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on June 14, 2013
Right up front, I should say that I'm not an audiophile. I am a musician and certainly appreciate good sound, but I don't invest a ton in it. For my home stereo I spent roughly $600 on a Yamaha receiver and $800 for a good pair of speakers. So while I certainly want a good sounding setup, I'm not obsessed with it and am happy with "mid-level" sound quality.

That being said, the Sonos:Connect was a delight in terms of setup and ease of use (5 stars for these areas alone), but a real disappointment in terms of sound quality (2 stars).

Setup: easy as can be. I bought a Sonos:Connect to plug into my home stereo, and a Sonos Bridge to wirelessly stream the music on my computer to it. You run the brief setup routine on your computer, plug in the Bridge and push a button on it, plug in the Connect and push a button on it, and voila - everything's connected! To stream music from a computer or NAS you simply point Sonos to your music folder via the software; it then took about ten minutes for it to index my 9,000+ song record collection. By simply adding my Pandora account info I had access to my Pandora channels.

Ease of use: fantastic. Sonos controllers are available for your computer as well as Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. I downloaded the controller apps for both of our iPhones and our iPad, so we can control our music with whatever tool we have handy. The controller software is very intuitive and easy-to-use. There is no delay in adjusting volume, moving from track to track, etc. - the whole system is incredibly responsive, as opposed to the pretty flaky Squeezebox Duet system it is replacing.

[One minor limitation: be warned that iTunes by default keeps album artwork for CDs you rip yourself in a proprietary, separate database that Sonos does not read. It only sees album artwork that is embedded within the music file. So you won't see album artwork on your controller unless you bought the files from the iTunes or another online store that embeds the artwork, or go through a process to copy the artwork into the files themselves via iTunes (Sonos has a good description of how to do this on their support website).]

Sound quality: Here is where things went downhill. Once I connected everything and streamed my first song, I noticed that the sound quality was off. It was tinny, had very little bass, and was slightly distorted. It sounded almost like a low-quality, 64k MP3 instead of the 256k AAC file I was using. It was a huge step down from sound quality compared to Squeezebox. Heck, I got much better sound by simply plugging my iPhone straight into the receiver's mini-plugs using a y-jack and playing songs from my iTunes library. It was just unacceptable quality from a $350 component that is built solely to plug into a stereo system.

I searched around the web for info on this, and came across a CNET review that said the sound quality was somewhat lacking, and suggested using an external DAC (digital to analog converter). I looked into this but didn't want to spend a ton of money. Fortunately, on Amazon I found the Technolink TC-7510 Stereo 24 bit / 96kHz Four Input PCM D/A Converter w/Built-in HP Amp for $109. It has a Burr Brown DAC chipset that I had enjoyed on my Squeezebox unit. I plugged the Connect into the DAC via the optical connecter, plugged the DAC into my stereo ... and problem solved. It sounded clean, spacious, with great bass - just beautiful.

I'm surprised that I haven't seen more comments about this issue - I did notice that most of the reviews here are old, and perhaps Sonos is using a poorer quality internal DAC now. At any rate, I now have both great sound and the great ease of use that comes with the Sonos. Frankly, though, for the cost of the Sonos you should get both without needing external help with the sound.
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on June 6, 2017
The Connect does what it says. I read the prior reviews about sound quality (DAC issues) but I only used Optical and connect directly through my Yamaha receiver. Sound is fine. All the Sonos speakers I have (multiple rooms each with multiple units) all sync perfectly when grouped. No lag issues whatsoever and I have a sensitive ear.

Easy to setup. The app ware is quick to update the components and easy to nav.

My only gripe is that these devices don't match current standard looks for entertainment equipment. With 5 long flat devices (Blu-ray player, receiver/amp, U-verse router, 20-port network switch, personal wifi router) these white tissue boxes stand out like a sore green thumb -
I like how it works but it's obvious it's different. So I hide them in the backspaces outta sight.
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on June 26, 2017
The Sonos Connect is just what my"existing HTS-7.1 needed to bring back the enjoyment of CD quality music at the fraction of the cost to purchase Music CD's. I.E. ( Pandora, TIDAL and Spotify etc.) Setup your own radio stations or personal playlists. Select/Control/Play music through App on phone over home network through your A/V receiver or Home Theater System.
The Sonos Connect took 15mins to setup and I attach two ethernet devices with the available ethernet ports on the Sonos Connect. Wow, what a deal!
The Sonos Connect can wirelessly bridge over the Sonos Secured Web Net through my existing router/modem wifi network; connects within seconds.
No more bluetooth drops or wifi drops!
P.S. Get the Sones "Boost" to get an Enterprise Quality Secure Web Net over your home network!
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on November 17, 2015
Used this to output to a Sony HTS7 Soundbar using toslink out and also used rca out into an amplifier to drive other speakers. Setup was 5 minutes, sound is great. Using home wireless network 802n.
No hesitation or distortion. This and the sonos speakers all synch very well no delay from room to room. The Sonos phone app works great on the iPhone. Massive choice of web music.

The only drawback I have is that I wish it had a toslink optical or hdmi input options for other line in options. I have a newer TV and have to convert the optical out to RCA for input to line in here if I want to broadcast a TV channel to all wired and other Sonos speakers. It's a trivial point but would be a nice to have.
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on December 10, 2014
I've always wanted whole house, zoned audio. I have the necessary skills and knowledge to install it and have actually designed it about 3 times! But I'm lazy and have never put any of those designs to use. So I've been looking at Sonos for about 3 years as an alternative. Finally, I ordered a Play:1 to use as a "portable around the house" speaker and this Connect to hook up to my AVR in my media room. I received the Play:1 first, so I followed the wireless setup instructions and was connected in just a few minutes. I immediately fell in love. The sound from such a small device is great. Even though it's small, it has good weight to it, so it doesn't feel cheap either. It's great for casual listening, background listening in small to medium rooms.

I'm not familiar with the older versions of the Android app, but I have zero problems with this one. Of course, every app could be "better" if you wish you could do something that it can't or in a different way that it does (like the way you get to the EQ settings, for example), but I think it works great overall. I had a small complaint about it not supporting multiple accounts of one service, but they recently added that capability. Some hate it and think of it as a security hole, but I love the fact that I can tell visitors who want to listen to just download the app and get on my wifi. It's created a wonderful social listening environment. No one has to ask me to play something. They can just play whatever they want and we all hear the music we want.

Once I received my Connect, I connected it to my AVR in my media closet where I also have a network switch. I was afraid that it would not automatically transition from streaming over my normal wifi network to using it's own, so I had planned on factory resetting the Play:1 and starting over. But instead, I just went ahead and plugged an Ethernet cable into it, connected it to my AVR, and plugged in the power and it "just worked" after the normal simple setup of a new device. I figured out how to verify, and found out it was now using the Sonos wifi to reach the Play:1 instead of my normal wifi. Great!

Nothing else much to say about it that hasn't been said, but I definitely recommend the Connect!

I am now designing a new whole house system with various Sonos components. It's against my normal preference of building non-proprietary systems, but I have to say that I like the way they've done this one. That and based on the fact that they've been doing this for a long time, I have enough confidence that Sonos will be supporting this for a good amount of time in the future. Let's hope I'm right!

As far as the price, it seems high. But when I used it for the first time instead of my other methods of getting music from my phone to my AVR, it was instantly worth it! I would buy a lot more Sonos products right now if they were less espensive. But the thing is that I am still going to buy them, it will just take longer. Bottom line, they priced it at a point to keep customers buying over the long term instead of just buying everything right now and nothing else in the future. I can't be mad at them for that.
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on March 30, 2017
I do like this, but was disappointed when I tried to get a remote for it. First, they stopped making them and switched to a smartphone app isntead. I don't like that, I wanted a dedicated remote like the old ones.
I'm using this for a digital bridge and running it as a aux into my receiver/amplifiers. It works most excellent for that purpose.
The price is also a little much for what it is.
That being said, it is still less expensive than a lot of other digital media boxes.
I also got a Play Amp and I have to say, don't waste your money. They are completely under-powered for the price tag. Use this Connect with an amplifier of your won instead.
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on July 26, 2017
I bought this because I wanted to be able to AirPlay to my Sonos system, and using this in combination with an AirPort Express router was exactly what I needed. I am now able to AirPlay any app from my iOS device directly to all the speakers throughout my house. I like to use the Pandora music app on my iPhone to play music because then I get unlimited skips among other features that I pay for, which the Sonos integration doesn't support (you only get ad-free playback with Pandora on Sonos, no unlimited skips or support for Premium accounts). Now that I can use AirPlay I am able to get around all of that plus use any other app that isn't directly supported (like YouTube).
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on December 5, 2014
This is truly one of the most satisfying audio/tech purchases I've made in years. Just fantastic and has provided everything I was hoping for. We live in a medium sized, 1+ bedroom apartment and my setup is rather modest and perfect for my needs.
The Connect has been integrated into the following system

RECEIVER: Marantz 2235B vintage receiver/amplifier receiving input from a turntable and formerly aux input from a Samsung smart TV which is also connect to XBox, as well as 1/8 stereo adapter for computer and smartphone audio.
SPEAKERS: Wharfedale Diamond 10.2 speakers (just 2 - amazing, amazing speakers for the money by the way)
NETWORK ROUTER: Asus RT-56U broadband wireless N router
NETWORK ATTACHED STORAGE: Netgear ReadyNAS NV+ (also connected directly via ethernet to the Asus router)

The Sonos:Connect now receives it's line-in signal (via RCA) from my TV and is connected via line-out to the Marantz receiver AUX input. It is connected via ethernet directly to the Asus router, and is connected wirelessly to a Sonos Play:1 speaker in the bedroom area.

Initially I had occasional drops and wireless connection difficulty with the Play:1 speaker until I updated my Asus router to the latest firmware (which had never been done since buying new well over 2 years ago) and since then it has been flawless. My only other problem is the 70ms delay in audio from the TV line-in, however this is ONLY evident when listening to the TV audio via the Sonos system *at the same time* as the TV's built-in speakers, which I've solved by simply not doing that; if I want big sound for a movie, I turn on the line-in audio, and if I'm just casually watching TV, I leave the Sonos out and just use the TV speakers. Not perfect, but not a big deal.

Honestly given those two minor quirks above I would have rated this at 4-Stars, but given the amazing Sonos forums, the proactive tech support, the ease and stability of the Sonos applications on EVERY device I've added it to (including using the Android .apk version on my main Blackberry device which happens to perform nearly as stable and responsively as natively developed apps - lets hope that keeps up), and just the sheer beautiful simplicity of the entire system controlled from my phone or computer.... it gets that review star back. 5 stars. Just fantastic. I LOVE this.

Recently I've added the Deezer Elite subscription offer which allows streaming of 16bit 44.1khz FLAC audio from most of the Deezer music library (I was already a Deezer subscriber and love them to death - the best of MOG and Spotify in one service and then some) providing CD quality sound over the internet. I've brought in Pandora, Deezer Elite, Amazon Cloud Player, Soundcloud, my entire music library on the NAS device, Radio by TuneIn (for local radio channels - pretty much all of from what I can tell), and SticherRadio (which I was previously unfamiliar with but is awesome) for news and talk podcast programs from just about anywhere you can imagine.

6-stars. I'm in love.

UPDATE December 01, 2015: Still in love. I still use and adore the Deezer Elite plan and also use a bit of Pandora, TuneIn Radio, Stitcher (awesome service) and a little bit of Amazon and Soundcloud occasionally. It's the best home audio purchase I've ever made.
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on August 2, 2017
Although I don't use the Sonos speakers, I have been using their other components for several years. I recently decided to expand the system into another room and all it took was adding this component to my sound system. Setup is very easy and updates are easier. I also like the fact that Sonos makes apps to control the system with a wide variety of devices. One of the features I really like is that you can disable the status light on the unit...I wish I could do that on all of my other electronic equipment. I normally operate my system from my Android smart phone. Although a bit on the pricey side, I don't want to be without it!
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on November 21, 2015
I purchased this Sonos Connect to replace my Squeezebox that Logitech threw under the bus. ( never buy a Logitech product again) Anyway, Im glad I did, because I just love this Sonos! Delivery from Amazon through Prime was 2 day as usual , love that. The Sonos is a well made unit with a small footprint. It has An RCA line in And RCA line out connect , plus a ethernet port which I use and digital optical input. First; setup was a breeze. you download the Sonos app from the app store and install on any device; its a nice interface and navigation is simple Plug in your Sonos , wait for the light to come on, and the open the app on your iphone or android device and follow the instructions. I was up and running in two minutes. Then I took my Sonos down to my basement where my stereo system resides and plugged the ethernet cable that runs upstairs to my nighthawk router and it creates a network. you search for you library and Sonos finds it and Voila! you're done and ready to play. Don't pay attention to those stereo snobs who say the music is not the greatest I have not noticed any difference between this and the Squeezebox. ( your ears really don't have a memory) it sounds great You can use the equalizer in the songs app to customize your sound . I have a subwoofer , and the bass just booms when I want more

one other thing I did was load all my music of 25,000 songs to an external hard drive and plugged that into my router so that way you don't have to clutter you computers hard drive with music ( your router must be capable to do this) You don't have to do this to listen to your music but I like taking advantage of all the bells and whistles at my disposal. Anyway, I didn't want to make this review that long.
so, if your on the fence about the Sonos, buy it, you will love it Enjoy!
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