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on October 12, 2011
First of all, I am not going to claim that I am an expert when it comes to speakers. But I have had many different brands of speakers and AV receivers which did not notice much difference between them which confirms that I am not an expert. I had JVC, Infinity, Pioneer, Yamaha, and Kenwood speakers in the past and again, did not notice major difference. As for AV receivers, I mainly had Denons which served me well over a decade.

I simply love to listen to music and watch movies in my so called "home theater" and didn't think twice about upgrading for the past 5 years or so. Recently, I decided that it was time for me to 'beef up' my system from Denon-2101 receiver with Bose cube speakers to something with air play and more power. After doing some research, I decided on Pioneer Elite SC-55 with Martin Logan Motif, Source, and Encore TF speakers. What do the youngsters says these days? OMG!! What a difference in sound!! Granted that it was a lot more money (almost $5K) but it is worth every penny. The moment I switched the receiver and speakers, I immediately noticed the difference between Bose cubes and Martin Logans. And as for Encore TF, I used one of them as my center for few days before Motif arrived and it was a huge step up from the little dinky Bose center. Of course, Motif replaced the Encore TF which was another step up.

Again, I am no expert but I could even tell the difference and if someone has about the same budget I had, look no further!
Martin Logans speakers will pleasantly surprise anyone whether you are an audiophile or amateur. I just need to get a good sub woofer and I will be set for another decade.
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on December 31, 2011
I needed a center channel speaker to round out my motley assortment of 5.1 speakers. I'm irrationally fond of my front R/L pair - they are Tannoy 6 NFMs, an old monitor speaker from the 90's, and they have concentric horn tweeters and cone woofers which I have bi-amped. Stereo reproduction is nearly perfect because both tweeter and woofer are physically in the same place; and the speaker is designed for a very neutral, high-fidelity reproduction.

As it turns out, that's not what you want for what comes over the center channel. Center channel is mainly for movie dialog. You don't want stereo phasing effects in your dialog, nor do you want it neutrally reproduced; you want a bump in the warm, 500-2000 Hz range, where your ears are optimized for hearing voices; and you want this sound to be punchy, broadcast over a broad field, not the tight cone that makes for good stereo reproduction.

This speaker's designed for that. The "film" tweeter - sort of a tiny version of the large electrostatic screen that makes up the real MartinLogan speaker line - gives just unbelievable fidelity and volume to a broad range of high frequencies. Voices are distinct, unmuddled, cut right through background noise, even if it's battles or bombs with subwoofer LFEs going on. And the two conventional cones, well separated, throw out a nice broad non-directional soundfield so when you're looking at a speaking person on your monitor, it sounds like that's where the sound is coming from.

You'll read it elsewhere - 80% of the sound of your surround-setup comes out of the center channel speaker - but it's really true. This is the speaker you're actually going to be attentively listening to, whenever you watch a movie. Because ML has discontinued this speaker it's available for a great price - so snap it up while you can!
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on March 4, 2010
I recently took advantage of this huge sale and upgraded my center speaker with this one. I was kind of skeptic, did not know how much the sound was going to change, but What a difference!!!I have to say that I was surprised. With my old cheap speaker, I had to adjust the volume of the center channel about 8dB above the rest of the other channels, it just could not reach the rest of the speakers and sounded opaque. When I installed this Martin Logan, the sound was so clear that I had to re-adjust the channel, otherwise it would dominate the other speakers. This was a great buy, it is musical, clear and delivers good bass too. I recommend it very much.
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on March 2, 2011
***5-11-2016 UPDATE***

I can't believe it has been over 5 years now! The 5 year manufacturers warranty has expired, having never been needed anyway. I can honestly say this, that I have NEVER had the same speaker setup for 5+ years and been as satisfied as I am with these Encore TF speakers. Literally, a phenominal sounding speaker with jaw dropping sound quality that leaves visitors stunned. I still find myself smiling ear to ear every time I sit down to listen to music or watch a movie...heck, anymore, listening to TV is a treat!

These speakers are extremely difficult to find for purchase used, let alone new, and says people are holding on to them as they have found the joy and bliss of MartinLogan quality. I truly have found my 'forever' speaker. These are actually heirlooms, in my opinion, as they will be handed down when the time comes (hopeful that won't be for many, many years yet!). Absolutely amazing sound.

First off, these are touted to be useable as front L & R speakers. Unless you have a really good amp, I wouldn't advise it for that particular use unless you have a need to hang the speaker on the wall. Its intended use is as a center channel to match other ML speakers, even the electrostats. And it performs VERY well in this capacity.

I will keep this short and sweet and to the point; MartinLogan is top shelf quality. No argument there. The Encore TF is an outstanding speaker that is well built and has exceptional sound quality. This speaker has one flaw which is also its greatest strength; if a movie soundtrack is poorly recorded, it is painfully evident (as is with ANY HO speaker of this caliber) and sounds boxy, poor and just undesireable. On the other hand, if the source is a quality audio track, be it music or movies, this speaker just shines with absolute clarity and definition.

Many have been buying the Motion C center which is EXACTLY THE SAME as the Encore TF with the exception of the tweeter being different (but still designed to match all other ML speakers) and costs more than twice as much. Otherwise identical audio and actually I prefer the ATF tweeters over the Folded tweeters in the Motion C. The ATF, to me, is non-fatiguing in comparison.

I have this speaker paired with the ML Preface (out of stock) tower speakers and the front soundstage is as fluid and seamless as it can possibly be. Looking to buy 2 more for my surround when money affords me that luxery.

As a side note, the Encore TF does indeed require time to 'break-in' and settle down requiring 3 or 4 Audyssey MultEQ calibrations along the way. Well worth the effort.

Purchased at Audio Advisors thru and the shipping could not have been faster.
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on August 10, 2010
Recently decided to upgrade my audio/home entertainment system by replacing my old Yamaha center channel with the Martin Logan TF. I researched my different center channels and even considered a sound bar however in the end I could not resist the current price of $199 for this high quality center channel speaker. I have this paired with my Paradigm 9SEMK3 speakers and Polk PSW505 sub and the sound is amazing. I am driving this with a Yamaha RXV1065 and everything sounds great. Home theater voices are really clear and central and sound very good at low volumes. I had the house to myself and cranked out Sgt Pepper and could not believe the clarity of the Martin Logan. If you are looking for a very well made center channel look no further.
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on February 1, 2011
Based on other encouraging reviews of this speaker as a center channel paired up with Martin Logan front L and R I gave it a go. I have a pair of Sequel IIs that have entertained me with my stereo for many years. I just upgraded my Plasma from a Viera 42 to a Viera 54. The sound with the small panel internal speakers was OK; the speakers with the new 54 are practically non-existant so it was time to find a more substantial sound system for the home theater. I also had to replace my old no-HDMI receiver to a new YAMAHA RX-A2000BL Audio/Video receiver. I am so happy with the MartinLogan Encore TF Center Channel that I'm thinking of grabbing two more for rear channel speakers. And maybe an ML sub to complete the 'family'. I find the sonic pairing with my Sequel II's is excellent.
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on August 5, 2011
As most enthusiasts, you need to listen to several speakers and find what is either 1) most accurate or 2) what suits your listening preference. Personally, I prefer tight, accurate, clear reproduction of music. Products own range from Soundwave, B&W, Velodyne, Martin Logan full size and others. This ML speaker used as a center channel is incredibly clear, provides some depth and brings movies to life. A must have for a well-rounded speaker system.
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on June 25, 2016
sounds good
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on September 8, 2010
Martin Logan makes great products and this center channel speaker is no exception. I've always used decent speakers, but the main difference I noticed between this one and my previous center channel speakers is that this Martin Logan speaker seems to provide a wider sound stage and more seamless transitions from one side to the other, e.g., when a helicopter flies "across" the sound stage there are no breaks between the left front, center, and right front speakers. Very cool. At this price it's a no brainer!
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on February 9, 2011
I purchased this speaker about 2 months ago, and have given it alot of listening time. I have this center paired with Martin Logan Preface front speakers, and the soundstage is completely seamless.

1) Versatile--this speaker is extremely versatile. It can sit horizontally or vertically, and the included stand accomodates both configurations. This can also be mounted on the wall, horizonally or vertically as well, and all necessary hardware is included. The Encore TF can also serve as any speaker in your system, L/R/C or as surrounds. If using as surrounds, it may be difficult to find a stand that will accomodate, but like I said, it can be mounted on a wall.

2) Power--this speaker is rated at 4ohms, with a maximum power handling of 100 watts. Most good receivers now will push this just fine. I contacted martin logan regarding the power requirements to run this speaker, and they stated that because it is an extremely efficient speaker, that it can handle much more power. I'm running an Emotiva 5 channel amp, which is rated at 125watts continuous @ 8ohms, and have had no problems. I'm not an electrical engineer, but if power is a concern, do your research. (some other martin logan products are 6ohm, like my Preface fronts).

3) Sound Quality-The SQ is very good with this speaker. Dialogue is clear, and sound effects are sharp, brisk and accurate. The 4" drivers on this speaker limits their ability to go really low, but with today's receivers, room calibration (Audyssey) will set it up so that it sounds really good.

4) Value--This is a steal at $199, shipping included. Audio Advisor shipped the speaker to me in less than 3 days, and of course fedex delivered it without a scratch. For the price, I haven't seen any other center channels that can compete with this one at a $199 price point, especially if you have/consdering any other martin logans in your system.

Overall, I'm extremely pleased with my ML purchases on Amazon.
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