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on June 2, 2015
I am using Sonos differently than most people do. I have used five Sonos Connect:Amps to create a whole home audio system using built in ceiling mounted speakers.

To start with, about six months ago I installed one Sonos Connect:Amp for my outdoor speakers around our pool, and it has worked very well for us. I have it connected to four outdoor speakers around our pool, the kind that look like rocks.

I used 10 gauge outdoor wire to connect the Sonos to the outdoor speakers -- the kind that is used for outdoor lighting and is designed to be buried. This wire is made from finely stranded copper, and is easy to work with. So the Connect:Amp is loaded to 4 ohms (two 8 ohm speakers on each channel), and it works well. More than loud enough for us.

This got me thinking that Sonos Connect:Amp units would greatly simplify our whole home audio system. Our home was previously equipped with a very expensive, high-end, whole home audio system that is not user friendly.

But the speakers were good quality Boston Acoustics ceiling mounted speakers, all wired back to the equipment in our a/v equipment room at one end of the house.

Previously we had to use a control that is installed on the wall in each room that has a set of speakers to select the audio source (CD player with 5 CD tray, ReQuest Audio Server (photos attached), and iPod), change volume, turn on or off, etc, but we had to go to another place to select the music. I would rather be able to control all parts of the system from one place, and our phones, tablets, and computers are the perfect way to do this using the Sonos app. I have attached a photo of that control device -- it is the device with 12 buttons.

So now we can play Internet radio or music from our NAS, control the volume, etc., and it is all done from the Sonos app, which can run simultaneously on as many devices as you need. This way we can choose what we want to hear in any room, control the volume, turn the audio on and off, all from any phone or tablet, or my iMac, whatever.

Since we have a large library of CDs that I have ripped to iTunes and stored on a Synology NAS, I am ripping that high-end clunky system and replacing it with, to start, 4 Sonos Connect:Amp units, installed in the equipment room where the whole home audio system equipment is presently located, which is where all the wiring from the various speakers around the house terminates.

I will probably purchase several more Connect:Amp units to complete our system as we originally had a 12 zone system, although we never used it in some of the rooms it was installed in.

This is not a cheap replacement for the old system, but for someone starting out would be much less expensive than installing the typical whole-home audio systems that the professional audio/visual companies charge over 5 figures for. I see large systems using Sonos Connect:Amp units as potentially economically disruptive to the professional whole home audio business.

I have found the sound quality very good for the CDs I have ripped using Apple Lossless, and have not had problems with any audio drop out when playing from my NAS. Since all 5 of my Sonos Connect:Amp players are in the a/v equipment room, I have them connected to my network via Ethernet cables. Same with Internet radio, although a few times one of the stations my wife likes to listen to was obviously having problems with their stream.

The Sonos app works well; we have over 3,500 songs in our iTunes library (all ripped from CDs) and have created various playlists.

Some time ago I merged our two (wife and me) iTunes libraries into one library and using the various sort options in the Sonos Music Library it is easy to find an individual cuts of music if that is what I want to do.

Hope this can help anyone considering a whole-home audio system

Update July 2, 2015:

I have completed my Sonos setup. I am using 5 Sonos Connect:Amp units and 2 Sonos Connect units with an external 12 channel Niles amplifier:

Our home has several open areas where I combine two sets of speakers on one Sonos Connect:Amp unit, and that works fine because my speakers are 8 ohms and the Connect:Amp will work fine with 4 ohms. It did not make sense, for example, to have a separate Connect:Amp in our kitchen and family room, which are a larger open area, because you could not be listening to one song or program in one room and another program in the other room since they were open to each other.

And I find the Connect:Amp has plenty of power to drive this arrangement.

But I had two areas where I wanted three sets of speakers connected to one Sonos unit, so I am using two Sonos Connect units, each of which feed three stereo channels on a 12 channel Niles power amplifier:

The niles amp has individual volume controls for each of its 12 channels, so I am able to fine tune the volume from each speaker.

Here is my setup (see photo)

Connect #1 - through 3 stereo channels of Niles Amp for two sets of speakers around pool and a set of stereo speakers in our "outdoor entertainment deck"

Connect:Amp #1 - guest bedroom

Connect:Amp #2 - second guest bedroom (my wife uses this room for her office)

Connect:Amp #3 - drives two sets of speakers in kitchen and family room (which is really just one open area)

Connect #2 - through 3 stereo channels of Niles Amp for speakers in living room, foyer, and dining room (of which all these rooms are open to each other)

Connect:Amp #4 - drives two sets of speakers in master bed room and master bath room

Connect:Amp #5 - my home office

I hope this helps you visualize how you could use Connect and Connect:Amp in a whole home audio setting. From the reviews it appears a lot of people are doing just that.

Update February 12, 2016:

In order to more effectively control my Sonos system, I have installed 6 wall mounted iPad Minis around the house. I am using the Vidabox wall mount:

My previous whole house audio system used a proprietary control and was connected by cat 5 cables from the control back to the "rack room" where the audio equipment was located, so I was able to re-purpose those cat 5 cables to power the iPads via a POE (power over ethernet) to USB box, also made by VidaMount:

I also use these iPads to control other systems around the house, such as thermostats, my pool and spa, and even my player piano.
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on August 12, 2014
Ordered 6 of these. Couldn't be happier. Increased the value of our home with a modern speaker switching setup. Instead of a $300 speaker switcher we know have $3000 speaker switch setup, yes very expensive choice. but there's nothing else on the market that gives you this option. 1) Play separate music on each speaker. CHECK. 2) Play the same music on each speaker. CHECK. 3) Control the music from your iPhone. iPad. Android. CHECK. 4) Works with Pandora, Spotify, Beats, Radio, Existing Music Library. CHECK. 5) Works with existing in-wall wired speakers. CHECK. Wow what value. Amazing. Nothing else comes close. Too bad Apple bought Beats and not Sonos, but who knows maybe another merger is in the works. Sonos is how I start my day and Sonos is how i finish my day. I couldn't be happier. I love Music and so does Sonos. We own Play 1, Play 2, Play 3, Subwoofer, PlayBar, Bridge, Connect, Connect:Amp x 6, each is an amazing product. We're proud to support Sonos.
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on March 8, 2015
Holy cow. This thing rocks. I previously had a mid-level Onkyo surround receiver and matched Polk tower speakers, surrounds, center-channel, sub, etc. It was the hub of my entertainment system as everything went through that. That was a very good system but my wife hated all of the large equipment consuming the living room as well as having to push different combinations of input/output buttons/options in order to switch between sources. For whatever reason, I could never get one remote to work with all the systems so there was a fun process to change from watching TV (from satellite) to watching Amazon Prime from the TV or a BluRay -- i.e. turn off power on white remote, hit HDMI 2 on black remote #1, hit power on black remote #2, etc, etc.
I built a new house and the wife insisted that I lose the clutter in the living room. In walks Sonos with a great solution. I paired this with a Playbar, Sub and some non-Sonos built-in surrounds in the ceiling. There is virtually no-hardware consuming my living room, no wires to trip over and it sounds incredible. I did not hardwire any speakers, other than the ceiling surrounds and even that is unnecessary if you purchase Sonos surround speakers. However, you do have the option to hardwire up to 2 speakers with the Amp, if you choose.

From a setup standpoint, the only thing that gave me a headache is setting up the AMP after I had the Playbar installed and having them in the same room. However, a quick search of 'Set up a Sonos CONNECT:AMP with Surround Rears' on the Sonos support site pointed me to instructions on how to do this.

Technical Section: For those interested, you can't do it from the controller app. You have to sign into a PC/Laptop and go to the configuration page on your network (http://playbarIP:1400/wiredsat.htm), entering your Playbar IP. From there, it's choosing the room from drop-down. Very easy, once you know what to do.

Even better, this is all controlled via the family smart-phones. We each have the app downloaded and can easily choose what we want to listen to, control the volume, etc. About the only downside is that we can each control what we want to listen to, control the volume, etc. Occasionally get into a war of control. If I would recommend one software update to Sonos, it would be to allow configuration of one of the controllers to 'be the master' and provide the ability to temporary lock out the others. This would ensure peace in my household or at least I would be happy (as I would control the master :)).

One other note that might be helpful for some. I thought I had to hardwire the Sonos Sub, via coax cable, to the Connect Amp. Turns out, the Sub doesn't even have a coax 'out' port. Just a power cord and a network connection, so no need to worry about that. The Amp does have a 'subwoofer in' port but I'm guessing this is for a non-Sonos sub.

I bought a second one to create a separate zone on my patio outdoors (obviously, the Amp will remain indoors). Will be doing this shortly and will update if I learn anything new but I think this is where the true power of this solution comes in -- i.e. having different zones setup.
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on December 26, 2014
I have several of these in our house and have them connected to wired speakers. Currently they are connected to my home network wirelessly but I'm thinking about hard wiring them back to my router. I really like Sonos and this equipment has worked flawlessly. A feature I wish Sonos would add is 'switching' capability to the unit. You can control 4 speakers with one Connect:AMP. If there was a 'switch' on this unit you could have many speakers in different rooms for example and use the switch to power up to 4 speakers at a time but these 4 speakers could be in any room of the house. So I could have 4 speakers upstairs operating in the morning but switch it to the downstairs 4 speakers during the afternoon. The alternative is to buy multiple Connect: Amps which at $499 is a bit steep. But I love these units
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on October 16, 2015
I love everything about it except the price. I power two Klipsch AW-525 outdoor speakers. Plenty of power, sound is great. I love the compact form, I hid it up in my kitchen cabinet easily, as it runs nice and cool. We listen to so much more music now that we have Sonos. $499 is just too high for only driving 1 pair of speakers.
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on October 31, 2015
Normally I always choose top of the line. In this purchase I went with Sonos for my pre installed ceiling speakers to hook up to. The installation was a breeze. The setup was a breeze. But overall I don't feel this product gives me $500 of enjoyment. I went with this product because of several recommendations. Really though I wish I would have searched for a sub $300 solution instead.
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on April 7, 2016
Bought two connect amps...they are expensive but solidly built and set up is a breeze. We have been waiting to find the right product to finally bring our hardwired whole house audio system to life and this was it. We have speakers hard wired throughout or home and outside along with Cat5 wiring for control panels from each zone back to our central audio/video location - all prepped for some of the traditional systems we've seen and planned on getting one day. Have been waiting for the right system to finish it off but we just couldn't ever find what we were looking for until now. Flexible, easy to grow and change, tons of music sources to share across zones and plenty of power to drive multiple pairs of in wall speakers. We will be adding more components for sure to expand our system. Also plan on using wall mounted ipads with power over ethernet like one reviewer mentioned (great use for those Cat5 runs we already have sitting dormant). Read the other reviews, research other systems...come back and get the sonos pieces you need. Wish they were cheaper or had package deals for multiple purchases, but we are very happy with it.
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on May 27, 2017
I bought this to drive in-ceiling speakers in may living room, and it does that very well. I am sharing the speakers between this amp for casual/party listening and a home theater receiver for serious audio when watching a movie. The HT receiver is great, but getting it setup and working is relatively complicated compared to the Sonos CONNECT:AMP which just works from the Sonos app and Spotify (high wife approval factor).

This isn't really something I would recommend for serious HT use, but it does the job well as part of a whole-house Sonos music system.

As with all other Sonos products, this is a high quality piece of gear that delivers on it's promises.
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on March 2, 2016
I have two play 1's and a sound bar for my surround sound. i have a play 5 and play 3 in my great room and sun room respectfully. i have been very happy with the whole SONOS experience. I have been wanting to add outside speakers, and wanting to add a sub. i was torn between which of the two to purchase due to SONOS being cost prohibitive. I decided to purchase the connect amp to run some Yamaha outside speakers. i just got the connect amp last night. I am going to have to do some light work to get the outside speakers up, so i connected the connect amp up to some other Yamaha speakers i have in my study.

I have been quite happy with the SONOS experience already. I am very happy with the connect amp! It is very powerful. I am getting much more volume from my Yamaha speakers hooked to the connect amp than even my play 5. The connect amp rocks. I may just go with another connect amp for my next zone.
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on May 29, 2017
I use this with a pair of KEF Q300s, and it's great! Sounds amazing and I'm not having any issues with it getting hot (barely gets warm) – but then, mine sits on a bookshelf, not crammed into a closet. I've also tested it with my Rega floor standers, and that worked great too. Well made and worth the price, IMHO.

The only surprise was that I had expected it to be the same size as the Sonos Connect, but it's quite a bit larger. So that's the only caveat in case you're putting it somewhere with limited space. Looks good though, so it can easily sit somewhere where it's visible and not be annoying.
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