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on October 27, 2016
I first discovered this amazing product while visiting in Arizona. I've never liked waxy type mascaras as they tend to clump as well as cause the lashes to stick together
I have been using this product for approximately five years, and it never disappoints.
I have one suggestion, sometimes in warmer weather or if your mascara is in a warm place, it tends to liquefy. All you need to do to correct this, is to shake it up a bit.
It is incredibly long lasting, you can cry, swim with it on, as long as you do not rub your eyes it will stay on until you remove it with warm water that is all! I have tried all of the colors except Brown. I absolutely love the blue, definitely would recommend for anyone with short lashes.
Simply apply One coat, let it dry, then go back and apply more to the very tips of your lashes for greater length.
I will never go back to the waxy, clumpy mascara is I've used in the past. God bless
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on February 24, 2017
I am so happy I found this mascara! I finally decided after years of frustration with mascara that irritated my eyes or flaked off and smeared under my eyes, to do research into mascara that would work. I discovered the world of tubing mascaras. At first I tried Loreal Beauty Tubes since I could buy, try and return locally and it did not irritate my eyes,flake, or smear like almost every other mascara I've tried. There was a learning curve to get it to be less clumpy on my lashes though. And I did not like the white primer, or the fact that I couldn't set the tube down and have half the amount of mascara for the price. Since that tubal mascara worked, I figured Blinc mascara was worth the cost to test it too, and it comes in brown which I prefer to black for a more natural look. This mascara is way better than the Loreal version. It is a thinner application but you can go over it many times before it dries as it doesn't dry super fast like the Loreal did. The longer drying time can cause some smearing. My advice is to take your time and apply it well how you like it. I like separated lashes, just darkened for natural looking eyelashes. The mascara does splash a bit if you're not careful when applying which is annoying if you've already applied your other makeup. Maybe this is just because it was a new tube of mascara because it seems better after 4 applications, or maybe I'm just getting better at applying it. I love that it comes off easily in tubes with warm water and pressure. Less mess and no flakes in my eyes either.
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on November 12, 2016
I have used this product for over 5 years and I really like it; however the latest tube I received loses the reducer seal inside the tube where you pull the brush through. I purchased it on Sept 5 and now I can't use it. Help! OK now for an update. I was able to use needle nose pliers and get the reducer back in place and figured out that each time I need to tighten the lid very tight so it doesn't happen again.
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on July 5, 2015
I live in a really humid client and also have really watery eyes. I sometimes wonder why I bother with eye makeup at all.

This mascara basically just look like I dyed my eyelashes. I'm not one of those people who likes really dramatic eyelashes. I just want to look like I'm not half-asleep all day.

If it was a good mascara, I might be able to put up with a little flaking here and there. It didn't perform on any level. The "tubes" would be all over my cheeks by the end of the day. It didn't smudge as much as other mascara usually do on me, but I don't want weird, flaky black stuff all over my face either.

Taking it off was the only good part. It came off with warm water. Didn't have any issues with my eyelashes falling out.

If your main issue with mascara is smudging and raccoon eyes, I would suggest Clinique Lash Power mascara. It doesn't say "waterproof", but believe me. It is not coming off no matter how hot and sweaty or watery your eyes get. It does take a little effort to get off. I have to scrub a little bit with a washcloth soaked in warm water, but it's worth it to not have black circles under my eyes for the first time ever.
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on May 25, 2016
This Mascara is AMAZING. I have tried many different mascaras over the years since I tend to have a big problem with smudging under my eyes throughout the day and the fact that I was a competitive swimmer and always in the pool. I could never find a happy medium, regular mascara would smear under my eyes throughout the day and would run all down my face during swim practice. Waterproof was too hard to remove and I found it actually made my eyelashes fall out and become thinner over time.( I later learned from a makeup artists that this is because it smothers your eyelashes and when you rub hard to remove the mascara you are actually pulling your eyelashes out.)I had tried all different brands, from expensive designer mascaras at Sephora like Dior and Bobbi Brown to Drug store brands like Maybelline and NOTHING worked. Until I found Blinc. Blinc is basically a happy medium between waterproof and regular mascara. You get the all day stay in place wear like waterproof mascara but you also get the easy clean removal like regular masacara. Where Blinc is better than any other mascara is that when you remove it it does not come off in the same form as when you put it on. It comes off in tubes. yes tubes. It will freak you out the first time you take it off because you will feel like your eyelashes fell out. Instead of having smudgy mascara all over my sink and face after I washed my face at night I had nothing left. I literally threw away all my eye makeup remover because I had no need for it anymore! I have also noticed that since I begun wearing this mascara about 8 months ago my eye lashes have thickened and lengthened. I think this is because once you paint on the mascara it hardens and forms a tube around each eyelash instead of smothering it which allows your eyelashes to continue to breathe and grow throughout the day as if you were not even wearing mascara! The only down side that I can find about this product is that it is very wet when you first apply so you might have to wait a few extra seconds before opening your eyes very wide so that you do not get black marks on your eyelids. I highly recommend this product. Since starting to use it 8 months ago I have bought it again and all of their eyeliners. I have also turned 4 of my friends and family members onto it and they all swear by it now also!
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on April 13, 2017
I am 62 years old and I love this dark brown mascara and you will too if you need this kind of mascara. It is the only mascara I have found with truly no smudging or flaking (at least, I have not had any smudging/flaking AT ALL). I would compare this mascara to the Trish McEvoy High Volume and Benefit "They're Real" mascaras (which are water resistant but for me, still smudge somewhat). HOWEVER, you need to understand how to apply it: it fully covers, but it is thin and wet, almost like a lash tint; I use a low blow dryer on my eyes for 3 - 5 seconds to dry it. Because it provides thin coverage (but covers whole lash in "tubes" of color), you need to build up in layers. It can also do a great job lengthening lashes -- but length needs to be added as a second coat. Yes, it does not add tons of thickness but it does a great job coloring and building length that lasts with no smudging. If this type of mascara is not what you need, there are a million other mascaras to use but I love never having to worry again that I have racoon eyes! [BTW, you can remove it with water and the "tubes" come off, not your lashes].
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on February 17, 2016
My only problem with Blinc is it gets thick too quickly, and the seal at the top where the plunger is located has come loose on several tubes ruining the tube and making the application a complete mess. Re-engineering that seal is needed by the company to make it stay in place.
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on February 1, 2016
I am reviewing this based off of what the product promises to do.

It is easy to apply. I use an oil based 'rice oil' korean make up remover product and I just take a cotton pad and apply a little more extra time to my eyes. I only apply one coat because I don't like the thin/spider lash look. If you are going for that then yes, I think this mascara will certainly give length but you lose a lot in volume. How does it lengthen? it seems to just attach to the lashes and build upon itself, not your eyelash--kind of weird sounding, but that's prbs why it is so hard to remove. Because you have something attached to your actual eyelash.

I do think it lengthens them a bit, but I have generally accepted that no product will be able to make up for having very short eye lashes unless you apply falsies. And that's fine with me. I think this product gives me enough of a pop that I like it, but it's subtle enough that I think only other women might notice it, or maybe a make up artist [guys don't really notice the small details].

Would I purchase this again? I don't know. If I could afford it, yes. But if I am on a budget, then maybe not.

What do I ADORE about this product? It is smudge proof. Every mascara I have tried has always given me little smudges beneath my eyes, and I only recent learned the difference between smudge proof and water proof. I don't get that at ALL which is the reason why I bought this.

I have no idea what people mean when they say they felt like their eyelashes were coming off. I thought I would be entertained as I removed it but it just sort of crumbles off in little pieces. And it does NOT look like eyelashes to me. Maybe I need to apply more??

Anyways, that's what I think. Again, it will give you great length but you lose volume and get very thin eyelashes, not the full ones. Not my style. And it is smudgeproof.
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on April 29, 2017
I was so excited to have received this mascara after reading over all the great reviews. However, my experience was anything but exciting. I have used many brands of mascara in my lifetime, but none quite like this. The first day I applied the mascara it looked like I had put nothing on my lashes. The texture of the mascara was like water. Not sure if this is normal for this mascara or not. No thickness and no lengthening to my lashes whatsoever.....I waited a few minutes to apply a second coat. Still no difference. My blonde lashes looked ever so slightly darker. That's it. My lashes were still as short and sparse as ever. That night my eyes were a bit red but it had been a long day. Didn't think much about it. I thought I would use one more day and pick up a new brand the following day. Not like I had a lot of time to be looking for a new brand of mascara. Again. Especially after I thought I had done my research. Day two: my eyes began watering and twitching. I could not wait to remove this mascara! Went to bed. The following morning both eyes were red, while my right eye was red, swollen, and visibly irritated. Absolutely NOT the result I expected :(
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on October 24, 2015
I have been using this mascara for years and like it very much, but I knocked off two stars because the inner piece that wipes the mascara down so that the wand isn't sopping with mascara is always breaking before the tube is anywhere near finished, sometimes the tube is not even half finished. The tube then becomes totally unusable and I have to throw it away. I keep the neck of the tube clean as they tell you to on the instructions, but that makes no difference, This factor makes it a very expensive mascara choice since I have to continually buy new tubes to replace the broken ones. This has been happening for years, so it is not a matter of having purchased a bad lot. They certainly could make something more sturdy. For this reason I am starting to look for a replacement for this brand.
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