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on July 12, 2010
I like them; I'll tell you why :)

First off, please read this: I bought these last year and I have been abusing the *HELL* outta them. Since at least last Thanksgiving ('09), I have taken them on (multiple) plane rides as far as Sydney Australia (from the US), ran probably 500 miles with them on, took them snowboarding on ten different occasions to A Basin and Keystone, among other things that put them in jeopardy. They still work well and are still well intact. 5/5 without a doubt on construction. This sole reason would compel me to buy them again if these happen to get lost or if they finally break down after much hard toil on them.

I use the small eartips, and they are quite comfortable. I also have the Klipsch S4 (which are superior in comfort, believe me; if you need comfort for under $100 with awesome sound quality with the exception of overpowering midrange and slightly muddy, yet loud bass, the S4 are the way to go). Comfort is 4/5 (the S4 are without hesitation 5/5) just because I have been spoiled by the Klipsch S4.

Sound isolation or whatever you call it is great on these J2, as they are great for going to the gym or running on busy streets. They are (obviously) going to block everything, but they do a good enough job that, if you just put them on without any music, and you snap your fingers as loud as you can, you can barely hear that muffled sound.

Sound quality: haha... for $15, what do you honestly expect? Being spoiled by the S4 and the the Sennheiser HD-280s, they aren't top notch; maybe mediocre at best, but yet a giant leap from the standard iPod headphones or those Coby $5 headphones that are comfortable as hell but sound crappy. They sound very flat, very balanced, but overall just mushy compared to the S4. But like I said before, they are $15... Don't get me wrong, they aren't bad honestly, but comparatively, they are what they are for their price.

Here are my two cents, hopefully it helps out. I mainly use these to work out in, and they do the job very well.

Overall: You can abuse the crap outta them, they are quite comfortable, and it has its $15 sound quality to it.

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on November 2, 2010
I got these after my sony earbuds broke hoping that they would last a long time because they look pretty solid. I haven't had these very long so I don't know how durabe they are yet but I hope they last a lot longer than the ones the other reviewers had. I also bought these because they are supposed to have a deeper base sound than the other two jbuds, and they actually do have a really good heavy sound. These are a nice contrast to my $20 scullcandy earbuds which have too much treble for me. Most of my music is 90s rap and heavier sounding rock like weezer and queens of the stoneage, and this mix goes very well with these buds. The base has a good full sound almost to the point of being overwhelming, which isn't a bad thing if you like alot of base in your music.

I can listen to these jbuds at a lower volume than i could with my sonys and still hear the details and quality of the music. I like the way they look and they're comfortable too. They seal well in my ears and they're good at blocking outside noises.

I have a small collection of old country songs from the 60's and I've noticed that i have to turn the volume up to fully enjoy the quality of those songs. I think these jbuds are geared for heavy base music because my country songs are at the same compression as all my other music(the age of the music has nothing to do with having to adjust the volume) If you only listen to pop rock and classic stuff, you'll probably feel like the base is too full.

if you love plenty of base in your music then buy these because they are awsome for that
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on July 16, 2010
These are rather mediocre earbuds. Better than chintzy iPod headphones, yes, but there are better earbud options out there. This is my 4th pair of compact, sound-isolating earbuds, so I understand how they are supposed to fit, and have been able to get a good seal using the prior ones I have owned (Shure E2C, Sony MDR-EX36, V-Moda Bass Freq). I could not get a good seal out of any of the included sleeves. The best I could get was using the middle size, which seemed to make a seal good enough to be able to produce good bass tones, but was not particularly comfortable or secure, thus requiring readjustment every 5 minutes or so and made using these while running or other physical activity downright impossible. Additionally, these sounded terrible at first. They were tinny, the bass distorted and generally lacked good dynamic range. I was too lazy to return and repackage them at first, and I also know that headphones tend to break in. Even after leaving them attached to my iPod playing music at a moderate volume for 48 straight hours, they still distorted and sounded bad. Still, I have been pretty short on cash the last few months, and my iPod was stolen so my need for earbuds was not immediate. Now, after about 3 months of light-ish use, they seem to have finally broken in to an acceptable level of sound quality, although (it's hard to remember after all these times), I can say with decent confidence that the V-Moda, Shure, and Sony models I have owned have somewhat superior sound quality, and all (especially the Sony and V-Moda) are much more comfortable.

Overall, I would say these are an acceptable value for the money, but there are better options (I recommend the similarly priced V-Moda Bass Freq, despite their questionable durability).
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on February 22, 2015
I purchased these earbuds several years ago (in 2012) to take on a plane ride, and they are the longest-lasting and best earbuds I have ever owned. Almost 3 years later, they are still going strong, with excellent sound and noise cancellation still. Sometimes they are a bit uncomfortable to wear for a long time, but that is more because of my ears than the earbuds themselves. They are more comfortable than the Creative or JVC earbuds I used to own, for sure. So if you are considering these, I highly recommend them. You will not be disappointed.
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on June 13, 2010
I ordered these a few months back and they were an amazing upgrade over what came with my iPod! They fit snugly in my ear and were very comfortable, causing no irritation. I could even sleep in these things if I wanted to. I didn't need them, but the covering comes in different sizes for different peoples' ears, so everyone should be able to use these. The noise isolation creates a rich atmosphere, but not so much that I would think would cause a danger. I used them walking across roads on campus going from class to class with no scares that some people associate with noise isolation earbuds.

My problem is a recent development. I had heard praise about their durability which was a key concern since my Apple earbuds were literally falling apart. They have remained in one piece, but the sound has stopped in the left ear. At first I had to move my iPod or rotate the jack to get sound back, but now it's gone. Which is unfortunate since the quality of the sound was superb and they are outrageously comfortable.

EDIT: I talked with the makers, and they replaced my earbuds free of charge! =D

I've had them for months with no problems and the great sound quality I love.
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on November 14, 2015
Poor sound quality (not that I expect much from cheap earbuds, but even for that!), not that comfortable, and died on me real fast. Ehhhh.
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on February 24, 2012
This product is outstanding for the money you pay for it. The shipping from Amazon took four days from US to Australia when I selected standard shipping, not express, so I am extremely pleased. The quality of the headphone is so great for the price, with an excellent soundstage. If you push them into your ears, you get a lot of bass, if you let them sit you get a crisp but standard listening experience and if you push them in mediumly, you get an experience in the middle of those two. It is like having a new iPod and being able to get so much more detail out of songs. The noise reduction works and blocks about 20-30 decibels worth and the headphones are extremely comfy. This is a must buy for anyone looking for cheap priced earphones with good quality!
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on January 31, 2010
The Jbuds J2s are pretty average in all areas.

They fit pretty well. But they are very lightweight, so they never quite feel as secure as i'd like. But like anything, you get used to it. And once you wiggle them around to get the fit right, they do a good job isolating you from external noise.

The construction overall feels a bit cheap. Very plasticky. But i think that's common for the pricepoint.

Soundwise, they were honestly a letdown. The highs are muted, as several others have said here. And while the bass is a little better, it is muddy, rather than punchy. Overall, the sound doesn't totally suck, but it's pretty average. But if you're coming from better earphones (i have Altec Lansing UHP-306 and Skullcandy Titans) you will notice the difference immediately.

I am keeping these for use while i ride my spin bike, since i don't need perfect sound for that and am afraid of sweating all over my good 'phones. But with prices so low on so many better options, I'd recommend you look elsewhere for your primary set.
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on January 30, 2010
Pretty average.

Noise isolation: 3/5
I use them primarily at work in a machine room, so noise isolation is important if I want to actually hear the music. Compared to other noise-reducing buds I have had, these are not as good, but still far better than regular buds.

Overall sound quality: 3/5
Have to turn up the volume a little on my iPod to hear them, and at higher volumes sound quality is kind of tinny. Depth is OK, as is bass.

comfort level: 4/5
The earbuds are fairly comfortable. I can wear them for several hours and I don't notice them.

A pretty average pair of headphones for the price; they don't really distinguish themselves nor do they necessarily disappoint. The buds are soft in the ear canal but due to how thin they are I wonder if the comfort comes at the cost of noise isolation. Not disappointed I purchased them but I have had better (and worse) ear buds at this price range.
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on January 31, 2013
The headphones came in a small box, then inside that was a ziplock with cardboard around the headphones. They have great audio so far and cancel sound very well! You can't beat the price for this product. This product was a gift and so I may buy a pair soon. The person has only used these for about a week, but she goes running in them and they work very well. The only reason of only four star review is because of the packaging. They come with different size ear pieces for them. The red is really orange, but that was what I was hoping for. On the lowest volume it sounds like volume five in your ears. Over all it is a great product.
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