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on December 11, 2011
I purchased these headphones to use with my Waterfi iPod shuffle (which is awesome btw). The sound quality isn't amazing (I would not choose them over my day to day headphones when listening to music outside the water); but honestly, you don't really notice the slight decrease in sound quality after being in the water a few minutes. I have found that they stay in my ears pretty well with vigorous lap swimming even when my swim cap is not pulled down all the way. I discarded the plastic attachments as they were uncomfortable, and I have been fine without them. Given that they come with about 4-5 different size/shape ear-bud fits I would recommend them to anyone looking for a "good" waterproof head phone.

*Manufacturer Please Read This"

The reason I am not giving these headphones 5 stars is due to the cord being way , way too long for most practical purposes that people would use waterproof headphones for. Think about it: for water sports you don't want to create drag by having cords hanging about, and people are usually attaching them to devices on the back of their goggles (especially for swimming) or on their upper arm. So why do you need 3.5-4 feet of cord in headphones that are advertised to use for water sports?!? Right now, the most laborious part of my pre-swim workout routine is winding the damn cord of these headphones around and around and around and around my goggle straps till it's not flailing about anymore. I like these headphones, but as soon as another company is smart enough to make a pair with swimmers in mind by having a shorter cord I will re-evaluate my customer loyalties.
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on April 29, 2017
These are wonderful headphones. I use them while swimming from 2 - 3 hours a day. The cord is long enough to keep my iPod touch (in a waterproof case) in my pocket while I am swimming and strong enough to handle the pull when it slips out of my pocket. No problems but the number of emails from the seller asking for a review really annoyed me. I
I hate reviews that say 'I haven't used this yet,' or 'I just received the item.' I like to use my item a lot before I give a review so it can be honest and helpful to potential buyers. I got an email from the seller before I even received the headphones. With every one of the four emails I got I was less likely to leave a review. That said, the fact that I did leave a 5 star review ON THE HEADPHONES shows how much I like them.
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on June 23, 2017
I was only expecting them to last 5-6 swims while I was waiting on a replacement for my h2o audio headphones.

It does take a few minutes to figure out what size earbuds fit your ears the best in the pool, so don't expect the 1st time you wear them to be able to swim for an hour without refitting them with different earbuds.

I've got 25+ swims (1 hour of laps each time) in them, no issues so far. Id give them 5 stars if they had a short cord version. They also sound better than my h2o audio headphones that cost 4 or 5 times as much.

FYI, I used to sell car and home audio equipment and don't usually don't like Pyle products in general, they are mostly junk low end stuff you'd see sold at a flee market, but these are a different story.
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on March 20, 2016
Great sound and that is all that is good. None of the ear pieces fit my ear. None of them!! So since the ear piece is not attached to the ear catcher I have to wear a head band and it takes forever to put the ear pieces in. Forever!! Since I listen to stories all day long this is a horrible situation. The jack that fits into the device has two problems. 1) They made the piece so wide it does not fit through my Mophie, so I cannot use it on my phone, just my iPods, 2) The jack is loose,so the sound goes off and I have to set back my story. In addition, I thought it was to work when speaking on the phone, so I pulled out my other iPhone and my friend cannot hear me. I am so disappointed!!!
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on April 11, 2017
These are great value for the lap swimming in a pool that I do with my wife. We've used this product for years and are loyal customers.

I bought two pair in 2012 for $11 each. I bought 2 more pair last week for $9.99 each. Wanted to buy 2 spares, so I went to buy them again today and they are over $13 apiece ...

So I guess I'm going to wait and wonder if I am somehow being targeted with variable pricing, which seems to be the fad of many a business, all trying to replicate the airline industry ticket pricing schemes.

I guess it's good for all of us customers to be vigilant and not buy or rebuy without paying attention to what we're being charged.

Today's technology is smart enough to charge us each different prices -- based on our collective past purchases and whether where we are price sensitive or price indifferent.

Bottom line regarding this product; the headphones are a winner. I just don't want to pay more just a few days apart. Hint: I am price sensitive : )

4/17/2017 update: price dropped to 10.85 per, so I pulled trigger and bought my two replacements. Very interesting to pay attention to weekly or even daily price changes.
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on August 26, 2017
Combined with Far End Gear Budloks, these earbuds are the most comfortable and consistently best sounding earbuds for swimming i've tried; and, I've tried quite a few. Used these twice in the pool for two hours or so each time. Sound stayed consistent (sounds better in the water than out.) Once I settled them in my ears I didn't need to adjust the earbuds at all. for leaks or sound degradation. Also, these are far less expensive almost all the other alternatives.

The only thing that would make these better is if it were a single mono earbud. Despite what some people seem to believe, stereo is overrated. I and many others would rather be able to hear what is going on around us while we listen to music or an audiobook.
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on May 31, 2015
I have tried many of the waterproof headphones that are sold on Amazon (for under forty dollars) and have found these to be the best value for the money. The sound is fairly good if you choose the right size earpiece and push it into your ear canal properly. You know that you’ve done it correctly when you can hear some decent bass in the music from both ears. If you don’t do this correctly they will sound tinny and water will get in your ear canal. For best sound try putting a dab of Vaseline on the sides of the earpiece to help them to slide deeper into your ear canal and give a better seal. They definitely sound better in the water than on land (in fact, I wouldn’t use them out of the water because there are many better choices in non-waterproof headphones).
The only issues I have with these are that the cord is way too long, the earpieces will eventually start getting struck in yours ears when you remove them and they typically last about 6 months before one of the channels go out due to fairly cheap build quality. The cord problem is solved by coiling it and using a Velcro strip to secure the extra coiled portion to your google strap. I would recommend super gluing the earpieces to prevent them from getting stuck in your ears. I swim 5 times a week with these headphones and have had 4 pairs wear out over the past 2 years. Also, I don’t use the molded earpiece as it does not stay in place in the water and is not necessary.
The black ones are typically a couple of dollars cheaper than the white ones but I have owned both and they perform identically.
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on July 29, 2016
I've been using these for years and think for the money they're the best out there. The first couple pair I bought only lasted a couple months, before one or both channels would stop working. Then after figuring out the failure mechanism was fatigue where the wire connects, I eliminated wire movement by taping the wires to my goggles, which has extended their life to 16 months and counting.
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on June 23, 2017
7/21/17: These ear phones died on me 7/18. That means they lasted exactly 1 month...but, they started acting up within 3 weeks. At first, I blamed in on my MP3 player. I was wrong. Finally, Tuesday, the earphones started crackling when I used them and stopped almost completely. They seemed to work out of the water, but they're supposed to be water proof and that's what I bought them use while I'm swimming. I do NOT recommend them.
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on January 5, 2017
Great quality for the price. I've had FAR more expensive ones that didn't sound nearly as good. Remember that you are not going to get GREAT sound quality from waterproof earbuds- This is about as good as you can expect.

One tip- DO NOT pull the wires to get them out of your ear, it will shorten their life considerably. Also, the tips do tend to come off on occasion in the ear, it's a result of a very tight fit that keeps the water out. For this reason, I carry a pair of tweezers in my swim bag so I can get them out of my ear.

The only thing that I hate about these is the cord length- It's way too long for swimming, so you've got to coil it up somehow... I have fixed that with mine by shortening the cord, it only takes a couple of minutes and a bit of solder and shrink tubing. There are PLENTY of tutorials on the web about soldering headphone cords if you don't know how to do it. It makes a good pair of headphones GREAT.

The white 'ear thingies' are removable easily, I take them off as I find that I don't need them.
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