger during the outage; I tried it when I first got the radio/light and it would give you enough juice to make a call or two in a short time.
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on February 4, 2015
Pros: water/splash proof, can use as auxiliary speaker, clips to Molle and bags well, VERY LOUD, light is bright, has bottle opener.

Cons: takes FOREVER to charge in the sun, antenna is humorously short, stations do not come through very well most times, build quality is a little better than "ok", does not "dump charge" meaning you have to crank constantly to charge anything, buttons are mushy and almost feel on the end of breaking when pushing hard. Needs can opener not bottle opener.

I bought another kind of these emergency radios a while back and it didn't have everything I wanted (mainly the fact that it wasn't water/splash proof). The Eton Scorpion is a much better version but it still has flaws. For instance the clip on the end on mine is slightly off center and requires that I nudge it over so it sits flush. But that just might be mine and that not my main complaint. My main use for this was supposed to be to charge my iPhone when it died and I was away from plugs. I take the bus a lot so I'm in the sun quite a bit. The Scorpion keeps charge very well if it is in the sun a lot, but when trying to charge a phone you have to constantly be cranking the arm, EVEN WHEN IT IS FULLY CHARGED. Which is not quiet and also very tiring. It takes several minutes just to get 1 or 2% of battery life. The iPhone also throws hissy fits if it doesn't get the correct voltage of input, Androids may suffer the same issue but I don't have a current gen Android. Since crank charging fluctuates in voltage it often doesn't work at all on iPhones. I've solved this by charging an external battery phone charger, and then plugging that into my iPhone. Works much better. The bottle opener is awkwardly placed but works fine (needs to be parallel w/ the frame no perpendicular). The antenna is very fragile. If you pull too hard i feel that it could easily come completely out. And is also a short 8inches. It works retracted just as good as it does deployed so I don't ever even pull it out. The Scorpion needs to have "dump charge" capabilities and then I'll give it a 4. Better antenna? 4.5. Add a can opener instead of of bottle opener and its a 5.
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on August 21, 2013
My stepdaughter is afraid of bad storms. She was very relieved when during our last blackout I was able to charge up my SCORPION and provide her with a light and a weather radio. My SCORPION is worth its weight in gold.
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