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on January 21, 2017
I am blown away for the clarity and performance of these speakers! Outstanding, especially for the price. I love the looks of them being polished like a fine baby grand piano, and using them for my front LR setup for Dolby Atmos is astounding! So bright and clean sounding :-) and the design I hate to say resembles Klipsch quite a bit, with speaker composition (IMG vs Ferrite composite I believe), the horns are a similar design/shape, and the crossovers are near identical (Klipsch were 1800Hz and BIC 2000Hz). For music they're pretty solid and for movies, you'll definitely enjoy these time and time again.

The only "negative" I have, is I didn't buy these sooner
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on July 10, 2014
These towers are WONDERFUL for movies, sports, and any other TV watching experience. For music, however, I feel they leave a lot out in the mid-range frequency department. Now, with the right receiver and EQ settings, this deficiency is almost non-existent...but it still exists to the trained ear. I would also like to see a bi-amp option for these towers. Overall a great buy for the typical home theater setup.
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on November 21, 2012
Have you ever spent time in the sound room of a Hi-Fi electronics store drooling over the sound of the top names in audio equipment, only to leave with your head down and empty-handed because your not filthy rich?
Now I have that crisp, clear, tight bass sound without breaking the bank! These speakers sound so good you won't believe it.
WARNING: Your neighbors may not share in your newfound happiness 'cause these puppies keep their great sound as you crank them up! I can hear instruments and notes in songs I never knew were there. I don't think you will find anything that sounds this good at this price anywhere, and you may still not find it at even twice the price.
Too good to be true, right? Well with that said, I'll now tell you about the down side. It's the same problem I've seen other folks mention.
Grille Noise:
See that bass reflex vent hole on the bottom. It moves air so violently that it causes the fabric of the grille to vibrate against the wooden grille frame. Remove the grille, and problem solved. If that's not an option for you, then you might have to get creative. For now I have a fabric curtain tie around the speaker at the vent port to hold the grille fabric tight against the frame. It's working until I can develop a permanent solution. Perhaps gluing the fabric to the frame, or maybe a felt circle inserted between fabric and frame? I'm still working on that, but in the meantime I'm enjoying the best sounding speakers I've ever heard!
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on May 24, 2013
After ditching my Bose system for something with better sound, and after reading countless reviews about countless numbers of speakers, all signs pointed to BIC Acoustech speakers. I was very skeptical because of the price, but honest reviews don't lie. Even found professional reviews online from other testers and their comments were all postitive.

These babies are LOUD! Think Klipsch quality, without the Klipsch price. They look clean, are nice and sturdy and fit well in my living room. I have a Onkyo TXNR 717 driving them, and it does a great job from what I can hear. My whole theater is now Acoustech, and I'm extrememly happy with them.
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on April 17, 2017
I've had sound systems since 1967, most of them good to excellent. These speakers,for what they cost, are an absolute value for money. Very clear and full sound, I've got the pl28 II center channel and a PL200 subwoofer to complete my main system and really don't think you can get more bang for the buck. Can you buy better speakers, yes you can but to be sonically better you'll have to spend a lot more money.
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on July 29, 2013
Initially I planned to purchase Polk 400 TSi but they looked quite cheap and sounded poorly when I had a chance to demo them.
BIC was purchased strictly based on pro and user reviews and I made sure that I can return them if I do not like them.
I am very pleased with these speakers so far and do not plan on returning them. The sound they produce is great, rich and full in representing highs, mids and lows. Despite not being "big on bass" I still think these benefit from the use of a subwoofer, but it should be no issue as I guess everyone has one these days. They still sound good without a sub, but not as good.
A very nice aspect of these speakers is that they do not require too much power to drive them to create good listening experience.
I have them installed in a very large room with 28 foot vaulted ceilings and for me their sound fills that space very nicely.
They are quite big, but look good as long as you keep the front panels on - this of course is personal preference, but I don't think they are greatest looking speakers without the form panels. Overall the construction sees great and while the finish is not spectacular it does not look cheap either except for the very top that I wish resembled wood more than plastic.
Considering the sound, quality and price I think they are hard to beat for those no trying to spend more than 600-700 a pair.
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on February 20, 2016
I was assembling a stereo system for my Mom, who has a love for rock music. We were considering Klipsch, but for the price we weren't sold. I remembered BIC from past research, and found they had very comparible speakers to Klipsch. Standing on their own merit, and compared to Klipsch, these speakers are beautiful, sonically and cosmetically. They were packaged extremely well, and the cabinets are heavily constructed with nice touches such as the lacquer finish top, and an angled front that really set them off. Same with the Klipsch, we felt they lacked low end bass, which our whole family craves, but their clarity and balance is amazing. You hear all of the details at low volume, or when they are cranked. Pair with the matching 12" subwoofer, and a modest stereo receiver; or go the whole home theatre setup, and you will have an amazing system. This company just makes quality speakers. You won't miss the advertised name brands after hearing these.
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on May 13, 2013
With a sub you cannot do better at this price point.
There are better speakers but not anywhere near this price.

I brought home the klipsch RF-62 and the paradigm 11s and did side by side comparisons and they beat it but just marginally without sub.

With a good sub these speakers draw almost even with the speakers above and was even better than the paradigms at renderings highs even thou the paradigm edged it in midrage detail.

Klipsch sounds very much like these with more bass extension and brighter and also more dramatic rendering of sound. Klipsch are the standard for home theater and the BIC beat the paradigms for HT.

They are less fatiguing than the klipsch and the paradigm(surprised!?.. paradigms are surprisingly klipsch like in brightness)

I recommended these speakers if you have a decent sub. I have the svs PC 12 400watt which cost me more than the pair of BIC.
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on April 14, 2017
Amazing. Much better performance than I expected. Will buy these again! (If I need to)
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on May 19, 2013
After days and hours of research, I purchased these speakers along with the BIC PL-200 Acoustech Platinum Series Subwoofer and the BIC Acoustech PL-26 Center Speaker. Very impressed with their look, construction, weight, sound and performance. The only thing I wish I did was purchase the PL-28 Center Speaker instead, as it would be a better match with the PL-200 and PL-89 lines in terms of wattage. But the PL-26 is not far off. The PL-26 might be better suited with the PL-76 tower speakers. Other than that, it's awesome. I'm running them off an Onkyo 875-Watt 7.2-Channel Network Receiver (TX-NR717), and I can increase the volume or change the characteristics of each speaker anyway. So to have that option this makes this speaker fit in nicely. The PL-89's are not bi-ampable, which may be an issue with some people, but not for me. All three are a must to have, together. There's also surround speakers, which I may add down the road. I use this system probably 70% for music, and 30% movies and TV. Would highly recommend these to anyone, but won't, because I'd like to think they're my little secret. The look, feel, and sound expensive, but these speakers are not cheap, just their price is lower than other comparables, which makes sense, and allowed me to spend a few more dollars on a better receiver. Now I have the system I wanted for years. Great job BIC, Sound Distributors and Amazon.
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