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on November 5, 2010
I bought this case, along with H2Audio's headphones and a brand-new iPod from Amazon for my husband to use while swimming. We followed all of the instructions and he then took it for the first swim. It worked great for 10 minutes, and then the iPod died. Somehow some water got into the case. I sent it all in to the company to have tested, but they came back and said that it tested out fine and there was nothing they could do (other than send a replacement case).

I must say that everyone I dealt with at the company was very friendly and seemed genuinely concerned about what happened. I also understand that they can't just replace every iPod that people claim has been damaged by their case.

However, I do think that there is a serious problem with this case. My husband was extremely careful, especially since it was his first time using it and he wanted to make sure the iPod would be safe. If the case truly wasn't defective, then it must be far too easy to unwittingly do something wrong that can end up ruining your IPod. In this case, it worked great at first (my husband kept looking at it to make sure no water was getting in). Whatever the trouble was, it was obviously slow to kick in (but just as deadly to the iPod). Not sure what we'll do with the new case and the dead iPod. I just can't justify spending the money on a replacement iPod when I have no confidence it won't happen again.
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Water therapy is one of the most important things I can do for myself (I have MS). Listening to music soothes my soul and helps with pain. I had wondered how I could safely combine both water therapy and the opportunity to listen to my iPod Nano 5G. I was absolutely thrilled when I found the H2O line of products and took the plunge (no pun intended) and purchased the Capture case along with the H2O Audio IEN1-BK Surge Sportwrap Waterproof Headphones to go along with it. Although this is not a cheap item, it is also not cheaply made. When you handle it for the first time and test it out (through submersion without your electronic device) you feel just how solid this case is. It has to be solid to keep the water out.

Using the case is easy and is dependent on a silicone gasket that makes the seal between the front and back waterproof. The product includes and extra gasket for replacement (the directions say this should be replaced yearly).

The case feels solid, works like a charm, and includes a great strap which you can wear on your arm to hold your device while you swim, etc and listen to music. I LOVE IT.

Submersion rules and these guys obviously know what they are doing when they create these cases. Do the submersion test beforehand and make sure that you have a good seal. For me, the seal was fine. It takes quite a bit of faith to buy an item like this along with submersible headphones and believe that they are going to protect your device and music .... but they DO!

I love it, 5 stars!
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on June 11, 2010
 Awesome product. I have used H20 Audio Products before, but was really excited about the video capabilities on this little guy. Only downside it doesn't come with waterproof headsets (and you should get something to plug the hole where the earplugs go into, if you don't have any). I recommend the H2O Audio Surge Waterproof Headphones (ASIN: B001F8SAK8), they are awesome. I used the earbuds that came on the headphones initially, but they do include other sizes for people who may need that.

I have the original shuffle and got the H20 case that came with those cord-extend headset. I am using the new surge ones on the shuffle for music and using the extend ones on the ipod nano case and tying the earbuds to my swimsuit so it won't fall, since I am using the nano primarily for filming underwater. I am going to start to look like a tourist to all those little fishies.

The video you will see has been converted to amazon-able format (which means the video may not be as clear as the original file), but the camera quality is just like it would if there was no case. I left the audio, though not great, but who needs audio for fish. But I understand if you have kids or whatever.

Ok this review is getting too long.... Enjoy the product as I have and am going to.
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on August 15, 2010
After studying every review I found on this Capture Case, I took a breath and finally purchased it. My Nano Ipod is a gift from my son and I love it so. I wanted to use it during my solo water aerobic exercise and this case is the answer! After it arrived, I read the pamphlet forward to back so I would do everything right! It is quite easy to do this...and the case (and the newly purchased H2O Surge Sportswrap Waterproof Headphones as well) work just stupendously wonderful!!! No longer do I "do exercise"....you know, the same ol', same ol' stuff each time. NOW water exercise is beautiful! I grab the thick noodle and my two water dumb bells and go for it! When you are twirling, "dancing", lifting, kicking, stretching and even sweating, the hour goes by like magic and you are done! It is the music which transports you to a different dimension. So, I personally love Kenny G's Albums (soprono saxaphone) and also Janni's stuff..... Anyway, I digress. Get this case (and the headphones, too) and live a little. Put some sugar into those workouts. You will never be the same again! Oh, yeah. Forgot. Everything (nano) is kept dry as can be!
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on November 20, 2010
The lock is hard to use, the seal is supposed to be replaced after a year, and the spare seal that the manual says is included was not in the packaging, (other waterproof cases instruct that seals should be lubricated yearly). The rotating wheel is not precise and has too much resistance, and worst of all, the connection between the plug and the jack is lousy. Each time the connection drops out the player either stops, changes to another program, or causes an endless loop of voice-overs of the contents of the Nano. I have had eight months to evaluate this case, which I purchased because Otterbox discontinued their Ipod line. Unfortunately, I do not know of another alternative for a waterproof case for my Nano, so I am stuck with the H2O case.
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on September 16, 2010
Don't do it. Electronics and water really don't mix if the case is an after market design. You will miss your nano, and have a case that can protect dead air only once the nano is dead.
The company that makes it will act empathic and then tell you its user error. THey may offer you a case to replace it but would you put a 200 dollar nano back in it again?
You will be out the price of a nano plus what was on it, the price of the case, and the cost of shipping it back, to have them tell you how "sorry" they are but their hands are tied (if only!).

My recommendation: Enjoy the water! Enjoy the nano, in different places. You have been warned.

One small caveat: Amazon was great in dealing with this fiasco. They really were. They refunded the case cost and allowed me to return it to H2audio. But I will tell you that took 3 separate calls--call#1 I think was amazon--Bangladesh , call #2: Amazon Pakistan division and finally call#3: maybe Amazon:Ohio?......where I found a human I could relate to and more important actually communicate the issue. (So one more advice: if it sounds like your talking to Amazon Mumbai and having no luck, hang up and keep trying till you get that twangy "good old American accent!") I am sure the folks in Mumbai would not want to talk to West Virginia to solve a Mumbai issue!.
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on October 4, 2016
Leaked and ruined my iPod. Went with an actual waterproof iPod this last time.
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on January 30, 2013
I have a jetski that I've fitted out with tunes, and this case does a great job at making sure my ipod doesn't get ruined out in the surf. The scroll wheel takes a bit of getting used to, but I'm actually quite surprised at how well it works. The interface is designed very well, and even while wearing gloves I can operate all the controls just by feel without needing to look down. Great job guys!
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on June 29, 2010
I bought this case primarily to protect my iPod when I'm kayaking, but have since began using it when snorkling. It works perfect, and protects the ipod from all water and moisture. A must have, if you're going to be around water with your ipod.
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on July 15, 2011
The Waterproof Ipod case is great in that I can swim without worry that my Ipod will get soaked. However, the case is large, and feels clunky and awkward when I am swimming. So far I use it for slower laps, or when I am not trying to get a timed workout in. It is great to have music when swimming, and this definitely fits the bill for that. I am not sure if there are sleeker, less bulky models out there.
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