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on October 1, 2010
I love to walk/hike and listen to am/fm radio enroute-it was time to upgrade my over a decade old Sony S2 analog headset radio which has proved to be durable as heck. After research and finding few choices, I read the reviews here of both the Sony S2 SRF-M85W and the Sony SRF-M37W radios. Reviews seemed to favor the M37W even though the S2 85W is newer and more versatile in features-I purchased both to try. My older analog S2 just wasn't able to pick up stations in tree covered hiking trails, and switching channels was a burden-time to move to a digital unit. I've since returned the M37W and kept the Sony S2 85W and found the negative reviews on the S2 just not to be accurate, given the relative low price paid for the product. If you are on the fence, here is why I would choose the Sony S2 M85W over the Sony M37W:

*Both radios operate off of a single AAA battery with ample life, which
is great. Both radios retain settings when changing the battery.

*I found the S2 to put out greater volume with less distortion as you
crank it up, which is value to me as a music lover.

*I won't argue with all of the reviewers who suggest the M37W in their
opinion has better reception/tuner, but I will tell you that I am able
to pick up practically every station I've programmed in my S2 on those
tree covered hiking trails where I was formerly unable to with my old
analog S2. I find the tuner on this digital S2 works great.

*The big difference is that the S2 is far more versatile and comes with
a much better packaging. The S2 has both a belt clip and an armband
that can be attached/detached with ease, the M37W only has a belt
clip. The S2 comes with a headset stylistically matched to the radio
unit that is comfortable and sounds great, the M37W comes with an old
style cheap and muffled sounding over the ear foam headset-you'll have
to spend money to upgrade the M37's headset to get better sound. The
armband the comes with the S2 is easy to put on and take off, and is
of very high quality (it's like one you get with a blood pressure
device). Remember, the S2 can be used either on the belt or with the
band on the arm-YOUR choice.

*The display/interface on the S2 is far superior to that of the M37W.
A major advantage with the S2 when using the armband is that you can
view the stations/band/clock display at a glance instead of blindly
hitting buttons via a belt-attachment. The S2 display has various
viewing modes, and also a timer/split-timer included along with a
useful set of weather channels.

At relatively the same/similar price-the S2 just has so many more features and much greater versatility that for me it was an easy choice over the M37W. Both are very good products, my primary reason to detail here was to counter all of the seemingly negative reviews of the S2-I just don't feel they are warranted given the low price of this product. The S2 seems to be a more current vintage product that
is designed to be used in athletic endeavors as much as casual listening situations-I LIKE that versatility! Love this upgrade over my OLD Sony analog S2-and they have kept the colors and theme very similar. Definitely recommend this product if it fits your niche/needs.

Update January 2013:

Several months ago the FM reception on this radio stopped working for me, very disappointing as this radio was perfect to strap around an arm and hike in the deep deep woods with-I like uptempo music when I'm hiking (along with am talk radio). This radio now works fine on the AM band only for me.......so I now use it on an infrequent basis such as when doing yard work and an AM talk/sports show will suffice. Wish the darn FM still worked on this radio.
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on August 27, 2016
I replaced the same model that I had owned for around 20 years. So:
5 stars for longevity.
3 stars for consistancy in design. They should have improved the product by now. For 20 plus years...?
0 stars for packaging, which should come with a stick of Acme dynamite or at least a very large box cutter. When are companies going to be forced to create earth friendly packaging?
4 stars for reception. I receive an FM station rather clearly from 18 miles away NPR. The commercial stations probably come in from 75 miles away; they are all loud and clear.
I receive an AM station NPR fairly well from 18 miles away. The commercial stations come in quite well.
3 stars for tone quality. Having listened to classical music from a musician's perspective for almost 50 years, I expect better than what this provides. The radio comes with a MB mega bass switch that you will probably never turn off once you turn it on. I use exceptional headphones that the radio just does not do justice.
No idea about the other features (stop watch, etc.)
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on September 23, 2016
This is a good little radio. I use it on my belt mostly during long shifts. The controls are anything but intuitive, have to look at the unit several times per day but might get the hang of where they are. Maybe.

Seems to use very little battery power and the headphones are remarkably good for "free" phones.

Display is adequate, as is reception. The presets are handy and it certainly gets loud enough without distorting to be suitable in a wide variety of environments.

I find the bulbous shape to be annoying, inviting bumps to the frequency rocker switch and being swept off the belt inadvertently. It would be a better product if it had a lower depth profile.

All in all, for an at-work radio or something with which you can listen to sports while minding the BBQ, or as a source for news when the power goes out, I can recommend this SRF M85W combination as being serviceable and a good value.
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on February 19, 2014
I have long used two of these units in their prior analog version but thought it was time to upgrade, especially since the arm bands on my old units are getting too loose. I should have heeded the other reviews expressing concerns. The main problem is this new digital unit gets horrible reception, especially when compared to the older units. I programmed the new unit to receive the exact same stations as my existing units, and although all of these stations, both FM and AM, are local, have strong signals and all work fine on the old units, less than a third are even remotely listenable on the new digital unit, and even then most (with one or two exceptions) are full of static and the unit keeps trying to pull in other stations instead. And yes, I've stretch the headset cord which also functions as the antenna and I've done everything else possible to fix the signals. So I was going to take the arm band from this new unit and install it on one of my old units (a pretty expensive way to get a new armband!) but now find they are slightly different in size and thus not interchangeable. As others have said, this unit falls far short of what you'd expect from Sony and from what they produced in the past.
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on May 29, 2016
Got it for my wife who hikes - we live in a rural area and so have difficulty getting radio stations while out hiking. My wife was quite impressed with the Walkman's ability to find and hold on to stations. Her only negative comment was the single AAA Battery, which didn't last as long as she would have expected - would have preferred (2)-AAA or (1)-AA. She said, however, its no big burden to carry an extra AAA Battery.
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on September 13, 2016
I bought 2 of these to replace one I had and to have a spare because it is waterproof and has so many preset stations. I have had 2 over the past 5 years that I replaced because the "enter" button quit working, and I couldn't reprogram preset stations. I travel and want different stations where I go. I just tried the one I bought to have in my suitcase, and after one use and trying to reprogram in another city, the "enter" button doesn't work....so I cannot preset stations. The window of time to return the product has passed, so I wasted $40. I am starting to have trouble with the other unit and decided to just use it at home where I won't ever change the stations. I am very disappointed. This was way too expensive for what I got! Sony doesn't have the quality it used to.Sony SRFM85W S2 Sports Walkman Digital Tuning Weather/AM/FM Stereo Armband Radio (White)
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on September 26, 2016
Worthless. FM stations fade in and out, ans static gets worse and better depending on which way you face, which way the wind is blowing, whatever. It is basically unlistenable (is that even a word?). Additionally, the pokey side of the velcro fastener is too wide, it hangs over the fuzzy sides and rubs raw places. No, I absolutely WOULD NOT buy it again.
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on October 29, 2016
Radio stations are fairly easy to program. Programming the stations makes it easy to jump from radio station to radio station without having to scroll through stations that I don't ever listen to. Reception is sometimes a little fuzzy (this has to do with the orientation of the radio (on its side or up & down) as stated in the instruction booklet). Headphones fit into the ear canal making it easy to hear while wearing. Weather radio reception is fuzzy. I use this radio to listen to sports and news talk radio when working around the house or out & about. Although I haven't yet used it during exercise, I think it would work well while walking/running and lifting weights.

I would recommend this radio to those who want a light-weight unit that can be used anywhere and be fairly inconspicuous.
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on March 11, 2016
Works pretty well. Indoor reception is not quite as good as an old unit I own. But, in general, I'm pretty satisfied. I especially like the "hold" switch that prevents you from changing any of the station setting accidentally.

Adding this about a month later: I decided to use the radio outdoors while mowing the lawn. Reception is OK on every station except the one (public radio) I want to listen to. This certainly doesn't make it useless to me, but I would advise anyone buying this particular radio to find one to try with their favorite stations. I'm back to the 25 year old sony for certain uses now.
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on October 31, 2015
I like the Sony SRF-M37W better. Easier to operate than the S2. S2 also has FM drift in a city like Gatineau near Ottawa. The drift was on the CBC FM station on 91.5. No drift on the Sony SRF-M37W. The Sony SRF-M37W also is easier to operate with simple and larger buttons.
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