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on November 18, 2005
I bought two of these subs recently and want to share my initial thoughts. First off the bang for buck factor: 10 I got 2 of these delivered for $160...That is unreal. You can go out and spend a lot of money on better subs, but for the average home theater these will do the job. Advanced HT may require more $$$.
Second: Quality of build/parts. I was pleased to find that the woofer is not a paper cone. Some type of plastic/polymer. The Box is nice to look at, but could have been a little heavier/thicker. The amp is simple but effective. I really like the on/off switch, some amps don't come with this basic feature. The only thing I do not like is the fact that the box is ported, and the specs do not point this out. I was hoping for a sealed box. Overall a well built sub for what I paid.

Performance: Ok I had two Onkyo 8" 100watt subs in my system. I was not able to play the plane crash scene from Flight of the Phoenix because the subs could not keep up with the extended rumblings that this track produces. Enter the new subs and now I can hear that scene as intended. The bass is hellacious. I have not dialed in the subs for music and other movies yet, but I can tell they will be just fine. I only have to run them at 50% or less gain each to get more than enough bass out of them.

Bottom line: Good Deal, Good Build, Good Sound

What would have made it better? A remote, a little more power, heavier(sealed) box.

If you have a chance pick these up on the cheap, if you don't like it I am sure that you can sell them of for more than $79.

Edit: After screening a few movies and some music I am even more satisfied with these subs. They can get a little boomy if you turn the gain up too far, but two of them running at 50% really does the trick. Music is fun, Baby Ann is really the bass queen with these subs. THX intro takes on a whole new life. Can't wait to see War of the Worlds with these. Darla's tank tapping scene from Nemo really shakes things up. I have looked at the various models from Sony, JBL, Yahmaha and the like, none of them perform substantially better than these and often cost more than 3 times the price. If you believe there is a law of diminishing returns, and want to get a quality sub for a great price then take a chance and buy this one.

Ok, so it is new years day 2015, and I wanted to update this review. Subs are still cranking out the bass, rocking out Paul Oakenfold's TransPort as I type. I bought 2 in 2005 and almost 10 years later they are as good as new and I can't believe these were so cheap. Happy New Year!!!
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on November 15, 2005
I got this unit to replace my JBL Sub-Woofer which after about 8 years "gave up the ghost". I liked the JBL but as I recall it was around $250. Trying to explain a Sub-Woofer to my wife is difficult enough "yes dear, you don't really so much hear it as feel it". I think this unit is best suited for "home theater". I'm no audio expert and these days a tend to be a "movie" guy. A sub-woofer really enhances the ambience of the movie. I don't have a super system but it decent and works. So far the Advent seems great. Took me a bit to dial it in (mostly due to the fact I could not find my receiver remote and it has controls to do a bit finer adjustments) once found and I over came my natural urge to just turn everything ALL the way up the sound is very nice. I usually test my systems out with Apocalypse Now and Blade Runner and everything was copasetic. Okay so there are better Subs out there but for the Amazon Deal of $80 delivered to my door (on day 3) it's very hard to beat. I'm not sure how the "auto-off" feature works but I think after my JBL was just "on" those last 8 years mybe the Advent will last ten!
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on January 16, 2006
This is a really decent Subwoofer that for $79.00 does a terrific job. -No, it's not a $500 Polk; -No, it's not a 15" Floor-Whomper. Yes, it makes your stereo, and HT equipment come alive and really fill the room with sound. I beleive that those who are reporting that the auto-turn-off feature is too aggressive on the OFF side, are using cheap amps. I have never had any such trouble, using a 10-year-old Onkyo rig, nor have I with my just-purchased Denon 885/2105.
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on April 24, 2007
I have used this subwoofer now for over a year. It is absolutely a great item!

2014 UPDATE: I have had this item since 2007 - STILL A GREAT SUBWOOFER! ADVENT quality is awesome! Still kicks ass in the Bass department. I can knock pictures off the walls if I want to....

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on October 26, 2005
First, let me say that this is not a Hsu or an SVS subwoofer,but it wasn't meant to compete with them either! What it does do is put them to shame in that it'll do 90% of what those bad boys can do at a price point that is absolutely unbelievable! You will have to pay big bucks for that 10% premium. If you've got it - by all means spend it! I didn't. I did, however, get a sub that is musical, good looking (I mean it's a black box:)and has both high and low inputs-not to mention auto on/off for $80.00 shipped to my door! I am absolutely happy with this purchase! Thank you Amazon!

No - it will not peel the paint off of your walls - I didn't want that! I wanted something that gave me my oboe, string bass, electric bass - all the tones below 80hz that are contained in music - it does this and very well I might add! Movies sound wonderful too.

If you haven't figured out by now that I love this thing - what have you been reading???? Look - this is a true bargain - buy it! It is brand new and comes with a warranty that is fair! I could go on. If I had to nit pick - the only flaw here is that it is not super powerful - turning it up beyond the halfway mark will leave you with a distorted mess!!! But, my goodness, that is insanely loud! Anything before the halfway point on the volume is tight and musical. So go ahead by the SVS or Hsu if you need to peel the paint off of your walls - As for me, I will save hundreds of dollars and get musical bass that is plenty for me because I was willing to take a chance on this product. I may even buy one more for my office - it is that good!
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on March 26, 2014
I have owned this for 2 years now and must say that for the price you will be hard pressed to find one better. bass is strong enough for the loudest movies. IF you are looking to feel the explosions in an action flic this is for you. the only thing that I wouldn't recommend this sub for would be for a large house party where you are running it at full tilt for hours on end. It is not designed for it.
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on July 19, 2005
I just purchased this subwoofer to replace an Acoustic Research model that cost 4 times the price of this unit.


Delivered on time and in perfect condition.


5 year warranty parts and labor.


Maybe not as smooth as some subwoofers. The sound, needless to say, does not match my Mirage system perfectly. But for 79.95/no shipping/no tax...I challenge you to find a better deal.

Unless you are a true audiophile you probably could not tell the difference between this and a 300.00 dollar model. And if you have good surround speakers like Mirage you almost could go without a sub. But for the price you cannot go wrong.

Once last thought......avoid BrandsMart. I had to go through numerous problems returning the Acoustic Research 2 months before the warranty expired as they did not want to fix the speaker being that it died so close to the 5 year warranty. After weeks in the shop I returned to pick up a SPEAKER!! No case or electronics. After another long delay my sub was ready and lasted a whole six months of limited usage before dying once again. 79.95 is a throw away if you get a few years of use!
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on November 15, 2005
Well, I gotta say, it is one great feeling to buy something at a wonderful price and get something much higher quality than expected! I had two JBL 250 watt, $400.00 subs. One needed replacing, so I decided to take a big chance on this $80.00 deal. Of course, I really wasn't expecting anything close to what I had. SURPRISE!! This baby matches up perfectly with my remaining JBL sub. I have it hooked up with a RCA cable from the subwoofer output on my receiver. The adjustments were quick and easy. I already have a 2nd one ordered. What can I say, I like things to match. Which brings me to looks, and it does look good. One thing I would like to clear up about the warranty. It has been mentioned that it is a five year warranty, but you should know that only the speaker components are covered for those five years. The subwoofer amplifier and electronic components are only covered for one year. That seems to be the standard warranty for most subwoofer makes and models. I would highly recommend this sub.

Thanks and enjoy the bass,

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on September 9, 2005
Got this subwoofer pretty fast even though I had paid with a money order. Besides that, the subwoofer sounds great just as long as I didn't turn the amplifier volume all the way up because then distortion would interfere and sound quality drops. I just keep it at the mid-level (half way on the rear knobs) and my music and movies sound great. Granted, there are better subwoofers out there but for this price, this subwoofer does the job. If you are looking to get your first subwoofer, but don't want to spend $300-$800 on a top of line model, this is the way to go. I hope this one lasts me a long time (5 years at least) before I decide to buy a superior model. It didn't come with a

subwoofer cable to connect to my receiver, but I found a good one

at a low price at Fry's. So make sure you get the cable when you order this one. It seems you can also connect the subwoofer using

regular speaker wires, but I didn't bother doing that since I

wanted the subwoofer to receive pure 'subwoofer sound' from the

receiver's subwoofer output.
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on November 28, 2014
I am writing this keeping in mind that those of you who are reading this may be finding one on the used market. Nothing special here - does it's job, but it definitely does not stand out in any way. Don't pay too much for it.
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