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on November 15, 2016
I keep purchasing these year after year, and they keep lasting less and less time for me despite using them the same amount and the same way each time. I'm not sure what's going on with their manufacturing -- when I was initially purchasing these, they lasted forever. The last pair I bought before my post recent purchase was in February of 2016 and one of the buds arrived not working. I returned it to amazon and ordered another pair in July which just died today (November). Not even 6 months of use!

They are good, sturdy feeling earbuds, but it seems like the "rugged" label of these is becoming more for show than it is true.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon February 10, 2015
The JLAB J4M's sound great. For the price I paid, they are a lot better than some others that I paid $80 for, the bass especially is outstanding. Songs sound better, but it's the spoken word that use these for mainly and they are crisp and clear.

The fit is pretty good. I'm still experimenting with the different rubber ends. The hard part that sticks out of my ear is pretty large for a headphone which makes these headphones incompatible with my motorcycle helmet(I use a pair of borrowed Bose noise canceling in-ear headphones instead).

My only complaint about these headphones is that there isn't a way to turn the sound on my iPhone up and down. I have to actually take my iPhone out of my pocket to turn it up or down which is inconvenient when I'm out running in the rain. But again, considering the cost of these headphones, they are really nice.
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on April 11, 2016
Recently purchased these J4m in Gun Metal to replace a 5+ year old set of Bose IE2 that were showing cable wear. Was looking for something more durable with decent sound. I am not an audiophile and perfect sound is somewhat less important than comfort and durability. These JLab earphones are both better and worse than the Bose unit. The better part is that the J4m is definitely built more durable, with a heavy and flat cord (that can transmit some sound noise if it is bumped) and reinforced connections at the plug, splitter, and ear buds. Although they are labeled as Heavy Bass, I did not find this to be the case at all. Base reproduction was on-par with the Bose IE2 earbuds. The negative part, for me at least, was decreased comfort. The only thing holding these earbuds in place is a friction-fit inside the ear canal. Although they provide at least 6 different pair of earbud tips, the best fitting pair for me still caused some discomfort with rather lengthy use. I have had a few long sessions (2-3 hours) with these units and find my ear canal gets a little sore. This is something I have not encountered with the Bose units that use the StayHear (also sometimes found labeled as Shark Fin on the 'net). Also, the mic control only has one button to take and stop calls, but cannot adjust volume of your device. Overall, I would consider these average earphones with an emphasis on durability, only average sound reproduction and acceptable for short to mid-term use. Some users may experience discomfort with prolonged use of 2-3 hours.
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on April 9, 2014
I have bought a lot of different earbuds in the last 6+ years, in those being Skullcandy, House of Marley, Monster iSport Livestrong, Soul by Ludacris (SL99) and a few other that I am missing (all under $100). I see myself as an average user and usually very careful how I store and use my earphones. I hate buying earbuds because I never know how they will sound. With that being said, an average life of earbuds I have had lasts about a year but some last longer. I mainly bought these to use lifting weights in the gym. I didn't want to spend a lot ($100+) on earbuds that could get broken in the gym so I bought these. After around a 10-15 hour break in, this is what I have concluded:

Durability: These things look like they are built to last. Every connection point has a thicker plastic flex section you would normally find on wires.

Sound: For me, this is one of the more important criteria for headphones/earbuds. These are pretty much on par with most of the reviews on here. It is a bit harsh on the mids depending on the music being played. I had to reset my equalizer on my phone to adjust for the mids, it helped but all my other earbuds worked fine how I had my EQ. The bass isn't too bad. It's not overwhelming but could be a little tighter. The treble is good, when it isn't overrun with the mids. Also, I had heard about break-in for headphones/earbuds but 40+ hours? Most that I buy I just plug them in and they sound pretty good. Since the sound quality isn't as good all around as others at this point, I had to knock it down a couple of stars.

Comfort: For me, these are comfortable but I am used to using earbuds most of the day for the past 5+ years. The different size tips help get a good seal to get the tighter bass sound and block out the outside noise. They are easy to get in and out of the ear. No tricks or practice needed, they go right in.

Extras: The carrying case is a bit bigger than it really needs to be but could be use to put a small iPod Nano in there with the earbuds and still have some room to spare. The earbuds come with a lot more different size tips that I thought it would. Also, it comes with some other tips which I suspect are their more sport (in-ear) tips to keep from falling out of the ear.

Headphones/earbuds are one of those things that once you hear quality, it's hard to downgrade. Out of all the earbuds I have bought, the Souls by Ludacris are my favorite (also most expensive out of the group when I bought them, now are under $50) but the Monster iSport Livestrong (these actually the cheapest out of the group because I found them on sale for $30) are a close second. These JLab JBuds are probably the middle of the pack if not a little lower. I will continue to use them for the gym since they are comfortable and sound good enough for the gym. If I were to recommend some earbuds in this price range, I probably would recommend the Soul by Ludacris for casual listening or the iSport Livestrong for the gym if you don't care to pay a little more for sound quality.
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on February 11, 2015
What I loved:

For the money these headphones aren't tat bad. I use them while I am at work because I often snag the cable on things as I'm moving around which has lead to the breaking of about three different sets of headphones. I have snagged The JLabs and they aren't affected one bit! The sections where the cables meet the speakers housing are solid and over-built. Perfect for what I need them for.

What I didn't like:

Because the cables are much thicker and stiffer than most in-ear headphones out there the buds will wiggle out of your ear from cable movement. This is the price you will pay from the thicker gauge wire, but if you are sitting down or not moving you won't be affected. The button used to switch songs and answer calls on the cable is pointless. It poorly registers how many times you click the buttons. Initially I thought it was just me messing up the timing but after playing with it there is no timing to the number of times you press the button, it's going to do what it wants. For some reason I have to have one sized ear but insert on one bud and another size on the other. I'm not sure why this is but not all of the bud inserts are the same so they will fit differently. I have never had this problem with any other brand.
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on September 17, 2017
I really like these headphones BUT....

They should not be listed as rugged. These headphones have about the same level of durability as any other similarly priced headphones. They are well-made. At this price-point, they sound great. Like all other earbuds though, they break from what I consider normal wear and tear. Neither set lasted longer than a few months of regular usage -mostly sitting on bus and walking to work- Your mileage may vary. I would definitely recommend these headphones and others like them for LIGHT usage - sitting at a desk at work, on a couch at home, etc. You won't need to baby them, but if you expect a lot of active usage -running, jogging, rigorous commute, children- buy something larger and sturdier.

Details about issues: I used these with a nexus 5x. Both units malfunctioned somewhere in the cable. There were shorts in the wiring or at the solder points that caused music to go in and out. It also caused various applications to pause and play again with no buttons being pressed. It always starts slow, but over time the cutting in and out and the glitching, pausing applications becomes frequent and unbearable.
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on April 6, 2017
Had these delivered Dec. 29th. I really enjoyed the quality and feel of them from the beginning. Come mid March the control on the cord for switching tracks stopped working, but I could live with that. As of the start of April the headphones will not even properly pick up on some devices and will continue to play through the speaker instead, and now the sound will not work out of one of the ears. They market these as "Durable" headphones and they have lasted less than a full 5 months without a fatal defect. This is even more disappointing due to the fact that I took extra care to not stress these because I am used to Walmart quality headphones breaking all the time. Add in the fact that they are now charged $15 more than what I paid for them and these are a complete waste of money. Do not waste it on these. Find someone who knows how to manufacture quality earphones and doesn't have a review page full of customers with products that have broken in such a short amount of time. They also have a sneaky "warranty" that you have to register on their site within 30 days of purchase. Of course no one does these because miraculously they won't usually need the warranty within the first 30 days.
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on March 14, 2018
The sound is awesome, I love the color, and they seem to be quality headphones. The only thing I have had problems with, is that they shock my ears. Yes. You read that right. The seem to hold onto static energy, and release it onto my ear lobe. There is a crackling and a zap when it happens so I am not sure if the same thing that is happening in other reviews, or what, but these definitely have a shocking sound. I would recommend if you need a little energy when listening to music while working out, work in an office setting where you need a little shock to wake you, or if you want to make your headphone experience to be electrifying. I would not recommend these if you frighten easy, hate being shocked, or once tried licking a 9-volt battery as a kid and couldn't stand the surprise.
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on February 2, 2016
I use earbuds every day. I bought a few pairs of these because they were supposed to be heavy duty, of the 5 pair I've bought so far, 2 have died already. They're pretty expensive for them to quit this soon. The one GOOD thing I like about them is that you have a choice of tips, so they're way more comfortable than the plain ones. But for the price, they should last longer. So overall, I can't really give it a 3 stars, since I paid $35+ dollars for short term earbuds. I'm just hoping the other two I have last longer (and I'm careful with electronics, so that wasn't the problem).
Update 5-2016 - another pair stopped working on one side (which is exactly the same thing that happened with the previous 2 that don't work properly now. I can't find any others that are comfortable in my ears as these are, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed, my last 2 pair will keep working. Can't afford to keep paying that much for earbuds that don't work very long.
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on January 22, 2015
I bought these headphones because I was looking for something rugged. I went through two different pairs of Skull Candy ear buds in two years and wanted something that would last longer. These JLab ear buds seem to fit the bill so far. They feel nice and sturdy and have a nice weight to them. The wire feels thicker than that of previous headphones I've owned. The ear buds themselves seem to be made of metal which is really nice. Lastly, the joints where the wire meets the connector and the ear buds are all nicely protected with thick plastic. My only complaint has to do with the sound quality. I realize these are "Heave Bass" ear buds and they are not exaggerating. The first few times I used them I felt like I was listening to music under water. But then I realized that maybe I was just used to listening to ear buds with no bass at all! I've gotten used to how these sound and think they sound great! Overall these are really good.

It's been six months now and the left earbud has now died :-(
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