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on August 6, 2011
I bought these to use on a camping trip to a music festival way out in the country so that my son can have a little more freedom this year than he has had in the past. We've tested the range on these walkie talkies to confirm that they are good for about a mile radius in an urban area. I put really cheap dollar store batteries in them, and they're still going after two days straight of the two of us talking very frequently on them (my kid loves these things). So, now, I just have to get myself to the point that I am willing to let him out of my sight for short periods of time with the other kids his age. Sigh. I really wish these things had a hidden camera and a tracking device.

The one mile range we established was nowhere near the 18 miles the packaging says these are rated for, so if you need that kind of range, especially in the city, you may be looking at buying something more expensive. All of the options in this price range seemed to lack range according to the reviews I checked. And I've got no complaints about battery life so far, but it wouldn't surprise me if better walkie talkies came with longer battery life. These are good for the price, though. Build quality seems sturdy, and they fit nicely in my hands (medium-sized women's hands). I recommend them for short distances and camping trips.
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on July 27, 2011
I purchased a pair of these about a week ago to throw in the box with the hurricane supplies. Like I do every thing I had previously tested them and then loaded them with rechargeable batteries and stowed them. This was fortunate because I needed them quick today. My horse broke out of her pen and I spent 3 hours tracking her 2 miles through the woods. I grabbed these little radios and passed one off to my dad. In really dense brush we could get a little over a half a mile before you would notice some distortion And about three quarters of a mile apart before the words became too broken to do any good, and at that distance the other radio was in a truck driving up and down roads while I was bush whacking. I imagine that out side of the truck it would have worked a full mile. So as most people know, the max distance on these is only a mile unless you are on the water, then I would assume maybe 2 miles. I can't speak to battery life as today is the first day I've used them. I will say though that they are quite loud enough. If you have reading glasses it would be good to memorize what button does what before you need it and can't find your glasses. I will update this review after some more testing. But so far I am pleased with them. For 10 bucks a radio, it is well worth the money.
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on July 25, 2011
I wasn't expecting anywhere near the stated 18mile range because I had done some research and know the stated ranges are all but unattainable even in optimum conditions. However, this unit provides 1mi at best in light urban environments which makes all but useless outside of limited circumstances. I left one unit at home w/daughter while I took another one to the store to test range and frequently (about every block) called back to test reception.

About two blocks away from the other radio it started to get noticeably scratchy. In about 3/4 mi she could no longer hear me. Given this is in a location w/o any tall buildings, I am pretty disappointed w/the range of the radios. I'm pretty sure these will end up staying in a drawer in the workshop given the limited range...not sure when they will come in handy outside of toys for my girls around the yard.
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on August 23, 2011
I own a smaller theatrical lighting and sound company and find that these radios work great as crew radios. We add the behind the ear boom headset and 3 triple A batteries and we are working the show! Nice strong clip too. And the clip is removable (I carry my radio in a shirt pocket. The keys a lockable (no VOX by mistake) and the batteries last a long time. They have great range indoors in a theatre(lots of concrete and steel) and are better outside. They have GMRS capabilities (I do have a license) but we have found we didn't need the GMRS side (at least not yet). They work out great for crew as they are small and light. They do not have privacy codes but We haven't needed that feature and radios that do are fully compatible. If we are on channel 1 the other radios are on 1 - 0 (channel 1 privacy code zero ) and all is well. I have also found that with fewer features, the less experienced (with radios) are not intimidated as there's only a couple of things to learn (on-off and push-to-talk) and they are trained users. I have owned numerous pairs of these Midland radios (they used to be at walmart!) and have supplied them to a couple of local performance groups also. (Probaly owned 20 pairs at one point so I guess I like them alot!!)
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on July 7, 2011
I bought these to add to another set of Midland radios. All four units work together even though they are two different models. Good range and clarity. I used the search mode to find the channels were all four would work. We were able to talk clearly with one unit inside the house and the other several blocks away, outside. I have also used them while on the lake to talk to family on the shore about 1/2 mile away. I haven't tried any distances further than those.

Good purchase for the price. I am happy with these units and they have been holding up well for a couple of months now.
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on June 30, 2011
I bought these for the compact size while airsofting. They fit within one of my smaller pockets on my vest. I bought these in conjunction with a midland earpiece and they worked perfectly. The sound quality as good, and with the use of the earpiece ptt button I could operate it while playing with no problems. I will say that the use of the EVOX setting was very sensitive. If you were running and breathing hard it would record everything and prevent everyone else from transmitting. We refrained from using it during the games. The only reason i wouldn't give it 5 stars is because the clips are little hard to remove at first, and if you are not careful you can break them.
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on October 26, 2012
These radios are fantastic for use on a job site! You can lock the channel AND the volume. The sound is clear and these Midland radios are small and very simple to operate. Normal AAA batteries last for weeks. I have used Motorola and Cobra radios that were complicated, difficult to use, and would change volume and/or channel on your belt or in your pocket. (BTW - I never use VOX because it does not work well on any radio I have tried. I have not even tried VOX on these.)
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on April 3, 2017
Range is not as good as they claim and it goes through batteries pretty quickly but it's handy for music festivals or on hiking trips as long as you have line of sight or are near enough.
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on January 19, 2012
Bought these for Christmas for our 7 year old son. He wanted to take one on the bus with him and leave on with us at home. His bus stop is less than a half mile away and they don't work. He has fun with them around the house. They look nice, not too heavy. Easy to use.
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on May 16, 2012
In our car club (the Miata Club Philippines, the Midland is a preferred brand due to the sturdy construction of its antenna which does not break easily as compared to the other brands whose antenna is made of rubber. We use two-way radios extensively during our out-of-town fun runs and the Midland LXT114 has proven to give us great value for money. Effective range is actually around two kilometers, and this is while travelling through city roads, open roads and in the mountains.
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