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on October 27, 2012
First time I heard these speakers I knew I HAD to put them in my living room because it sounds so damn good. The highs are perfect, the mids are perfect, the lows are perfect. If you want more bass, get a subwoofer too, but even without it, its amazing. Hooked up to Denon 1912 with super cheap flimsy speaker cables, but even so, they sound super amazing. The design is also interesting and effective, the top portion with the tweeter and mid-range woofer, are open to allow the sound to radiate off the walls to create a wider, larger sound stage and also for stereo imaging so it sounds like all the sound is coming from an invisible center channel, this is most apparent when your eyes are closed to imagine your favorite artist in front of you. The quality of the speaker is great, wood on the bottom portion, metal on top with mesh screens and the covers are both metal and plastic. Only problem with this is the steel speaker feet for carpet placement is sharp enough to put 4 nice little holes in my hardwood floor, I put my TV set and speakers on carpet for easy movement. One thing I would suggest is to purchase speaker cables or wire with banana plugs because it would look better for your speakers since they stick out.
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on April 4, 2013
I fell in love with the Motion 12's when I worked for a home theater company, mostly selling high-end audio equipment. At the time, I could move these for $600 a piece with ease after a brief demo. I picked these up for $266 a piece a month ago to add onto my Denon AVR-2112 and haven't looked back. You simply won't find a better value for you dollar. Pick up some nice speaker cables to go with these as you do NOT want to bottle neck the quality of your signal. I suggest either Audioquest cabling or the Dayton Audio SCP-6 speaker cable pair with banana plugs (if you're looking to save a buck). These are a must buy for any audiophile in the market. Enjoy.
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on January 20, 2013
These replaced old Sony Dream System speakers which were single midrange speakers in a small rear surround style cube, so the sound is infinitely better. They are packaged very well and come with upper and lower grilles and adjustable rubber feet as well as metal spikes which I assume are for carpet.

Others have gone into the technicalities of their sound, so I'll just say that they are great speakers, especially for the current price of under $300 per speaker.

The issue with these speakers is that they are 4 ohm and VERY power hungry. You will have to turn the volume up a noticeable amount higher to achieve the same sound level as less hungry speakers. Most entry/mid level receivers are 8 ohm, and cannot handle the 4 ohm load under heavy stress. If you never test the limits of your system this is not a problem. In my experience, 2 separate Resident Evil fight scenes at high volume have sent my Sony 7.1 receiver into Protect mode shutdown, so I will be looking to upgrade my receiver and possibly add an external amplifier in the near future.

If your system can handle them, these are one of the best deals going on high end speakers right now and I definitely recommend them.
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on February 24, 2012
I agree with the other glowing reviews of this motion 12. My budget has always dictated that I buy mid-line Polk's and be satisfied...while I like Polk speakers, I must admit this ML Motion 12 is in a different realm. They are nominal 4 ohm, so I have an HK 3490 hooked up to these for full capability...Another reviewer mentioned the "boxy" sound of some floor-standing speakers - I did notice this with the Polks I had, but these ML's have such a great open sound! The soundstage is fantastic and the bass is completely adequate without a sub-woofer. I managed to get one of the last pairs Amazon had and I am so glad I made that decision to get these. They are being discontinued I believe, but I can say with certainty that I will have years of listening enjoyment from these speakers. Customer service at ML is exceptional as well - they got right back to me concerning my warranty question - Thanks Martin Logan and Amazon!!
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on October 19, 2013
I love these speakers.

+Crisp Sound
+Good Bass(for speakers)
+Great for ->both<- Music and Movies.
+Quality-have been using these for 2+ years; no issues!
-If anything, Design/Size. Some people like the design,I am not a fan. I wanted to go with a smaller speaker set but they were either too expensive or they lacked the quality of the 12s.

After visiting local audio stores, doing research, and reading reviews the MLs 10/12 were the best option; sounded much better to me than any other brand. I chose ML 12 over 10 because of the room size 2463cft and makeup(10 windows and a patio door.) Needed something powerful to fill that space! If you have a smaller room like a bedroom, I'd go for
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on November 30, 2011
Although I have only listened to these speakers for a limited amount of time as part of a temporary setup to watch three movies on a borrowed projector, they were absolutely amazing and exceeded all of my expectations! Even without a sub-woofer hooked up, they provided plenty of bass when watching Jurassic Park - a DVD that really needs a lot of bass to feel the dinosaurs. They even rival my much larger Aeon I electrostatic speakers that I normally listen to.
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on April 5, 2011
When updating my entire home theatre system, replacing my center channel was a must. I must state that asthetics were a major factor in this and previous decisions. Based upon my new TV choice, and cabinet layout, I chose the ML Motion 8 center channel. Having made this decision, I then decided to go for true 7.1 audio this time around. Thus, I moved my Klipsch front to the rear as my main surrounds, and added these Motion 12 as my complimentary choice to my new center channel.

Now after reading review after review about ML's tremendous packaging and shipping, I was stunned to find the second of my two boxes I opened, containg an absolutely destroyed speaker. ML forgot to put a small styrofoam piece in this box causing the top of the speaker to knock to pieces in the box. A couple of quick e-mails resolved this problem and I had a new one within days.

I am more than pleased with the sound quality and clarity. I think I have made myself quite a system.

I will not claim to be an audiophile and know very much about sound technicalities. So, I will spare you technical details. The reality is that they sound great. Enough said. A great speaker for a good price. I would definitely buy again.
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on June 14, 2012
Amazon rules ! If it wasn't for Amazon, I wouldnt be listening to the best speakers I have ever heard ! Arrived on time ,in great shape, and sound great right out of the box ! Music has never sounded better !
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on March 12, 2013
Absolutely incredible. I install high end audio for a living, so you can consider me an audiophile. One listen to these and the bargain basement pricing made me retire my Jamo concert series (which I was totally satisfied with) to bedroom duty. About to order the motion 10s for surround duty. These speakers have the crispest highs and best soundstage of any sub-2500 dollar speakers I have heard. Considering ordering another pair because they're so cheap. They make me want to listen to acoustic music and light/classic rock because you can literally see the vocalist and where the instruments are because of the excellent soundstage. And they are only in a 16' x 16' room and not placed 3' from the wall like Martin Logan recommends. The electromotion tweeter has incredible responsiveness and really makes these speakers a joy to listen to. Martin Logan for life!
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on January 10, 2014
I love these speakers and the price beat evryone else by about $ 50 dollars each speaker, so I saved a bunch
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