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on March 3, 2015
A friend of mine had these at a get together and I was impressed enough with them that I decided to buy my own. I saw some poor reviews about staticy reception and I can tell you that at her place there was no issue and now that I have my own they are fine. The do get fuzzy when you move them around but a quick push on the auto tune button and they tune in just great. I also read a review that said they get distorted at high volume...hmmm..you're not going to have a rave with these things...if you wanna dubstep then step up to some Bose but if you want music in the background all over your yard then these are great....follow the directions and turn your device up all the way (on my iPad and iPhone it's full volume and down one click) I am impressed enough with them that I bought extra speakers so we shall see if it can handle transmitting to others.
As far as range goes...I have a detached garage that is about 80' from the house. The transmitter was in my livingroom and reached the garage, again, I walked it down and lost signal but once I set it down I hit the auto tune and it came in clear as a bell...that is about 100' through walls...
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on June 13, 2011
After reading mixed reviews, and putting much thought and deliberation into it, I purchased the set for my pool area. I'm so glad I did. These are an outstanding alternative to hard wired speakers! The sound quality is remarkably good, with nice bass and treble response. The enclosures are a little larger which attributes to nice bass tones. The dock station comes with an a/c power adapter or you can use it completely wireless by using using 4 AA batteries in the unit. I have used this with my iPhone and it works great. We use the SiriusXM application, Pandora, and the iPod functions and the unit has performed great. I have noticed there is a little interference when using an iPhone when you send or receive text messages while the unit is playing, so this may be the crackling/noise interference some owners are experiencing when using the speakers. This unit also comes with RCA connections so you may plug the dock station into your home theater system/stereo system, PC, cable TV, or satellite dish receiver to use as well. You simply plug the RCA connections into your audio out (red/white plugs) on your home system, cable box, or satellite receiver and use the wireless transmitter's plug to connect to the RCA plug. Of course, to use with a PC, you will not need to use the RCA cord provided, just simply plug the dock station into your PC's headphone jack. We tune into the music channels via DirecTV and the unit had ZERO interference while using this setup. The speakers produce an amazing stereo effect. We have had several guests over to our home and they are literally blown away with these speakers partially hidden in our landscape.

Now for the cons:

It's really not a con....It's an issues others have mentioned, but I have found a fix to it.

Like others have said, there is no volume control on the wireless dock station and the volume has to be adjusted on each speaker. There's an easy solution. If you use an iPhone, iPod, any MP3 device, home stereo/home theater, PC, cable/satellite box, the volume can be adjusted with the device you connect to the dock station. The key is to turn the volume down on the device you are connecting with (let's say at to the least half way mark to start out), and turn the volume up on your wireless speakers outside. Use the volume on your connected device (Ie: iPod, etc) to turn the volume up and down on the speakers outside. It's that easy! When I connected the dock station with my satellite receiver, I could use the receiver's remote to adjust the volume outside. Problem solved!

Pros: After 16 hours of operation, I couldn't be more pleased. Upon receiving these, I charged the speakers for about five hours. I used the speakers for about four hours with no problems. I decided to charge them overnight to use them the next day, and used them for over twelve hours on a 97° day at a fairly high volume level with no issues.

The product looks great, and blends in with my landscaping. It's a fairly large (tall) unit, but it looks great.

I highly recommend this product. It's so easy to use, looks, and sounds great!
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on December 9, 2013
I purchased these from Amazon in July 2013 and they lasted about 4 months before the "rechargeable" batteries gave up the ghost. They sat for a few weeks as I wondered what to do about them, they would not stay on for more than 2 seconds and would not function even if they were plugged in.

Since I did not have the box they came in I was not sure I could return them. So I decided to open them up and see what was wrong with them. I was really disappointed to see they have lead acid "rechargeable" batteries in them. My only guess as to how mine stopped functioning was due to my not keeping them plugged in all the time and the batteries going completely dead. Lead Acid batteries do not like to be discharged completely over and over again. A lithium battery would have been better suited for this application in my opinion.

So I removed the batteries and rewired my units so they will function without a battery in them but have to be plugged in. At least they work now. Where I place them on my patio there is a power source so I am happy.

I am thinking of replacing the lead acid batteries with some 12V lithium Ion batteries this winter. I would urge the manufacturer to consider this as an option, I would spend more for the better battery technology. Especially in an application like this one.
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on June 4, 2014
First off when they worked (which they did the first 10 times) they worked fairly well. Not great sound but well enough for outdoors speakers around the pool. After using them however a few times one speaker stopped working. It plays for awhile (low) but when turned up it goes to "off". One speaker still works but is not very loud and considering that it takes a transmitter also there it's too much effort considering it only puts out a little more sound than my "jams" bluetooth speaker which is less trouble.

They are so heavy that carrying them inside to charge was a little of a pain because it's hard to carry both at a time. Now they say "Place the speaker indoors during. 1) Rain..." so I'm not really sure how they can be considered outdoor speakers. I don't know if they had that warning before I purchased them or not but what's the point of having an outdoor speaker that can't be kept outside? I mean can't any speaker be taken outside if it's has to be carried inside for rain, etc? There are plenty of portable bluetooth speakers that have 15 watts of sound in a smaller and lighter package that would suit me better if I have to carry these inside anyway.

I checked the warranty on them an it's 30 days so unless they are DOA, the warranty isn't much good.
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on May 14, 2014
I am blown away with the quality of this product! I ordered the pair and then one extra for out back around my pool, totally unnecessary! 1 or 2 is all that is needed, these guys can blast the neighborhood with 100 watts a piece. It doesn't mention this or picture but it is worth mentioning that the speakers volume can be individually controlled on the speaker. The setup is so fast and easy it reall is a plug and play system. Range is good for the transmitter, even from center of the house to the backyard. Battery life is good, I can run it atleast 5 hours without a charge. Construction is solid, I am scared to leave in the rain but I bet a light rain would be just fine. If I needed more this would be the product I get, the price? AMAZING!!
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on September 6, 2014
Really, really like these speakers. Since we weren't taking a real summer vacation this year and stayed home by the pool most weekends, they were an awesome addition to our attempt to make it feel more like a resort! The quality of the sound is great; the speakers blended in nicely with our landscape and they seem to handle mild water splashes very well. They are sturdy, but not too heavy to easily carry from place to place. They are very versatile and played a multitude of items, from our android phone, to our iphones, to our computer (where all my itunes library is best contained), to--best yet--the TV. We like to watch TV from the jacuzzi but sometimes can't hear it as well when the bubbles are on, so these speakers right next to us, plugged into the TV audio out, solved that problem. All the connectors we needed came with the speakers too. The signal is rarely a problem as all of the items are within lkess than 75' of each other. Sometimes there's a bit of interference, but then we slighly move the speakers and problem solved. The speakers hold a charge quite well and almost always last the whole day--I think. They might even last longer, except at the end of the day of full use, we usually take them to the house to charge them overnight. Only two negatives. The base is not very good on battery. I think the signal is too weak to perform well, when there's not a/c power, so we normally keep the base/player at an outlet and have no problems. One other negative is that the touchpad for the on/off button is a little wimpy..seems like it's going to need to be reglued at some point soon. But all in all, especially for the price, this was a great find. I highly recommend these.
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on June 27, 2012
I was very excited about getting this speaker. I am giving a generous 2 stars instead of 1 only because it was very easy to hook-up to my sound system, and to get the wireless signal working so music actually did come out of the speaker. Also it seems sturdy, and looks as pictured. I really liked the long battery life, and it charged as expected.

HOWEVER: In about 5 minutes, I was VERY disappointed, as I could tell this was USELESS as a wireless speaker. It cut out/off repeatedly, hissed with static, and made loud pops. This happened regardless of which channel I had the speaker switched to. This was even when the speaker was within 30 feet of the transmitter (connected to stereo receiver), and even with only ONE wall in between the speaker and transmitter. This was also with a full overnight charge. I tried both channels many times, and also tried different placements all over the backyard over a period of 2 days. It was still terrible.

I bought this to use at a big party, and it was much better turned OFF. I waited too long to send it back, past the "return window" since I was out of the state for a couple of weeks. So I guess I am stuck with a useless $100 rock, or maybe I can use it as a super heavy outdoor ipod dock. If you are determined to buy it, don't say you weren't warned!

I have spent thousands of dollars on Amazon over several years, mostly with great results where I am happy with my purchases and feel the policies are fair; but I will be very careful before buying anything like this from Amazon sellers again.
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on March 24, 2015
These rock speaker ROCK! Use them at our beach cabana last year. Place the transmitter in the cabana by the stereo/amp. Speakes get placed in the sand about 40 yards away... no issues. Sound great. LOUD if you want. Can take the sun all day without any problem. Connection to the transmitter is a breeze. Each speaker has an independent volume control which at first seemed like a pain. But then I realized you could place the speakers in any location and then adjust each speaker's volume to equalize the sound. Once done the remote from the amp will control overall volume. Go all day... a good 10 hours at low to moderate volumes with a full nights charge. Not so sure I would leave these things out in the rain. But who's at the beach in the rain anyway?
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on July 14, 2011
Updated August 9, 2011--Cables Unlimited has ceased to operate. I believe Cables Unlimited was the company that produced products under the Audio Unlimited brand.

The add-on rock speakers are an excellent value for anyone who has the Audio Unlimited wireless speaker system and would like to have a good quality sounds outdoors. I am using the rock speakers at a weekend campsite where I have a travel trailer. I already owned the wireless speaker system and added the rock speakers to provide music outdoors. Previously I had moved a set of speakers outdoors but always had to put them away when it rained. The rock speakers are waterproof eliminating the need for me to bring them in when it rains. I also like the fact that the speakers include the rechargeable battery. Although I currently use them on electric, the battery does provide additional flexibility as well as stability due to the extra weight of the battery.

The one downside is the rock speaker does not allow you to adjust the volume level using the wireless remote that is a part of the system. While this makes it a little more difficult, I simply use the volume control on my MP3 to make overall volume adjustment.

I'm very pleased with the quality of the sound. The speaker has a superior sound quality to the standard speaker especially at higher volume levels.

I initially ordered one speaker to evaluate and after using it for a few minutes, I decided to order another in order to cover a larger area outdoors. I showed the rock speaker to a friend who has the same system and he immediately placed an order for two rock speakers for use with his system.
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on June 22, 2014
Was very satisfied the first season we purchased it. The sound is great; full range and rich bass. I am now reviewing it the next season, after pulling it out of storage.

Charged fully after a year in storage and lasted more than an entire day. Didn't time it of course, just lasted for a couple of days of swimming before I thought it wise to recharge.

The sound is, honestly, amazing for a wireless unit. It is not going to fuel a dance party, but it will need to be turned down for a back yard party. My 17 year old niece asked if I get complaints from the neighbors about my music, it's honestly that great.

I don't review that much, but I thought these guys deserved a great review as I am used to re-purchasing crap every year and was pretty happy when I didn't have to this year.

The only minus is the range of the units: I need to use the battery feature of the transmitter OUTSIDE because if I try to use it as a transmitter from the media server in my house, it will not work, as the range seems a bit limited. But really cant complain if it doesn't work through a few walls as you cant change the tracks anyway if you are outside and it is inside. Throw a bunch of songs on an old phone and hook it up to the unit.

Bottom line? You will not be sorry for the price... i wouldn't hesitate to buy again.

EDIT 2015:
Whose got two thumbs and a pair of wireless speakers that still work going into pool season #3? THIS guy....! (I am pointing my thumbs at me, FYI)
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