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on July 14, 2016
This is a powerful story, beautifully told with outstanding character development of all the primary, secondary and minor characters. It is both an intriguing and heart wrenching story about a young girls shattered dreams, her fight to survive and her ability to triumph. The story flows beautifully and elicits so many emotions from the reader (disbelief, anguish, sadness, disgust, awe, elation, joy and pride). A serious but uplifting read about a young woman who overcomes incredibly devastating events and overcomes them to triumph over those who tried to destroy her. It is also a story about the redemptive power of love and trust. I rate the book at 4.75. Bravo Ms. Brown!
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on March 14, 2017
I loved this book. I have a long daily commute to and from work and I need something to keep my mind off the backups and slow-moving traffic. I was so into this story that as it was ending, I arrived home but stayed in the driveway to get to the end. Sandra Brown is a great suspense writer and the love story is a bonus. Her characters are well written, the plot believable, and the suspense was high. Jade's story broke my heart and then restored it. Although this is an older book and I was afraid it would not translate well into the 21st century, it has stood the test of time. Admittedly, the sexism and racism was glaring, but it just showed that while things have gotten better, we still have a long, long way to go. Great book! Highly recommend it.
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on March 31, 2015
This book will put you through the feels. Emotional turmoil is on the horizon here. You oscillate between different years so you can get the background of what is going on and why.

For Dillon poor guy. I mean to have such a tragic ending to your first love story is so devastating. I did cheer him on against Scanlon though. Dillon is a character you fall in love with. Like Gary was except Gary in the end has you crying. Balls out crying how sad and tragic. He was great. So kind and loving. Patient and such a future ahead of him. If the story of what Lamar, Hutch and Neal and even to a extent Donna Dee did to Jade doesn’t take your breath away than it’s aftermath and what Neal did to Gary afterwards will. You have empathy for Gary and JAde. The feels is there for them. Gary though ends in tragedy. Jade ends wanting revenge and with a tough road ahead. Lamar is the first of the three to crack and his demise is sad. He wants forgiveness and Jade can begin to see his point of view but is unrelentant to him. When he finally is free, Lamar meets a sad end. Hutch is bogged by guilt and in the end he does redeem himself to Jade before coming to a sad end. He marries Donna Dee out of guilt. She protected him. She loved him and lost Jade as a friend due to her jealousy. A distorted twisted jealousy.

Jade to get to be able to get her just desserts- she goes through a tough journey. She loses her mom to her mom’s anger to her. Almost loses out on college and gets to where she is fearful of the touch of a man. She claws her way up to the top and comes back to exact a pound of flesh for what they did.

Neal and his dad are in a crude way pretentious pricks. They think the world is their playground and they don’t need to take responsibility for their wrongdoings. The train incident was nothing but a bump to them. It made them more out to be cruel and not care. I was glad with what Jade did to them. They got a eyeopening moment.

Graham was a sweet kid and what Neal tried to do was wrong. Never turn a son against mom. Dillon helped there. He helped Graham in growing from the first time they met.So did Hank and Cathy and even Mitch who is sad to see go.

A book on small towns and perceptions that can be made when the rich people in town control the outcomes. What happens to the innocent when the perception is against them and what happens to those they love in the wake of the perceptions and actions of others. What happens when you apply yourself and go for what you want. And the story of Dillon and how he helped Jade and they found love. It teaches us that karma will come back to haunt you when you feel no remorse for bad things you do. A artfully crafted book that gives you the feels in so many ways.
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on September 25, 2014
*Bestselling author Sandra Brown has brought another outstanding romantic suspense based on distrust, utter betrayal, and an overwhelming desire for newfound love. Its a must read!........Looking back on her life, Jade Sperry a beautiful and successful businesswoman carries a scandalous and forbidden secret. Now alone sitting in her Manhatten highrise, she is dreaming of the day when she will have her vengeance. Coming from a small town named Palmetto in South Carolina, Jade finds herself reminicsing of happier times before all the ugliness. Palmetto practically owned and run by the richest man in the county, Ivan Patchett and the entire town worked for him too including her own mother. At age eighteen, Jade felt like the luckiest girl in the world and she should. Gary, the love of her life and together, they were going to change the world at least Palmetto anyway. Both up for schlorships to their favorite college and once graduated, they were going to change Palmetto in some way for the residents so they would no longer have to work for the Patchetts. Unfortunately all that was about to change. Neal Patchett, rich kid and son of Ivan Patchett always had the eye for Jade. He could have any girl he wanted but all she had for him was pure hatred. So on one particular afternoon after receiving estatic news on her schlorship along with Gary's, Jade and her best friend Donna Dee decided to surprise him. For them though, the trip would prove to be unfortunate . With a flat tire and a twist of fate, Jade Sperry's life was about to change forever. With the arrival of Neal Patchett and his two best friends,with one of them being the sheriff's son, agree to take them for help only Neal had other ideas. Dumping her friend as is, Jade is gangraped by all three and left for dead. With her will and strength to survive, young Jade makes it all the way to a hospital and repeatedly tells her story never once faltering in any way. With the richest man in the town threatening everyone and buying off others including police corruption, with her own mother turning against her, evidence disappearing and doctors changing their stories, Jade refused to give in. She even thought breaking up with Gary would be kinder for him than to know the truth until one sunny afternoon she called on him and discovered his body. This was the cornerstone for Miss Jade Sperry. She vowed no matter how long it took, to seek vengeance on everyone responsible. The town, her best friend,even the sheriff's office but mostly the Patchetts and the three who raped her. She promised to return and she was a force to be reckon with. Now with a smile on her face and together with a very handsome architect who like her carries his own set of baggage, they are about to take on Palmetto, South Carolina. At long last, her day has finally arrived!.......This book was so well written and really impossible to put down!......thank you
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VINE VOICEon February 25, 2016
Sometimes I just want to read a Sandra Brown novel. I don’t know why exactly because at some point I always end up with tears running down my face, ready to start sobbing. I generally don’t like books that I feel are emotionally manipulative. But with Sandra Brown novels, it is more cathartic than manipulative.

One thing that always sees me through the tough parts is knowing that Sandra Brown will get justice. The culprits don’t always have to die horrifying deaths but it would be nice if they did.
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on September 12, 2016
This book by Sandra Brown has fascinated me since it was first published. I read it on average of once every 2 years, when I get tired of waiting for her next book to come out. This one wasn't a 3 day book as so many are which are published these days. A 3-day book takes place within 3 or 4 days. Action begins, woman meets man, instant attraction, and at the end of 3, may be 4 days book time, they are madly in love, sexually compatible and on the way to marriage. This book requires the reader to pay attention and to actually understand all the ramifications of the story. I was very impressed with Jade's plan and how she used the avarice and arrogance of the villains of the piece against them and they got their comeuppance. I would have liked to seen a bit of epilogue to wind up their story, but imagination comes into play at that point in the story. I thoroughly enjoy Sandra Brown's writing and hope she continues to present well-written, well thought out plots in her books.
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on October 8, 2014
Breath of Scandal by Sandra Brown was the first book I read by her and was responsible for me reading rest of her works. The story was so memorable and touching, I just recently reread it. Same effect. It is a story about rape and its deadly results, while giving birth to something special. The story of two lost souls find each other and revenge that is well deserved. Her character development is excellent and the story well told.

Sandra Brown is one of my favorite authors because her stories are so genuine and have an emotional impact on her readers. I would highly recommend that you read this book, as I have recommended to my friends.
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on June 10, 2014
After enjoying Envy and Deadline, I purchased Breath of a Scandal. It was an uncomfortable read for many reasons, two of which I discuss below.

First, the city of Palmetto, South Carolina does not like black people. The "N" word gets bandied about like a tennis ball at Wimbledon. An entire cross-section of citizens: the educated, illiterate, rich or poor all used the "N" word...repeatedly. And just when I thought, 'Okay. That's it, Ms. Brown's made her point contrasting the people of Palmetto with the enlightened main character, Jade', she makes it clear that well, Jade doesn't fall too far from the Palmetto tree.

In one scene, Jade romanticizes about refurbishing a plantation house, keeping its "southern grace and charm", and have horse-drawn buggies transport visiting foreign executives. Mint juleps would be enjoyed on the veranda while another character facetiously replied, the "darkies could sing spirituals from the slave quarters". Really??? Sadly, homosexuals weren't spared either. Gay slurs were flung left and right. And this book began in the mid 70s and continued through the 90s. Let's be clear, we are talking about the 1970's-1990's.

Second, the main character endures a life-altering event, with tragic consequences. Ms. Brown forces the reader to experience this gut wrenching, excruciatingly, dark and hate-filled event, over and over. At times, it seems too terrible for Jade to overcome, much less the reader. Ultimately, some things were unbelievable.

This book is about revenge and hate. And somewhere in the midst of all this sadness, hatred and anger, there is love. What about redemption? It's not in this book. Forgiveness? Forget about it! Stuff happens, roll with it! People don't really change. Was this what Ms. Brown wanted to convey? If so, maybe that's why I'm uncomfortable.
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on September 22, 2016
It's been a while since I read a book by Sandra Brown. After reading Breath of Scandal, I can't figure out why. The book starts out slow, which is necessary to build an in-depth feeling of the characters. I like to get straight to the good parts without having to skip ahead and then read the back-story. This author doesn't do that. Instead of providing a glimpse of the characters and dictating the atmosphere, she provides a carefully drafted layout if the character which allows you to feel and envision the atmosphere, emotions, reactions and expressions. I love that. If I wasn't familiar with her previous works, I may not have continued reading. But I am. So I waited for the other shoe to drop. I am do glad I didn't stop reading. I dot have much free time but every moment was consumed in this book. I couldn't put it down. When I did, I felt so anxious to get back to it. Great read!
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on September 20, 2016
This is my favorite of Sandra Brown's novels. Jade Sperry is intelligent and beautiful and utterly coveted by boys of her small town, Palmetto. She and her boyfriend have plans to earn scholarships and go to college, but most of her dreams are stolen from her in the aftermath of an assault. Jade triumphs over these roadblocks and returns to Palmetto with a plan for revenge.

The love story was a bit predictable, of course. Dillon also has a painful past and is trying to keep his head down and do his job without emotional entanglements, but Jade's situation is far too compelling to stand aside. It was satisfying to read a novel that takes place in the South in which a woman chooses not to allow a man to be her hero.
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