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on February 8, 2013
I have gone all my life unable to wear mascara for any length of time because I ALWAYS get raccoon eyes. I have tried nearly every "waterproof" mascara on the market, and I am always left with the smudges within a matter of hours. I can't wear eyeshadow either, because it fades into the crease and within an hour, I have no eyeshadow left on my eyelids! But then on day about 2 years ago, I was in a Bare Minerals salon and they showed me the Blinc. I was skeptical, but I decided to give it a shot. I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO ANY OTHER MASCARA! I can wear this all day (10 hour work days in a very hot environment) and never fades, flakes or smudges! I can cry, sweat and rub my eyes and it will not come off. BUT>>>when I get home at night, I throw some water on my face and a warm washcloth and rub and that is it.

It works like this...the mascara goes on just like the regular stuff, but as it dries it forms a "shell" around the lash. Kind of the like the hard chocolate shell you put on ice cream. Don't worry you won't feel it! That's why it stays put. At the end of the day when you wash off, the mascara comes off in little tiny pieces (some say it looks like little spider legs!).

Once you try this, you will never to back to regular mascara
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on September 6, 2012
AT LAST! A mascara that, when applied per direction, stays on all day with no flakes, no smudges, no fading, and no "spiky", spindly little lashes.Yay! This mascara leaves the lashes with a smooth and fresh, clean look. Despite the number of coats applied I have not experienced a clumpy or heavy-cheap look that can sometimes happen.

As a bonus, removal is as advertised - easy! I just use a disposable makeup removal wipe and all comes off with no scrubbing, damage to the lashes, or residue.

Using the primer is a good idea. As an overnight conditioner my lashes feel stronger and healthier. As an under coat for the mascara it delivers thicker, more lush lashes without without leaving overly thick, clumpy lashes.

As others have pointed out, this product is very picky about timing. If a coat of the mascara dries completely, attempts to apply other coats will cause the "tubes" of mascara surrounding the lashes to become unstable and start coming off. When this happens it's best just to start over and pay more attention to getting the coats on before the product dries completely.

Note that the black is truly jet black. Although I have very fair skin, sometimes black mascara works well. Not so here. Blinc's BLACK is extremely BLACK. The first time I put it on my husband said I had a goth look around the eyes because they were so dark. FORTUNATELY, the dark brown is really a nice color for day or night and is the one I would recommend for others with fair skin.
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on May 12, 2014
This is the only mascara that NEVER EVER leaves you with raccoon eyes. AND all it takes is warm water on a cotton pad or facial sponge and a little pressure and the "tubes" slide off - no harsh eye make-up remover is ever necessary. I have been using this mascara for years and my lashes are healthier (no more breakage) and used with the conditioner that Blinc sells, my lashes are also fuller. Although advertised as "waterproof" - beware, warm water and pressure take the mascara off, so if you go to the theatre and watch a tear jerker - be careful-- a tissue to wipe your eyes and you could be saying goodbye to your mascara!! Along with wiping the tears - you are probably going to wipe off the mascara too! Oh- well - nothing is perfect, but for everyday wear this mascara beats everything on the market for 100% eliminating raccoon eyes - and if you are planning on going to a movie that will make you cry - just take a tube with you and reapply once the tears are done! (LOL)
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on January 31, 2012
I have used this product for about 10 years and I will never use anything else. If you like to have natural looking lashes that are feathery and look like your own, only longer, then this is your dream product. I'm a California woman and the tips of my own lashes have lightened from enjoying the sunshine. This product darkens them plus adds to my own length and slightly thickens them as well. I use it for both daytime and nighttime and it washes off with simple water, yet never runs or puts streaks under your eyes. Other products would look good, but leave dark circles under my eyes whenever I rubbed them. I tried waterproof types but bits would fall off into my eyes and irritate them, and worse, end up taking my own eyelashes off when I would remove it later with eye makeup removers. I have used both the Black and Dark Brown colors, but for daytime, I prefer the Dark Brown as it looks softer, but still looks close to black to me. If I am looking for a more dramatic look, I switch to the Black. My eyes are Hazel/brown/green, and my hair color has been everything from honey blond to medium dark brown to auburn. If you have lighter skin and hair, I highly recommend the Dark Brown Color over the black. A really great product!
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on April 16, 2013
I’ve tried a lot of mascaras and have yet to find one that does not cause my eyes to water, clumps, or makes my lashes feel sticky all day. I certainly have never had one that made it look like my lashes were longer than they are. I was skeptical about this mascara but wanted to try it because it is so different from the ones I’ve tried. Surprisingly it worked. I did one eye with just one coat first. It did not burn and after it dried for a minute or so it didn’t feel sticky. Then I tried the second eye following the directions to apply more focusing on the tips to build the lashes. The lashes on the second eye did look longer. Not to the point where they looked like fake lashes—just slightly longer than normal. It was still very natural looking. I had no problems with clumping. The first coat had one tiny little clump that went away when I went over it again with a second coat.

I did cry a little bit and the mascara stayed. I’d have to test this further with a harder cry but I’m optimistic that this is fine for wedding/ sad movie crying. I’m also happy with how easy it was to remove the mascara. I just wet my eye down with lukewarm water a few times and the “tubes” came off with the same pulling motion I use with crème cleansers for regular mascara. It felt like it took a few minutes but it was a lot more pleasant than using cream to remove regular mascara and I was able to remove ALL of it!

I’m rating this 5 stars because it exceeds my expectations. I’m especially happy to be able to go to bed without feeling like I still have makeup on and this really is the only mascara I’ve tried that makes my short lashes look a little longer. I’m definitely going to order the Blinc eyeliner next which also claims to slide off easily for removal.
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on March 28, 2013
I used to retail this mascara when I had my own skincare clinic. Now, alas, I have to pay retail. It's been at least ten years that I discovered this mascara. It's not for those who want to build up thick "Tammy Faye" type lashes. It does lengthen them, but doesn't thicken my lashes and I'm fine with that. I wear contact lenses, and also have a tendency to rub my eyes. I love that the mascara doesn't rub off. To remove it, at night, I gently cleanse my face and get my lashes wet. Then, I gently remove the macara with a soft wash cloth. The mascara comes off like "strings" and doesn't stain my wash clothes. I'm a loyal customer.
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on August 7, 2011
I spent the first 40 years of my life looking like a raccoon because every mascara (cheap or expensive) smudged. My friend recommended Blinc (formally "Kiss Me") over three years ago and I am still in love with this stuff! It coats my lashes so they look uber long and thick. It refuses to smear! I work 12 hour night shifts in the ER and the only part of me that looks good by morning are my eyelashes! Although this stuff is rock solid, it comes off super easy with warm water. You have to really get them wet to remove it, but you never have to tug or pull and risk losing lashes. Because you need a lot of warm water to remove it, you can swim and still have gorgeous lashes.

I can really go on about this stuff for hours, I love it so much. I'm a cheap girl, and initially balked at the price (I'm a drug store cosmetics queen). But seriously, this is more than worth the money and lasts forever. Buy some and enjoy!!!
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on May 5, 2014
I purchased this on the recommendation of those who said it cured "raccoon eyes." Was willing to give it a try, though I find it extremely expensive but thought I might be able to justify the cost of it really worked. I was sorely disappointed. Not only did it still end up smudged beneath the lower lid but it was practically impossible to remove from the lashes. I have tried everything imaginable to get it off without pulling at the tender skin around the eyes. I decided to give the mascara one last try by applying my regular mascara first and then applying a layer of this only on the underside, sort of as a top coat. Still smudged. Also, there seems to be very little product in the tube, and the brush is terrible in that the bristles wrapped in a spiral are far apart so when you apply the mascara it clumps several lashes together and leaves a gap between lash clumps. Cannot recommend.
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on June 9, 2014
I used to use the Cover Girl Marathon mascara and like others, I was crushed it was discontinued. This is the closest mascara that I could get - where it doesn't truly smear like other waterproof mascaras. The issue with Blinc is that (let's say) if I don't wash it off one night, the mascara will still hold the next day... but it starts clumping off later the next day. So instead of the smears from other mascaras, I've got random clumps on my cheeks. Also, these clumps are shaped just like my eye lashes - so it freaked me out that my lashes were falling off... but they weren't. So although I'm good with this product, I'm giving it a 4 because it's not like my good-old-standard of Cover Girl's marathon - where it wouldn't come off unless you took a sledgehammer to it ;)
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on September 13, 2012
Blinc products are terrific. At long last I have found a dark brown that works with my skin tone. With my fair skin, oftentimes, jett Black mascara gave me a bit of a goth look.

This mascara is a little different than most in application. Don't wait for the first coat to dry before applying the second one. With typical mascara it's often best to let that first coat dry completely. Not so here - read and follow the direction or you won't get the results you want.

This mascara is supposed to encase each lash in color that forms sort of a protective tube around the lash, so while it is ok to keep applying coats while the product has not yet set, if you wait until it's dry things will start to fall apart and you actually have to start over again.

This mascara has a beautiful dark, rich brown color, and when properly applied looks phenomenal. No "spiky" lashes. No clumpy lashes. Just beautifully colored lashes that seem thicker and look very natural.

I don't come home with flakes under my eyes or smudges that give that raccoon appearance either which I so appreciate.

This one is a winner and well worth the try.
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