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on November 6, 2014
I swim 4 days a week, and I own the awesome waterproof iPod Shuffle. I have purchased these exact Pyle headphones and have used these exclusively for a year. I am currently on my fourth pair. The first pair lasted 6 months, and the second and third pair each lasted about 2 months each. My current pair, pair #4, began crapping out in one ear within the first week. These seem to die by slowly fading in volume, which I attribute to water intrusion. So if you pay $12 or less for these, you're getting what you paid for and I don't think you can go wrong with taking a chance by ordering two so you have a spare on hand for when the first pair inevitably die. If you pay more than $12, they aren't worth it IMHO.

I am looking for another brand that I feel is more rugged, but at this point, I can't seem to find anything viable.

Some helpful hints:
I always immediately remove the hard plastic ear piece and discard them for underwater use. This is easy because this plastic piece is grooved. But as stated below, DO NOT PULL BY THE WIRES!

Go buy a tube of generic cream or ointment that contains lidocaine or other "pain relief" ingredient (insect bite stuff, itch stuff), or Emla cream. Put a dab of this on a q-tip and rub this in your ear canal when you head to the pool and give it a few mins to kick in. This prevents your ear from hurting or throbbing from the gasket making a water-tight seal if you swim for an hour at a time like I do. This also lubricates the rubber piece in your ear, allowing it to be inserted or removed much more easily than if dry.

Never pull the buds out of your ear by yanking on the wire! As tempting as it is, these wires are the normal, frail wires used on all headphones and you will kill your buds very quickly. The cord is not designed to be pulled on, so don't pull on it. EVER. Trust me

Lastly, if the rubber piece comes off in your ear and the bud itself pulls out alone - don't freak out. (It randomly happens to the best of us). The easiest thing to do is pull the other end of the earphone cord (the gold-plated, one-inch-long jack) out of your device and put the jack into the rubber piece in your ear where the hole is, angle the jack so that it contacts the side of the rubber gasket, and slowly pull the rubber gasket out of your ear. Or, freak out and race home and use tweezers. Your choice.
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on June 3, 2017
I experimented with waterproofing an old iPod shuffle and didn't want to invest much in headphones in case it was a failure. (It worked! And it was easy! Use Google to find the instructions.) THESE HEADPHONES ARE GREAT! I don't feel them or think about the fact they are there when I'm swimming laps. I was a competitive swimmer growing up and I swim for fitness as an adult. It used to be so boring. Now the time passes in the blink of an eye. Wish I would have done this a long time ago. The one design change I'd suggest is a shorter cord. It isn't a huge deal, though. I use clear hair rubber bands to bind it together and tuck it into the strap of my goggles. GREAT HEADPHONES FOR A GREAT PRICE!
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on March 24, 2010
I bought this: Lewis N. Clark WaterSeals standard Waterproof MP3 or IPOD pouch. I've read reviews for all of the waterproof headphones available on Amazon, and I was unsatisfied by what I could obviously see were design flaws in other headphones, even in the $50 and up range. I took a chance on these, and I'm glad I did. I'll break it down by waterproofing, comfort, and sound.

The headphones come with four sets of in-ear cups. Three of those are small, medium, and large triple-sealed cups obviously for in water use. There is also a pair of regular in-ear cups for listening outside water. I used the small cups, which still seemed a little big, but they made an excellent seal. Doing things I normally did in water that might dislodge them, I was surprised to find that they stayed put and stayed sealed. Even moving my jaw, or lightly pulling on the cords, I didn't unseal them. The over-ear bendable plastic helped significantly - the phones were not pulled by drag or anything else away from my ear. I'm sure if I were to tug on them, I would dislodge them, but I try to avoid this with any waterproof headphone because doing so often compromises their waterproofing, and they can get permanently damaged in the water.

Another difference between these and the standard triple-seal phones is comfort. You can't really call anything comfortable that's lodged in your ear canal, but these come close to comfort. The plastic is soft and near-malleable, and the edges are thin, instead of thick and blunt. There are slightly noticeable mold lines (where the seam of the two molds used to create the cup come together), but these did nothing to irritate my ears. By comparison, the design of the Lewis & Clark earphones is downright sadistic. There is only one size of ear cup, and the plastic is harder and excruciatingly painful in the ear.

The sound, I was happy to find, is quite excellent. Because of the seal, I couldn't really find a perfect balance of highs and lows in my ear (I suspect it has something to do with the air pressure), but it's a price I'm very willing to pay for the great seal. I set my equalizer on my mp3 player, and everything sounded great.

Overall, I'm very satisfied with these earphones. The value for the price is amazing. Don't waste your money on those $50 and up earphones; these ones do fine. The only thing is, they're not perfectly comfortable. I can't give five stars for something that still hurts my ear to use, as I have a pair of non-waterproof Panasonic earphones that are like wearing nothing on my ears. Comfort is a big deal to me, and these are slightly painful to wear. But I suspect that the cups are shaped the way they are in order to make a seal, which they do very well.

A few words of caution: I have not taken these to any depths. I usually swim on the surface of the water, and my last pair of headphones did not respond well to being taken even three feet underwater. Because I am so satisfied with these, I didn't risk going lower than the surface. If you're a diver, or an underwater swimmer, I don't suggest listening to music underwater with any sort of earphones.

Secondly, you'll want to rinse anything you use in chlorinated or seawater thoroughly with distilled water after every use, to prolong their lifespan. Make sure they are unplugged, and make sure they are fully dry before their next use.
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on April 11, 2017
These are great value for the lap swimming in a pool that I do with my wife. We've used this product for years and are loyal customers.

I bought two pair in 2012 for $11 each. I bought 2 more pair last week for $9.99 each. Wanted to buy 2 spares, so I went to buy them again today and they are over $13 apiece ...

So I guess I'm going to wait and wonder if I am somehow being targeted with variable pricing, which seems to be the fad of many a business, all trying to replicate the airline industry ticket pricing schemes.

I guess it's good for all of us customers to be vigilant and not buy or rebuy without paying attention to what we're being charged.

Today's technology is smart enough to charge us each different prices -- based on our collective past purchases and whether where we are price sensitive or price indifferent.

Bottom line regarding this product; the headphones are a winner. I just don't want to pay more just a few days apart. Hint: I am price sensitive : )

4/17/2017 update: price dropped to 10.85 per, so I pulled trigger and bought my two replacements. Very interesting to pay attention to weekly or even daily price changes.
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on August 26, 2017
Combined with Far End Gear Budloks, these earbuds are the most comfortable and consistently best sounding earbuds for swimming i've tried; and, I've tried quite a few. Used these twice in the pool for two hours or so each time. Sound stayed consistent (sounds better in the water than out.) Once I settled them in my ears I didn't need to adjust the earbuds at all. for leaks or sound degradation. Also, these are far less expensive almost all the other alternatives.

The only thing that would make these better is if it were a single mono earbud. Despite what some people seem to believe, stereo is overrated. I and many others would rather be able to hear what is going on around us while we listen to music or an audiobook.
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on January 5, 2016
These are inexpensive. That's their plus side. They do not 'clip' around the ears tightly, which is needed for swimming. The part that goes into your ear is all well and good, but it's the black bar area you see that's pretty much completely worthless in this design. Also, it comes with a cord that is ridiculously too long. You have to wind it all up and then clasp it with a hair tie or something and then clip it under your goggle strap - aka the same location your music player is being clipped. So you need a goggle strap with 2 straps, one for each, or this is a mess.

It is a MUST that you get a swimming cap you pair with this that comfortably encompasses the whole ear. You'll want one that has the 'ridges' on the top and back to show it has room and won't pull/ride up as you swim. This way the cap will 'seal' the earpiece in place and keep it from being pulled out by water drag.

So if you combo it like that, it becomes a solid combo. If you try and just wear these without a good cap, it's gonna annoy the piss outa you.
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on June 23, 2017
I was only expecting them to last 5-6 swims while I was waiting on a replacement for my h2o audio headphones.

It does take a few minutes to figure out what size earbuds fit your ears the best in the pool, so don't expect the 1st time you wear them to be able to swim for an hour without refitting them with different earbuds.

I've got 25+ swims (1 hour of laps each time) in them, no issues so far. Id give them 5 stars if they had a short cord version. They also sound better than my h2o audio headphones that cost 4 or 5 times as much.

FYI, I used to sell car and home audio equipment and don't usually don't like Pyle products in general, they are mostly junk low end stuff you'd see sold at a flee market, but these are a different story.
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on March 20, 2016
Great sound and that is all that is good. None of the ear pieces fit my ear. None of them!! So since the ear piece is not attached to the ear catcher I have to wear a head band and it takes forever to put the ear pieces in. Forever!! Since I listen to stories all day long this is a horrible situation. The jack that fits into the device has two problems. 1) They made the piece so wide it does not fit through my Mophie, so I cannot use it on my phone, just my iPods, 2) The jack is loose,so the sound goes off and I have to set back my story. In addition, I thought it was to work when speaking on the phone, so I pulled out my other iPhone and my friend cannot hear me. I am so disappointed!!!
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on February 1, 2018
Second time I've ordered these. I swim laps and I bought these the first time to go with a Diver MP player. Much better than what came with it.
Diver gave out so I got a waterproof Ipod and these were much better than what came with it.
I don't buy the expensive expensive stuff. It's just not worth the gamble that you take because of the water factor. These, out of all I've tried, are a lot better when it comes to sound than anything else I've tried.
First pair lasted 3/4 years but then one side stopped working. Just got the second pair & they sound even better new than I remembered. Either they improved them or the first pair just lost it's ump over time. Not impressed with the buds that come with it. The soft white ones that came an Ipod that I've had for years worked a ton better.
For those who want to add a little more protection to these (always found water is the enemy even when they are rated waterproof). Get a fold top baggie (cheaper version--got mine at Dollar General) and cut two fairly good sized pieces. Put one over the earphone before slipping on the bud. Do both sides. Trim the extra plastic off below the buds.
You can use the same type baggies for extra protection for your waterproof MP player too. I wear a swimming cap and wrap the player in two bags. Do one at at time, Stick the connector and any free wire inside with the MP player before twisting the bag tight. Put the second on and twist it in the opposite direction. Last step is to shove the player so it's at the top where your head starts to curve downward. I also stick the wires running to my ears under the swimming cap.
When I done doing laps, I remove my Ipod it is dry.
Yes it's waterproof but I have learned that those extra steps make it last longer because water will eventually get to it. Which is why, if I don't plan on getting my head wet, I wear a headband and attach the Ipod to it. The hard plastic loops on each side is very handy for keeping the wires under control.
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on November 6, 2015
Looks guys, you have to understand something....these work VERY well and they actually fit, keep your ear canal relatively dry (once you determine which size rubber cone fits best for you) and compared to many other units (that cost considerably more) they work great. You'll still need to occasionally stop swimming in order to clear water build-up, it happens. I've had many pairs and spoken with other swimmers who've tried other pairs as well, these are pretty much the overall best but here are 2 key concepts you need to follow: 1) remove the hard-plastic J-shaped curve piece on each side, you carefully spread the channel and pull the wire out, this makes it fit much better, it's just the ear plug, no nonsense trying to wrap around the ear. Next, 2) it is a matter of time before the wire starts to degrade and one speaker will fail....CONSIDER THESE LIKE A DISPOSABLE RAZOR, they will not last terribly long (maybe 3-6 months depending on how gentle you are) but for the price you just roll with it. I actually keep one pair as a back-up and when I use the back-up I re-order another pair. Simple as that.
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