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on November 10, 2003
1. Good radio reception... for a portable player
2. MP3 play really works, after initial upload delay
3. Shock control pretty good.
4. Survives falls -- good for klutzes
1. OH so quiet. Hey Panasonic, sometimes you want to crank it up! I wonder if in the US we're suffering from draconian EU regulations on these matters.
2. Headphones are a total joke-- terrible sound quality and PAINFUL. Replace immediately.
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on April 30, 2016
Good product run with it and rarely skips. Didn't have s manual so it was a little confusing at first. I wish that it's loudest was a little louder. Which might just be me.
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on March 12, 2016
Great product, great price.
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on April 7, 2004
Look I just got this player yesterday I had High expectations for it but sadly this thing sucks. I got this to replace my ageing Panasonic Shockwave SL-SW860 witch is a Great player I just wanted to update to something that had MP3 support.
O.k. There are some good points:
FM/AM works Great it picks up stations better than my car Radio
MP3s Work great on it except for the pause between songs
The sound Quality is ok Not as good as the SL-sw860
You can not make this thing skip same with My old one
So very quiet I want to crank it up when I am on the bus so I cant hear other people talking
Its very cheaply Built and the lid will snap down on you when you try and change a CD
Bulky very bulky
Headphones suck Horribly the same ones were packed with my old SW
I am going to return this crap it isn't worth the $84 maybe $49 but that's the Highest. Ill stick with my old SW till I find a better player.
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on August 14, 2003
Recently returned this stinker to Radio Shack (hate shopping there -- their prices are the worst -- but I was eager to get my hands on a new player).
1) Sound quality is lousy, muffled yet tinny, as if there's too much bass and yet not enough bass -- and turning on the extra bass doesn't do much except make it sound a bit more muffled. Sound quality failed to get better after switching headphones (three different pairs).
2) Headphones that come with this unit are horrible. Sound is mediocre and the hard plastic earpieces become excruciatingly painful after just a couple of songs.
2) Unit is on the heavy side; design is clunky and top heavy (easily slams itself shut if you don't keep it propped open when changing/inserting CDs.
1) For another [money amount] you can do what I did and buy a significantly better product with more features (the Samsung CD Yepp' - MP3-CD Player -- sleek, sounds great, easy to use).
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on July 20, 2003
I bought this CD player for use playing my mp3 audio CDs and regular CDs, and for frequent airplane use.
Pros: I dropped, shook and otherwise abused this player, and it didn't skip at all. The open-close latch is great as well, and the case is very durable. Great for workouts. It plays mp3 CDs reliably and finds the tracks quickly.
But here's why I took it back: The sound quality was atrocious. There were way too many high frequencies, and hardly any bass. There's a bass (XBS) feature on this machine, but it made virtually no difference. The sound was clear but extremely tinny--my ears actually hurt. Then, I used it on an airplane, and I could barely hear anything at all.
Instead of [what]I spent on this product, I would be better off with Panasonic's...SL-SX420. The sound quality on that one is excellent (even in flight), and it doesn't skip either.
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on August 27, 2003
- MP3 ability and built-in tuner together, nice feature, there is not so many branded
players on market with this feature
- tuner can be used worldwide
- anti-skip system is pretty good
- MP3 boot process is pretty fast if the file system is organized well, song and folder
names have no weird chars and there are not millions of tracks on the disc
- plays CBR and VBR well upto 320 kbps
- robust and water-resistant contruction is useful when skating or bike-riding
- price is not too high (especially knowing the European prices)
- with LR6 accus it worx for decades without charging (but at least some days)
- cannot fast forward within the songs when playing MP3s
- lcd has no backlight, therefore cannot be read well in dark
- the headphones are massive in action but have very limited sound quality
- the parts of the cover can clatter after many open/close action
- playing MP3 it sometimes stops for a little while between tracks
Since the original headphones are weak in sound I use my Sony MDR-A44 and so this player is
great. I love it despite its cons.
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