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on December 27, 2014
I have replaced my twenty some year old speakers with these taller and more narrow Sony SSF-5000 and after three days felt compelled to share what I think about them. I read as many reviews that I could and decided to take the plunge. I am so glad that I did. All this talk about no bass could not be further from the truth! My old speakers had a 10 inch woofer and these have blown that away. They will shake the walls if you crank it up I am sure. I have mine set at 6 and it is more than enough for me. Maybe some of the reviews are from the people that are in traffic with the boom box sound we all have heard. I find them to be perfect for me. Nice highs, nice crisp clear sound, not bulky and they look very sharp. I am using a Sony 135 watt per channel receiver so they are very compatible. Go for it! You won't be disappointed.
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on June 16, 2013
I am a musician, composer and arranger. I have a very sensitive ear, and being able to hear each and every instrument in an orchestra in my speakers is vitally important to me. But I am most assuredly not an "audiophile." It's been my experience 99% of high end audio components are sold by salesmen who only have technical knowledge of what they sell and no ear for music. They tend to consider the worth of an audio component based on price (more is better, right?), magazine reviews, not all of which are without an agenda to promote an item or manufacturer, without any regard to what they hear. I should also add my receiver is about 30 years old and cranks out a "measly" 30 watts (because more is better, right?).

These Sony speakers sound crystal clear, with sharp highs and a full midrange. The lowest frequency response is 45 Hz, so I have supplemented them with a $99 sub woofer from Radio Shack. (My old receiver has no specific output for a sub woofer, so both right and left speaker outputs go to my sub woofer, and from there, the left and right speakers. And I use 22 g speaker wire. $1000 Monster Cable is for suckers who figure more is better, right?)

At low volumes, these speakers pick up all the nuances and detail in the music (I only listen to Classical music, but since Classical music has the greatest frequency and dynamic ranges, listening to anything else would only be better), and when I crank these babies up, I can loosen plaster from my walls.

If you're one of those "audiophiles," don't buy these. They're too inexpensive for you. You'll need to go to one of those audiophile sucker shops to empty your wallet on something you'll never tell the difference with. But if you're a serious listener and think it's absurd to spend thousands of dollars on speakers, you won't find a better deal than these.

One possibly important note: the warranty is only valid in Canada! I don't expect to be using it, as they are well-made and solid with no design flaws or imperfections, but it's something I didn't know when I bought them. It wouldn't have changed my mind, though.

Crisp, clear sound at all dynamic ranges.
The price for what you get.

You'll probably need a sub woofer to fill in anything below 45 Hz
They're a bit tall, so if room is an issue, this might not be your best choice.
Warranty is valid only in Canada, eh.
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on February 13, 2015
Love the sound "color", extremely crisp and responsive mid-to-high range, alternative rock / hipster / electronica / ambient all sound amazing. Paired them with a Sony amp STRDH130 and they work together great, though I would say the speakers are a bit "revealing" of the 2-channel EQ of the amp. I find myself tweaking them between songs to get that crazy etherial feeling that makes modern music great. I want to get another pair or 3 to get better spread the mid-to-high range in the room. What I've noticed is that to get the full effect you really need the medium and small cones pointed at or near your ears. If you're more than 20 degrees off you can definitely tell the mid/high is fading.

Plenty of bass for my taste, but I no longer have 12" subs in my car, so if you like wearing your pants hanging down to your knees, may not be enough bass for you.
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on February 23, 2015
These speakers are the best! I did a lot of research when buying them and for the price nothing can compare. Ive used them with the covers on and off and with them off they are amazing. I have them paired with a 12" sub as well and people consistently tell me its one of the best speaker systems they've heard. I also use an optical audio cord to my receiver and the sound that comes out is near perfect. Overall I am very happy with my purchase of these speakers.
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on January 22, 2013
I'm no expert when it comes to speakers, but I do know what kind of sound I want out of my system. I was using a pair of Bose 301 bookshelf speakers as the front speakers to my home theater. The issue with those was, due to their location, the sound was not projecting into the room (I now use these as my rear speakers). I did quite a bit of research before choosing these speakers - read a lot of reviews on Amazon and Yes, price was a major consideration, but I wanted good performance especially on the low end sound. After installing the speakers and doing a little tweaking with my receiver, I was very happy with the sound. Everything is very clear and the sound projects very good into the room. I was especially pleased with the bass that these speakers produce.
These speakers can more than handle the 250 watt/channel receiver that I have. I can now turn the volume up very high and still hear all sounds clearly. On no movie was the more evident than 'Saving Private Ryan'. The sound separation during the battle sequences was amazing for speakers of this price.
I'm sure you can get even better sound out of more expensive speakers. Based on testing 'high end' speakers at a local electronics store, I found that I would have had to spend $750+ to get speakers that sound 'better' than these.
I've always been happy with Sony audio equipment and these speakers did not disappoint.
I do recommend that you adjust your receiver to get the most out of these speakers. Luckily for me that process was quick and painless.
In my opinion, unless you're a picky audiophile, you won't find better performance at any price close to these speakers.
My home theater room is now filled with great sound thanks to these speakers.
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on May 18, 2016
These Sony tower speakers have served me well over the past 5 years playing various types of music and movies.
With a front ported design and 8 inch woofers they put out more bass than you might expect from speakers weighing in at just 25 lbs each.
Midrange and highs are clear with the tweeters being positioned near head level.
The towers have a nice clean look with the grills on or off and good quality vinyl woodgrain wrap.
I combined the SSF-5000's with a 100 watt per channel receiver and Sony SA-W2500 subwoofer for an affordable powerful bedroom stereo.
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on September 29, 2013
I bought these to replace a pair of 40-year-old Rectilinear speakers that were the anchor of my living-room system but finally gave up the ghost. I'm on a budget, so getting modern equivalents of those great old Rec's was just not possible. These mid-grade Sony 3-ways looked like a good, short-term solution (I expect to replace them in 5 years or so).

I am very impressed with the sound quality right out of the box. I had the speakers set up in about 5 minutes. After a few days of low- to medium-duty wear-in, I tried to max them out (with a CD player into a Sony STR-DH520 receiver), and there was very little distortion.

Overall, the bass is a bit soft, which is fine for my tastes but likely would not satisfy those who like to rattle the windows. Mid- and high-end is good to great. The speakers are better for watching video than my Rec's were, obviously, but I do miss the "warming" effect those old speakers had on digital audio. ...

The towers are about waist-high with a relatively small footprint, and as such fit into my system's aesthetic, too. The speakers are unobtrusive and classic "Sony black."

I'm sure there are better speakers available in the same price range, but I don't regret at all choosing the SSF-5000s.
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on August 5, 2015
Affordable speakers with great results! We use these with our 1991 Sony stereo set and everything sounds great through them. We've even hooked up our Laserdisc and Blu-ray players to the amp for some great sound!! LPs, analog/digital cassettes, CDs, iPod, AM/FM all sound fantastic. Bass is above average I'd say for this size and price, tweeters good too. Vocals sound clear and instruments sound alive. I haven't noticed any distortion or off sounds. Even in an apartment, these are great. They can produce a lot of sound without sending it through the floor to your neighbor under you. We have a very large living room in our place, but even in the bedroom or small living room these would be fantastic. If you can, I would get these before the bookshelf speakers.
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on March 1, 2014
I did not want to spend a ton for speakers that would be matched to an older modular receiver set-up. This set was a very good choice. I listen to a combination of classic rock, 80's New Wave, 90's alternative, and that's about it. The bass is so sufficient that i returned a separate subwoofer. I like bass, and i really don't need the extra bass that a sub provides. These speakers provide sufficient bass. The tweeter and midrange are just fine. No, these are not an audiophile's speaker of choice, but I am discriminating to a degree, and i like the quality of the sound.
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on November 18, 2012
This weekend I had time to setup my stereo system with the newly purchased Sony SSF5000 speakers. The instructions are short, one should use common sense to connect them to the amplifyer. My opinion that the enclosed light diameter wires are not sufficient for 150 watt amplifyer juice, I used #6 speaker wires to connect them. My Yamaha could send up to 200 watt per channel so the stronger wires are well advised for a strong amplifyer. When I turned the amp on, the sounds were exceptionally good, very little distortion, bass and treble are well recognized, full range of bass as well as very delicate treble are coming through. Sony made a fine product again, comparable to their good name.
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