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on June 19, 2002
I bought the S2 headphones with my new S2 CD Walkman, and let me say that these head phones are great! When ever I go skate or go downhill mountain biking and wear these at the same time, they never slip off of my head, they just stay nice and snug around your ears and behind your head. The "behind the neck" band is great because it doesn't mess up your hair. The street style version of the sport inspired S2 Sony line gives it a very urban stylistic look, which we can all appreciate. The bass on this thing is just fantastic, and the sound quality is great. The S2 version of the street style headphones have added extras like reflectors on the headphones so you can safely jog at night time without being runover by a car. These headphones are also waterproof, so water, nor swear can effect the performance of these headphones. The only downside to these headphones is that you can't comfortably wear glasses of sunglasses while wearing these headphones. Other than that, I absolutley love these head phones and I would recommend these to anyone who likes to listen to music while doing something active, as well as anyone who listens to their portable audio players alot.
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on October 21, 2005
High quality sound -- with comfort. Very impressed.

Comfort will definitely be an issue for some people (as it was with me) but there was a simple fix for me: I simply removed those small black clips which rest on the top of your ears -- these were bizarre, unnecessary additions that (for me) were completely unnecessary and are most likely the source of the discomfort issues expressed by others. When you remove these small clips (which simply pop off with a small amount of force, so you can easily clip them back on if you want) the smooth black plastic band is allowed to rest comfortably on the top of your ears. I discovered this remedy by looking at my other new headphones, the Sennheiser PMX60's -- these are similar in functional design but are without those awful Sony ear clips.

Since I tried out both headphones I'd be remiss to not offer a comparison:
-The Sony MDR-G57's sound is clearly superior than the Sennheiser PMX 60's -- more bass without muddiness, and captures tremendous audio detail at the upper ranges. It's very impressive!
-The Sennheiser's are a bit lighter -- the Sony's appear to be made with more durable plastics (though not too heavy, they stay in place on your head).
-The Sennheisers leak much more sound than the Sony's. Big issue for me.
-The Sony's fit a bit more snug (that's a positive), so that translates into a better "seal" around the ears and thus more bass.
-The slick black styling of the Sennheiser's trumps the Sony's odd mix of white and reflectors. Otherwise I'd give these a 5 star rating.

3/17/2006 11:09 PM - Update: I just posted a review of the competing Sennheiser PMX 200's. The Sennheiser's have a clearer, crisper sound, though a bit weak on bass right out of the box. The PMX 200's leak very little sound, and have decent comfort, and sport a much better looking industrial design. Of these two, I'd give the top prize to the PMX 200's.
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on April 3, 2009
Fast shipping. The headphones are exactly what I expected. They are great for running.
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on June 6, 2002
I purchased these headphones from Circuit City and must say that they are great. I jog a lot and I have found that they do not move around at all and are very comfortable...in fact, after a minute you forget you are wearing them. As far as sound is concerned, I've had the walkman volume up all the way and these headphones handle the sound just fine. There are identical Sony headphones for a little cheaper...but they don't have a gold plated jack...I think the extra couple bucks is worth the better connection.
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on January 28, 2006
I bought these headphones to replace the not-so-great pair I received with my MP3 player.

I am a runner (treadmill and outside) and I never have problem with these headphones staying on. They don't hurt me at all like some other folks are saying. I especially like how the wire is connected to only the left side.

I'm also a musician and I think the sound quality is "good". I'm sure there are better sounding headphones, but these do the trick. With good quality MP3s (192 and up) you can hear the bass clearly and the highs sound good too. You can pick out the stereo effects of the recordings and the many different intricacies of the tracks.

All in all, I think these are great headphones for the price and they look pretty cool to boot.
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on March 14, 2004
a couple of days ago I bought these headphones and they are fantastic. For the price of 24.99 I was completely satisfied. These headphones give great sound and even look great as well. I have an ipod, and the earbuds that came with the ipod were terrible. They fell out of my ears, and gave terrible sound. I use my ipod for working out, and those earbuds just wouldn't cut it, plus, they hurt. The apple headphones were the worst I have ever listened to. These sony ones however are marvelously fantastic. I highly reccomend these to anyone. Now when I jog in the morning, they stay one my head, and I dont have to replace them every 15 seconds. Apple should stick to ipods, and computers. And accessories or either. Sony however should stick to their music. From these headphones I heard some of the best sound from a portable audio player that I have ever heard. I congratulate Sony corporation on a marvelous set of headphones, that looks great and functions great. Congratulations! These headphones have made me look at other Sony products, and I think that they work fantastically.
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on November 10, 2003
I would say that this is a really good pair of headphones, good sound and look quality. but there is one disadvantage over these headphones, only for a few people. it really gets aggravating when you have these headphones and glasses on at the same time, it just feels weird.
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on December 17, 2009
Headphones appear to have been built with sturdy parts and construction. The wire feeding into the headphones have been reinforced at the speaker connection so that it doesn't come loose (which is what happened to my last pair of Sennheiser PMX60 Headphones after 2-years of regular use).

Sound quality is above average, but doesn't stand out from all the rest that would allow me to give it 5 stars. However, bass quality is crisp and has been able to play certain songs containing heavy bass without any of the crackling that I used to hear in prior headphones that cost twice as much.

Comfort: In the beginning, a bit tight around the ear. But the headphones seemed to have molded itself to my ear after about 4-5 uses. Now fits snug, with no chance of them slipping off. They wrap around the back of the neck, rather than the back of the head like most other headphones. This helps when you want to rest your head against a headrest on a plane.

Finally, the design of these headphones also placed some emphasis on style. Color combination (Grey with small orange reflector), along with it's "Street Style" is unique and stands out in a subtle way.
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on September 29, 2014
I am a runner. There are great headphones. comfortable. good sound.

However, I only use them if I am going shorter distances. Once I hit mile 4 or 5, they start hurting my head. It hurts on the top of my ears where they rest and it really starts to ache. They are perfectly fine for a 3 mile run. Also, they are not good on hot days. The foam absorbs all the sweat and they get soppy wet. I make sure to wear ear buds on hot days.
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on December 20, 2011
I've owned a pair or older Sony street style headphones in the past. After a couple years of beating, I had to replace them and wanted a similar brand and style. These MDR-G57G's were the perfect fit for me.

- Lightweight.
- Affordable.
- Easy fit for any sized head.
- Sound quality is not amazing like the $100 headphones but they are very, very good. The sound is not cheap by any means like some knockoffs and there is a lot of bass.
- Much more durable than the past street style headphones from Sony.

- Sony stopped manufacturing these a long time ago. Some stores now sell the few remaining ones in existence for $100+ which is ridiculous.

If you can find a pair of MDR-G57G S2's for maybe $20, then it's a steal.
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