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on May 13, 2007
From a sound standpoint, these are really great speakers. I am using these as the main speakers for a home theater and regularly watch DVD music concerts. They accurately reproduce the music very well, and don't have brassy highs like many speakers in this price range have. I am a big fan of the double-8 inch woofers instead of a single larger one; they are "fast", accurate, and don't have a muffled sound like my last 12 inch speakers. I should note that I am also using a powered sub-woofer, but have it turned pretty low.

Unless you are a professional speaker critic with a perfect environment to play your stereo in, you'll be happy with these speakers. The factory packing/boxes are very sturdy and protected the product well during the shipment period to my home.

The only thing that I am really not very happy about are the front screens. In the picture, you see the raw speakers, but do not see the screens, or covers. They are a metallic silver, instead of a more traditional black. I am not real happy about that, but the sound quality pretty much off-sets that.
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on November 29, 2007
Well upon delivery after waiting 11 days thanks to ups. My speakers arrived with a big hole in the box, but thankfully no damage. Anyway I took them out of the box to find a very well crafted speaker, but was skeptical about the sound. Well it didnt take long and I was blown away. I actually had to turn the bass down to a negative setting because of the earth shaking bass these produced. This I have to say is a first for me when it comes to tower speakers. I also have a JBL 10 inch subwoofer and If I hook it up with these things I will probably get evicted,I have already driven the lady downstairs nuts. Anyway I would have to say these are a must buy. I got them off of Amazon for 144.00 a piece. It was supposed to be free shipping but due to a glitch in there system I had to pay 76 bucks, I went ahead and payed it because I didnt want to wait any longer. Amazon said I would have to refuse them at the door and then make another order. ???? This was the dumbest thing I had ever heard, so instead of being a jerk about it and having to go through the hassles involved I just took them. It was worth it!!! But I think amazon should have fixed the problem instead. considering how long I had to wait for the delivery. Buy these speakers. Save some money and time shopping, There is not a better deal out there. I looked for a long time and would have had to spend alot more money for something else and probably wouldnt have the sound qaulity of these. GET SOME!!! GET SOME!!! But I am still furious at amazon, because of the response I got. They really should have fixed the problem.
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on April 2, 2008
I had read the reviews right here on Amazon but I wanted to hear them before I bought them. I went to Best Buy to listen for myself. They weren`t on display so I asked them why not. They brought out a pair from the back room and I helped set them up. By now it was near closing and the place was about empty. I brought my own CD to test the JBL Venue Series Stadium Speakers. I got to crank them up and R.E.M. never sounded so good! I figured if they sound this good in a large, open space, they are going to sound great at home. And they do! They wanted $250 each plus tax at Best Buy and the salesman was trying his best to make a sale. I went home instead and bought four of them right here on Amazon for only $124 each. They came on time and I couldn`t be happier. The bass is excellent and the mid-range and treble sound wonderful. For the money, you just can`t go wrong with these! They even shipped them to my door for free. What a deal! As it turned out, they must have been clearing them out since they weren`t available right afterwards. Glad I bought four of them when I did!
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on June 23, 2008
When I ordered a pair of these, I figured I was "settling" for less than the best because of my limited budget. They had the best tech specs in the price range, but I was coveting something a bit pricey. When I got them set up, I was utterly blown away with the accuracy, depth, and range of sound, even at very high volume. I'm currently driving them with a Marantz sr6005 receiver, with a Playstation3 as the primary media player. After watching a bunch of my blu-rays and listening to a pile of CDs, I was so impressed with the performance-to-pricepoint ratio that within a week, I decided I had to buy another pair to finish off my home theater. Now my neighbors hate me and I'm in love with my speakers. I've listened to some higher-priced setups recently, and most of them sound inferior to these. I am convinced that you would have to pay much more than double this price to get better speakers.

Note: I see that the price on this item has skyrocketed. When I bought them in March 2008, they were $125 apiece, now they are much, much more... and they're even a discontinued product. Looks like overnight they went from 'closeout merchandise' to 'high-demand vintage gear'.
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on February 1, 2008
I was skeptical about ordering such heavy speakers on-line because of the delivery risk (i.e. miss-handling, etc.). They were delivered quickly, but as predicted; one of the two (shipped separately, one per box), was damaged and had a cracked way of keeping that one. After I called Amazon and explained the problem, they quickly shipped a replacement and that one arrived in perfect condition. They are heavy, but that adds a good stability factor, and they look great with or without the silver grills.

Now, for my review...These speakers replaced a twenty year old pair of Polk Audio Monitor series 3-way bookshelf speakers, which still to this day have great reviews as excellent, full-range and true sounding speakers. I hooked up my new JBL Stadiums with thick Monster audio cable to my twenty year old 2x40watt NAD receiver that also has "best in class" ratings from many audiophiles. WOW! I can only crank my volume level dial up to level 1 (out of 10) without worrying about disturbing the neighbors.

The sound quality is, in my opinion, superior to my Polk's and the detail these new Stadium's provide in full range of lows to highs is amazing. One of my Kitaro CDs starts with one single large (liberty bell size) bell being rung once...I had my volume up to level 2 and have never heard such a rich, crisp, perfect sonic reproduction of sound in my life. AMAZING!

The manufacturing quality is equally good. I always check speakers to see if they have rubber or foam gaskets around the woofer cones. Rubber gaskets are known to last longer and not disintegrate into dust after a few (or many) years. This small detail is actually significant. The flush mounting of the speakers and tweeter to cabinet is also unique and adds a much sleeker, more modern, and well thought-out appearance. My favorite details are the silver brackets with silver screws holding the speaker cones in place onto the cabinet and also the "carbon fiber" pattern material, that covers the entire front of the speaker, which you can see when the grilles are off.

I could easily rock these out at level 3 or 4 and still hear non-distorted sound...due primarily to the Stadiums low resistance and quality speaker cones. All in all, I've warmed these up for over 60 hours (recommended to "break-in" speaker cones and internal wiring) and now intend to enjoy movies, music and TV through them for many years.

JBL has an interesting "About Us" history on their web site. The story of the company from the early days until now is really interesting, and adds to the appreciation of their products.
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on December 26, 2007
I am still in the process of evaluating these speakers. Since the last floor standing speakers I bought (Genesis) are 28 years old you can see that I don't make snap judgements. I had replaced the drivers on the Gs a few years ago but they have not made the comeback I had hoped for.

I am using these with a Pioneer 110 watt receiver running in stereo mode. I was planning to buy more expensive speakers but I couldn't pass up the bargain price on these. My son and I have been using small JBLs for abt 5 years and have been very pleased with the sound of those.
I have been pleased and surprised by the bottom end. I have turned down the volume on my subwoofer. I am not using an equalizer since the Pioneer receiver I am using only has a pre-out. I may insert an equalizer and run these through a power amp. I have reduced both the treble and base on the receiver because these have lots of capability at both ends. You could probably run these in a "dead" room with a small amp and still get a good sound from them. These do require some break-in time before they sound like they should; you can't listen for a day or two and make a judgment.
Since the next step up in speakers will cost about $1,000 more than these I am going to wait for a while and enjoy the sound of the JBLs.
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on October 9, 2007
I have to agree with the reviewer that had to turn their sub woofer down. The first thing I had to do was turn down my Infinity 12" sub. The bass from these units is remarkable in my townhouse. The mids and highs are just as nice. When shopping on my budget I found all the reviews very helpful. I drive these with a HK AVR240 7.1 amp. Great sound and matching. The remainder of my speakers are the JBL Northridge series which compliment these that I use as the front speakers. Make sure you have a good center speaker if you are into the surround scene. I have the JBL EC35 (Obsolete but great). Perfect setup for the fronts.

My setup is complete with these and now all I have to do is find a house so I won't bother the neighbors. BUT, at low levels the sound is perfect also.
No I am not a professional audiophile but I do like well built and good sounding units like these.
By the way, I was worried about the silver grills too but I found it matched my 52" DLP Toshiba perfectly.
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on June 25, 2007
I recently purchased these speakers to upgrade my surrond system. First off they sound GREAT and for the price you can't beat them. The speakers they are replacing are a pair of JBL's I purchased back in 91. I just couldn't find any speakers that gave me the sound these do in this pricepoint. I was a little skeptical about ordering them, but I couldn't resist the price difference. In local stores they're $299 a piece, I bought them through Amazon for 173 a piece w/free shipping. Let me say this again EXCELLENT SPEAKERS. They can work as your main speakers in a home theatre set up or if you just want to listen to music they really shine through. Before I needed my main JBL's and a satellite pair to get the clarity I get from this one pair. Highly recommend!
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on July 6, 2007
I had expected to get less bass with only an 8" speaker. But this thing has loads of bass. Very smooth and not boomy. I wanted to get something like my old Advent speakers with a 10" woofer. It's a reference speaker. I am running the JBL with a 100 watt stereo amp. This thing is power hungry. It fits right in and has a good sound for videos. It sounds fine for playing CDs and mp3s too. I compared this to Klipsh at Circuit City and a Polk speaker at Fry's Electronics. Both the other speakers were similarly made but cost more. The Polk seemed to have harsh top end. The Klipsh had a wider sound field, but again had harsh top end. This was definitely the best buy.
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on November 19, 2007
Give them 10-20 hours to burn-in. The treble will become more defined and clear (not harsh) and the speakers overall sound will improve dramatically. This is really a VG speaker for the money. Like most shopping via Amazon, I don't have a lot of excess money to throw around so I like to get the most value possible for the least spent. These units are sold single (ea),$144 at Amazon is the cheapest I've seen (and w/free shipping).

Love the black as it matches my TV and audio components. Black/silver combo seems to be the style these days. When I was younger the brown colored veneer was the rage. Would be nice to see a well done cherry. I thought about spray painting the grills black but I'll leave it enough alone for now. They are new and I don't want to ruin anything.

Yes, they are large and fairly heavy. I'm not crazy with the feet on the bottom, there are no carpet spikes just plastic runner things that don't provide the most stable base on carpet. They won't fall over by themselves but they COULD tip over if you have grabby rug rats in the house so be careful.

I run these with a Polk PSW404 subwoofer at medium settings for movies, less for music. B&W 303 surrounds, polk csi3 center and sony rear. Powered by a 105 watt / channel AV amp. Sounds VG, not bass heavy, not treble heavy. Fairly clear sound on the cheap. Yeah, you can spend more to get more but I have other things like food, mortgage, gas, utilities, and the holidays approaching.

I listen to ZZ Top, Nickelback, Keny Burrell, Johnny Hartmen, Janis Joplin, and the emotionally expressive strings of Sarah Chang and the powerful violin of Perlman. Wife enjoys opera (yeach) of some kind. We both find the system plays beautifully and we are happy with the purchase. Other speakers may sound better but we don't know because they aren't in our home...
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